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Monday 27 June 2005 - "Plan B"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Plan B ?

BEACH HOUSE - Chloe locks all the doors & windows, she is scared when she hears someone at the back door. Chloe is relieved when Jesse calls out that he is at the door. A flustered chloe lets Jesse in - and she tells him about what?s happened (troy inside the house - rose etc)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie won?t believe Ric when he says there is nothing going on between Ric/Tilly. After Cassie goes upstairs, Ric asks sally for advice.

BEACH HOUSE - Jesse is annoyed by the lack of action by the police (after chloe has told Laura & another cop about the rose etc). When the police have left, chloe is extremely scared - and down beat. Jesse tries to assure chloe that things are better for her now - because he?ll protect her.

VAN PARK HOUSE - A very sceptical Cassie tells Ric that she will return home by 6pm (she?s going to the beach now) after Ric asks her to be home by that time. Flynn returns from work, and sally tells him that they are going out tonight - as Ric has plans for himself & Cassie.

BEACH HOUSE - Jesse goes into Chloe?s room, and he sees that she is packing her bags. Chloe insists that she has to leave the bay because troy knows that she is here. Jesse insists that chloe shouldn?t run - she should stay in the bay amongst friends. Chloe starts crying, and Jesse hugs her.

BEACH - After they talk further about her situation, Jesse is pleased to see a smile on Chloe?s face (after they joke about Jesse being Chloe?s personal super hero)

DINER - chloe & Jesse enter, and sally & Flynn asks chloe etc to sit with them. Chloe is V pleased to meet Flynn, and sally explains that she & Flynn are out of the house because of Ric/Cassie. Sally tells chloe that colleen wants to have chloe over for dinner before she leaves the bay. Chloe then suggests that sally & Flynn should join chloe & Jesse at the beach hose for dinner tonight. Chloe?s phone beeps - Jesse sees the text message (about chloe reading the menu with her ?boyfriend?), and Jesse knows that troy must be near. Jesse goes outside - where he sees a gut sitting in a Nissan Maxima. Jesse approaches the car - but it drives off just as Jesse touches the car. Jesse tries to get the driver to stop - but troy keeps on driving.

AFTER AD BREAK - whilst Jesse is on the phone, chloe tells sally that Olivia knows that something isn?t right. Sally tries to assure chloe that it?s not her fault that she didn?t realise that troy is a looser, when Jesse is off the phone, he says the police will be on the look out for Troy?s car. Jesse wishes that he?d remembered the licence place number.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric has a disastrous time whilst trying to cook the roast chicken and other things for his dinner with Cassie.

BEACH HOUSE - chloe, Jesse, sally & Flynn arrive. When sally & chloe go into the kitchen, Flynn tells Jesse that he?s V worried about the way Jesse is behaving.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Tilly arrives. Ric thanks her for coming up such short notice. When Tilly enquires, Ric says that he?d trying to cook for a romantic diner for two (for he & Cassie). Tilly tells Ric that the pasta sauce that he threw together (from the remains of some of his other culinary disasters) doesn?t taste good, so Tilly suggests plan B.

BEACH HOUSE -Sally & chloe reminisce about the past. The house phone rings. Chloe answers - but the person at the other end doesn?t talk. When chloe hangs up the phone, she is V worried that toy now knows her home pone number.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie arrives, and see the candle lit table. Ric gives her a red rose, and when Ric goes to the kitchen to get the 1-st course, we can see that Cassie is V pleased with what Ric has done.

AFTER AD BREAK - when the dinner is over, Cassie is annoyed with Ric tells her that Tilly helped him. Ric assures Cassie that he & Tilly are just friends (nothing more). Ric is V pleased when Cassie says that she now believes him - and then they kiss.

BEACH HOUSE - Jesse is on the phone to the police. He?s clearly annoyed with their lack of action. After Jesse?s phon call ends, the phone rings a number of times. Jesse wants to answer - to give troy a piece of his mind - but chloe insists that he shouldn?t do this. Jesse eventually cracks - he picks up the phone and ?tells off? troy. Chloe is V not impressed with Jesse.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie thanks Ric for dinner, and she aslo says that she?s glad they didn?t sleep together earlier, as it needs to be the ?right time? for both of them. Ric & Cassie kiss, and when Cassie goes to the kitchen, she discovers ?plan B?, ie there?s a number of Chinese take way containers in the rubbish bin. Cassie smiles at the situation.

BEACH HOUSE - sally & Flynn suggests that chloe should go with them to the beach house. All hear a noise at the back of the house. Flynn & Jesse go onto the back patio - where a big pot plant has been knocked over. Jesse hears chloe scream - he & Flynn race inside, where they find that a brick has been thrown through the front door.

SOON AFTER - Laura tells chloe & Co that there are no fingerprints on the brick. Jesse thinks that police should be doing more to catch troy. Laura assures chloe that she?ll be kept up to date with the situation. When the police are gone, chloe tells off Jesse big time. The V flustered/angry Chloe ?asks? Jesse to leave - as he is making things worse, eg ?what if the brick had been aimed at my head, or Olivia?s?. Jesse exits.

AFTER AD BREAK - chloe tells sally that she shouldn?t have gone off at Jesse like that. Sally thinks that Jesse can look after himself.

BEACH - troy comes up behind Jesse, and knock him to the ground. Troy runs away (end of ep)


Josie FINALLY discovers the truth about Hayley?s baby !!!

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