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Friday 1 July 2005 - "Deliciously Devilish"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Deliciously Devilish !!!?

RESORT ? tash tells Robbie that she believes she is ready for them to sleep together. Robbie tells Tash that she?s amazing for arranging all of this (resort etc) without telling anyone. Robbie & tash kiss.

DINER ? Leah answers the phone ? it?s Alex, and Leah sound distraught at what he?s saying. Leah gets off phone, and tells hayley & sally that ales & Brodie can?t make it to wedding ? their plane is grounded in Singapore ? can?t get another flight. Sally & Leah try to assure Leah that things aren?t as bad as she thinks they are.

LEAH?S ? sally, hayley & Leah enter. Hayley & sally introduce themselves to Amanda, whilst Leah tells Dan about Alex. Dan tells Leah that things aren?t so bad ? Amanda has called a caterer friend of hers (who works in TV/movies) will gladly cater for Leah & Dan?s big day. Leah is V pleased ? and she thanks Amanda. Leah then tells Dan to go and find himself a new best man (Alex had that role initially). Dan bails.

RESORT ? tash is sitting at the table of the resort?s caf? (I think) when Robbie approaches. Tash wonders why Robbie ha been gone for so long ? she thinks he might have been able to get them a room at the resort after all. Robbie says that he has a surprise for tash ? and asks her to come with him.

BUSHLAND ? Robbie leads tash (who eyes are covered) to a certain spot. Tash loves it when she sees the very organic campsite that Robbie has set up. Tash agrees with Robbie?s suggestions that ?all we need is us?. Robbie & tash then seriously pash.

LEAH?S ? Amanda, Leah, sally & hayley discuss the food that they should have at the reception. Amanda gets on the phone to her caterer friend ? and Leah & co love the ideas that the caterer suggests. Leah admits (to hayley & sally) that she?s now not so suspicious of Amanda.

BUSHLAND ? Robbie & tash are kissing on the bedding that Robbie set up. Robbie backs away ? but assures tash that he not having any trouble ?downstairs?. Robbie says that he thought they?d do things the proper way ? have sex after marriage. Robbie is nicely surprised when tash says that she wants them to get married.

BLAXLAND WHARF ? Dan approaches Scott. They talk about Leah (and how woman in general) stress so much about weddings. Dan asks Scott to be his best man ? Scott accepts.

LEAH?S ? Amanda has a great, simple replacement for the flowers (bows at the end of each of the church pues). Leah loves the idea. Dan enters, and tells Leah about his choice of best man. Leah thinks that Dan is insensitive for picking Scott ? because hayley is in the bridal party. Dan & Leah begin to really (verbally) argue about this. Leah exits room, followed by Dan.

BUSHLAND ? Robbie is worried about how much stuff they?ll have to organise for the wedding, but tash suggests that just like the ?accommodation? that Robbie arranged (instead of the resort) Robbie & tash can do their wedding their unique way (no priest, no guests, just us). Tash & Robbie pash.

LEAH?S ? whilst Dan & Leah can be heard (verbally) fighting in another room, we sees Hayley, Sally & Amanda in the lounge. Hayley is blaming herself for all this ? but sally assure hayley that it?s not (her fault)

BUSHALND ? Robbie is overjoyed when he sees tash approach (carrying some native flowers as a bouquet). Robbie & tash say their ?vows?, place a ring on the other?s finger, and pronounce themselves husband & wife (note ? it was VERY, VERY cute)

AFETR AD BREAK ? the ?newlyweds? toast each other ? Tasha Hunter & Robbie Andrews. Tash suggests they keep the wedding secret from anyone (even Martha) for the time being. Tash then leads Robbie towards their bedding.

LEAH?S ? Amanda, sally & hayley are in the kitchen. Leah & Dan enter the room. Hayley assure Leah that she?s OK with Scott being the best man. Amanda tells Dan & Leah that she wants them to kiss & make up ? and they do. Leah thanks Amanda for resolving the crisis. Leah & co then tell Scott & Dan to bail ? as Dan can?t see Leah before wedding tomorrow (bad luck etc). Dan & Scott bail.

BUSHLAND ? it?s nighttime, tash & Robbie are naked (I think) beneath the covers. Some inquisitive bushwalkers pass by. Robbie politely says hello to them ? and the bushwalkers continue on their way. Robbie & tash laugh about the situation.

LEAHS? ? next morning, Leah answers the phone. It?s the housekeeper of the priest who?ll be performing the ceremony. Oddly enough, we can actually hear the housekeeper?s voice, and the housekeeper sounds a tad familiar, i.e. like Amanda with a Queen-like upper class British accent. Leah is shocked when she is told that priest can?t do to ceremony today because of a family tragedy. The housekeeper tries to reschedule the wedding, but Leah says to CANCEL the booking altogether. A distraught Leah hangs up the phone.

NEAR WHARF ? Amanda ends a call (on her mobile), and SMILES !!!!!!!

LEAH?S ? Amanda enters, and wonders where everyone (sally, hayley etc) is. Leah tells Amanda that the wedding is OFF. Leah says that she should have eloped with Dan when she had the chance. Amanda thinks that the wedding is just postponed, but Leah insists that too much has gone wrong ? and the wedding is off FOREVER. When Leah exits the room, Amanda slowly ? awesomely - smiles (end of ep)


It?s the week of ep 4000 ? many former residents return to the bay, Leah & Dan get married, and there?s a car crash (involving Alf, ric, Chloe & kimmy ? I think)

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