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Thursday 30 June 2005 - "If She's At Our Wedding, I Won't

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?If She?s At Our Wedding, I Won?t Be !!!?

NOAH?S - tash, and Robbie, read Josie?s letter to tash aloud, eg ? there?s no way I could have said goodbye face to face?. Beth tells tash that she totally understands etc why Josie did things this way.

BEACH HOUSE - Leah tells Hailey what Scott did with Josie?s letter. Leah is paying o attention to Leah. Hayley tells Leah about the baby?s 1-st kick, and that hayley thinks she may have feelings for kimmy (that go beyond him being the father of her child).

NOAH?S - tash, Robbie & Martha talk about josie, and Robbie suggests that tash will be too ?down? to go camping. Martha suggests that Robbie is a big wimp and is trying to get out of camping. Robbie then invites Martha to go camping with tash & himself. Tash doesn?t say anything, but its clear that she doesn?t like the idea of Martha coming too.

BEACH HOUSE - leah tells hayley that she became a totally different person when she was preggers with Flynn & sally?s bub. Talk turns to the wedding - and Leah remembers that the stalker said that they would target the weeding. Dan knocks on back door - and Leah quickly hides Dan?s present that she wrapped earlier. Leah & Dan exit.

LEAH?S - Leah is stressing about the wedding - and Dan points out that he knows she?s really stressed because Leah just put his present unde the sink. When they go into the lounge, Dan says their day will be perfect day - and we see that someone?s left a message on the answering machine.

SURF CLUB - when Robbie bails, tash tells Martha that she can?t came camping - as tash has something special planned for Robbie & herself.

LEAH?S - Leah & Dan are on their bead. Leah stresses about her hairdo for wedding. Dan exits the room - and Leah sees the stalker (in the mirror) coming towards her. Leah awake from her nightmare (note - since when did someone having a nightmare about a dead person become ?supernatural themes? which gave this ep it?s PG rating)

NEXT MORNING - Dan enters kitchen (decorated with balloons etc). Leah wishes him a happy birthday - and Dan LOVES the digital camera that Leah gives him. Leah talks bout her nightmare - and there?s a knock on the front door. Leah enters lounge, and sees Ryan - and is SHOCKED when Amanda Vale (Dan?s ex - dressed in a very cleavage-y top) also enters. (Note - i loved the cheeky grin on Amanda?s face at this moment)

AFTER AD BREAK - Amanda insist that she lefty an answering machine message - telling of her arrival. Amanda says a movie she was about to do was postponed - and that she?s homesick. After Amanda comments that something is burning in the kitchen (and Leah goes in there), Amanda gives Dan his birthday present (form herself & Ryan_) - it?s a digital camera (which is better than the one Leah gave him) Leah sees this - and is downbeat. Leah is further annoyed when Dan says that Amanda can hang at the house until its time for her to check into the hotel - and thing worse when Amanda asks Leah to place the ?one off? scarlet dress that she?s wearing to wedding in a safe place.

NOAH?S - Robbie is sceptical about why Martha can?t go camping, but he is also surprised that tash is on Martha?s side about all this. Beth senses (at this point_) that something is going on - but doesn?t say anything.

LEAH?S - Leah tells Dan that she is annoyed that Amanda invited herself to wedding. Amanda enters the kitchen, and talks about a film she?s about to star into. After Amanda exits the room (Ryan calls out to her), Leah tells Dan that the stalker IS going to the wedding - in Amanda?s body. Leah tells Dan to tell Amanda she CAN?T come - and then Leah bails.

ROADSIDE - tash is worried when Robbie?s car breaks down (flat battery). She begins the process of flagging down any car that happens to pass them.

LEAH?S - Amanda enets kitchen, and confronts Dan about why Leah has left them alone. Amanda tells Dan that she?s VERY sorry for the way she treated him in the past etc. Amanda insists that she just wants Dan, Leah & herself to be friends.

AFTER AD BREAK - Leah & Dan are making their bed. Leah thinks Amanda is a great actress (for getting Dan to believe that story. The phone rings - Leah answers. She can?t believe it when the forest tells her that someone cancelled their order. Leah (off phone) tells Dan that Amanda either cancelled the florist - or has cursed the wedding. Leah goes off at Dan - she tells him to tell Amanda that she?s NOT coming to the wedding (as ?I should have to feel this way at my own wedding)

ROADSIDE - the car is fixed, and Robbie is keen on eating, but tasha insist that the camping place isn?t far away.

LEAH?S - lan tries to tell Amanda she can?t attend the wedding, but Amanda insists that she has to be there - to keep Ryan from causing trouble. Dan is clearly caught between rock and hard place.

RAINBOW WATER RESORT - Robbie can?t believe it when they arrive at a resort. Tash & Robbie go to reception - who say that the room tash booked has been given to someone else, as tash is 3 hours late. Robbie insist it?s no trouble - but tash says that it is - as tonight was going to be special, as tash wanted their first time to be special. Robbie is over joyed - and insists that it still will be. They hug.

LEAH?S - Leah gets off the phone. she is a TOTAL WRECK when she tells Dan that someone told the caterer that the wedding had been postpone a week - and caterers now have another booking. The angered Leah insists that if Amanda is at the wedding, then Leah WON?T be !!! (end of ep)


Is Amanda a friend or a foe - after she ?saves? the wedding, and Robbie & Tash have a special ?wedding? of their own !!!

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