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Tuesday 28 June 2005 - "NEVER Trust The Police"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?NEVER Trust The Police !!!?

DINER - josie approaches Scott. Scott says that he?ll speak to her later. Scott exits, and josie follows him.

BEACH - josie catches up with Scott. They talk about the kiss when Scott sees the unconscious Jesse nearby. Scott rushes over to Jesse, and wakes him up. Scott rings Flynn.

BEACH HOUSE - Flynn (on phone) tells Scott that he?ll be there soon. When Flynn is off the phone, he tells sally &chloe what happened to Jesse. Flynn is uneasy about leaving sally & chloe, but sally insists that Flynn must tend to Jesse. When Flynn is gone, chloe blames herself for Jesse being attacked.

BEACH - flyyn arrives, and he asks Jesse a number of standard questions. When Jesse doesn?t know what day it is, Flynn insists that he?s taking Jesse to hospital.

HOSPITAL - josie tells Jesse that the police are on the look out for troy. Flynn enters Jesse?s room - and tells him that they need to take some xrays. Josie goes into the corridor - where she encounters hayley, Hyde & Irene. Josie tells that about the attack on Jesse. Hayley takes offence to josie mentioning that she was with Scott with they found Jesse. Josie insists that ?it?s not like that?.

BEACH HOUSE - chloe apologises to Scott for getting him involved in this mess. Scott assures chloe there?s no such thing as a normal relationship. Sally tells chloe that she has to get baby pippa form the child carer, and Scott also exits (to walk sally to her car). Whilst this is occurring, chloe hears someone at the back door. Chloe is V frightened - and when Irene & Hyde enter, Irene wonders what?s going on.

HOSPITAL - Kimmy tries to (deliberately???) imply that something must still be going on between Scott & Josie, but although hayley says that Scott can do as he pleases, it?s clear that she?s annoyed.

BEACH HOUSE - chloe tells Irene & Hyde that whole Troy story. Irene (as usual) insists that chloe should have told her about all this as soon as she arrived. As Scott is exit, Hyde tells him that hayley knows that he & josie were together when they found Jesse.

NOAH?S - Scott is looking for Beth and alf says that she is out the back getting some stock. When Scott sees josie, he sits with her. Scott tells josie that their kiss was a BIG mistake.

HOSPITAL - next morning, Flynn tells hayley that he?s well enough to go home. Irene enters, and is leased to hear the news about hayley. Irene then tells hayley & Kimmy that chloe is staying at the beach house - and that chloe is having trouble with her ex. Hayley is most intrigued when Irene says that Scott befriended chloe last night. Irene asks Kimmy to get her as coffee (usual stupid reason to get someone out of the room). Irene then confronts hayley about Scott. Hayley insists that Scott can?t handle that Kimmy is the father of her child, but Irene insists the hayley & Scott HAVE to sort things out.

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde & chloe hear a knock on the door. Hyde gets the door - it?s Jesse. Chloe apologises for getting Jesse involved. When chloe says that she is running late, sally offers to go with her to pick up Olivia. Irene enters - and tells chloe that hayley will be home from hospital today. Hyde answers the phone - and when the call ends, he tells chloe that Constable Adams told him that the police have apprehended Troy.

JOSIE?S FLAT - josie is packing her things when Jesse arrives. Jesse tries to convince josie to stay in the bay, but josie insists that she needs a fresh start.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene is REALLY pleased to see Olivia. Chloe & Olivia appreciate it when sally offers to take Olivia to the diner - whilst chloe has a shower etc. after Irene, hyde, sally & Olivia exit, the phone rings - chloe can?t believe that it?s Troy. Things get worse when troy enters the lounge room (he was using a cordless phone - and enters the lounge room via the corridor that leads to Chloe?s room). Chloe is petrified - whilst Troy insists that he just wants to talk to her.

INTERCUT SCENE - as chloe verbally, and then physically battles troy (she races out of the house, and troy follows) we also see the likes of Jesse, Olivia & sally enjoying themselves at the diner. Jesse rings Chloe?s mobile - and when she doesn?t answer, Jesse exits the diner. Troy chases chloe to near the Blaxland Wharf. He catches up with her several times, but she (several times) is able to temporarily best him. Troy has chloe pinned on the ground when Jesse arrives. Jesse quickly bests (punches to ground) troy. Jesse hugs the distressed Chloe. (Note - other enjoying themselves whilst chloe battles an attacker MUCHLY reminds me of the 1996 season finale, where chloe battled her rapist in the bush, whilst the rest of the ppl in the Bay were singing Christmas carols)

DINER - Jesse tells Irene that the police are definitely going to throw the book at troy. Hyde apologises for telling chloe earlier that the police had Troy, but chloe insists that Hyde couldn?t have known that Troy was impersonating a police officer. Chloe thanks Jesse for everything. Olivia asks chloe if everything is all right - and Olivia also tells chloe that she can take care of chloe.

HOSPITAL - hayley is about to leave when Scott arrives. Hayley insists, to Kimmy, that she has to speak to Scott alone. When Kimmy is gone, hayley tells Scott that they (unfortunately) have to break up, because he can?t deal with the fact that Kimmy is the father. After Scott exits, hayley starts crying.

JOSIE?S FLAT - josie is packing more of her things when she (FINALLY) sees that paternity result folder. The inquisitive josie looks inside - and is SHOCKE to discover that Scott is the father of Hayley?s baby !!!

HOSPITAL - hayley looks at a photo of Scott, and starts crying once more (end of ep)


Will Josie be able to the Scott (who is avoiding her) the truth about the baby ?

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