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Holly hots up Summer Bay

Guest Andy

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3 July 2005



A little over a year ago, the name Holly Brisley was more commonly associated with children's cartoons and a spot of recreational fishing.

How things have changed. Twelve months on and the buxom blonde has sashayed her way from Agro's Cartoon Connection and Escape With ET into the limelight, care of a turn on Dancing With The Stars.

Obviously pleased with her abilities - and in need of some high-profile new talent in the wake of Bec Cartwright's departure - Seven offered Brisley a role with successful soapie Home And Away.

It's a position the 27-year-old Queenslander takes up with relish this week, playing newcomer Amanda Vale. But unlike the bevy of blondes who have enjoyed an extended Summer Bay holiday over the years - think Emily Symons, Kate Garven and, well, Beau Brady - Brisley makes a stellar debut.

No doubt buoyed by her work in feature films - she won a best actress award at this year's New York Film Festival for her work in The Crop - she makes a welcome disturbance as the forthright former actress and single mother, Vale.

And given that her character was formerly married to Dan (Tim Campbell), her disruptive antics look set to continue throughout her 18-month Home And Away contract.


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