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Monday 4 July 2005 - "Timely Nuptials"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Timely Nuptials?

AUTHOR NOTE - Before I say anything else, I realised ho not brilliant my wedding knowledge is. Scott replaced Alex as groomsman, not best man (which is Peter)

OPENING CREDITS - Hyde & Irene are a twosome, and Beth is now with colleen (Josie, expectably, is gone).

LEAH?S - Amanda tries to convince Leah that they can arrange some kind of wedding today - but Leah wants the wedding she arranged or nothing at all. Sally & hayley arrive and wonder why Leah is crying.

HUNTER HOUSE - Dan puts on the shirt he?s wearing to wedding, and spills beer o it. Peter arrives - tells them that Clare can?t come (working on a case). Peter says that the case of beer that he bought with him is from Clare (to dan & Leah).

LEAH?S - hayley & sally get busy trying to find a celebrant etc. Leah is convinced that her wedding is cursed. Leah?s family arrives - and Leah tells them the wedding is off. Helen wants to help arrange some kind of wedding fro today - but Leah isn?t keen (Leah starts crying again).

HUNTER HOUSE - peter can?t believe it when dan says that Amanda is coming to the wedding. Dan tells peter about Amanda helping with the caterer. Amanda enters - and is surprised that dan is so jovial. Amanda is forced to tell them that Leah has called wedding off.

LEAH?S - There?s chaos as the search for a celebrant etc continues. Colleen & Dan?s parents arrive - Leah once more makes herself loud & clear when she says wedding is OFF. Leah bails from room, whilst Helen explains about the priest?s family tragedy.

HUNTER HOSUE - peter & dan are keen on going over to Leah?s and trying to arrange a wedding for today, but Amanda tells dan that Leah will, in time, be annoyed that dan shoehorned her into a makeshift ceremony etc. Dan insists that he must try, and he & Scott exit. Peter death stares Amanda - before he & Amanda also exit.

LEAH?S - Helen insists the wedding must take place today - relatives coming from Greece etc. one of Leah?s brothers reminds all of the time that Leah left her policeman fiance at the altar (just before Leah arrived in the bay). I the middle of all this, colleen seems quite enamoured when Dan?s father. Dan, peter, Scott & Amanda enter. Dan?s dad isn?t impressed when he sees Amanda. Dan wonders where Leah is.

NEAR BEACH - everyone is looking for Leah. Dan (and others) sees Leah sitting on the beach. Dan walks onto the beach and over to where Leah is sitting. Dan alos persuades Helen & others to keep their distance - he wants to speak to Leah alone. Leah still isn?t keen on getting married today, but dan is seriously smooth and is able to convince her that they should get wed today - dan even gets down on one knee as this is occurring. (Note - during this scene, we saw the occasional cutaway to Helen & the others, who were commenting on the gestures that dan & Leah were making).

LEAH?S - dan & Leah inform everyone that the wedding is back ON. Leah is worried that a wedding might not be able to be arranged in such a short time. Peter insists that it can be - peter, Leah?s brothers etc exit - to set the wheels in motion.

INTERCUT SCENE - as alf & others set up chairs, a red carpet etc by the river (in what looks like KK?s special meeting place), Leah & all the wedding party frantically get dressed etc for the wedding (note - the song that was playing at this time was ?another perfect day? which was the song laying when dani & josh 1-st kissed - oh so long ago)

AFTER AD BREAK - Peter arrived at the hunter house. He tells dan, their parents etc that Lara (and other SB police officers) has been able to get a celebrant for the service. Scott, Noelene & her husband exit. Peter asks dan what bad things their parents had to say about him - but dan insists that their (bad) comments were all about Amanda. Peter tells dan that he?s think dan & Leah are an amazing couple. Peter also thanks dan for choosing him to be best man.

WEDDING VENUE (RIVER SIDE) - dan & peter arrive. Dan can?t believe something so beautiful could be arranged so quickly. Peter comments that Amanda helped, and Amanda gives Ryan ?the once over? to see if he looks great for the wedding. Dan checks if Ryan has the rings - which he does. Nearby, Helen & her family arrive. Helen is complaining at it not being a church wedding - until she is struck by the beauty of what peter & Co have arranged. Scott then suggests that eveyone takes their seats - as Leah & the bridal party are about to arrive. The limos then pull up just in front of the red carpet. Hayley, dally, Leah?s dad and Leah emerge from the limos. Leah is wearing a latte-coloured gown (but I wasn?t that keen on her hair being up, it made Leah look weird to me). Leah can?t believe what peter & Co have arrange - a long, wide red carpet leading to the where the celebrant etc are, chairs either side for the guests, and several tapered white pieces of cloth hanging from the surrounding trees. Hayley & sally walk down the aisle, followed by Leah & her dad. When they arrive at the ?altar?, the celebrant begins the ceremony of Leah Helena Adia Patterson and Daniel David Baker. Leah?s dad gives her away. Leah & dan then beatifically exchange vows, rings etc and the female celebrant pronounces tem husband & wife. Everyone, even amanda, claps when Leah & dan kiss - but Amanda looks very sullen whilst she?s clapping (note 1 - end of ep note 2 - it?s ironic that Leah has got married days before both eps 3000 [to Vinnie] AND ep 4000)


Will the feeling of romance bring hayley & Scott, or hayley & Kimmy together? and Amanda makes it clear that she?s not going down without a fight (?you may have moved on to her, but I will ALWAYS be in your life?)

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