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Friday 23 June 2005 - "Chloe's Irony"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Chloe?s Irony?

NEAR SURF CLUB ? Jesse approaches Chloe. He?s V pleased to see her. Chloe comments on Jesse?s shaved head. Jesse suggests that they should catch up whilst having a juice.

NOAH?S ? Jesse & Chloe enter. Chloe can?t believe how different (and great) the bar looks. When Chloe asks, Jesse says that he?s not sure what his plans are for when he leaves the bay soon. Jesse & Chloe then reminisce about the past, esp. about how Chloe stole Jesse from Selina. This leads to Chloe commenting that Selina & Steven are seeing each other again (stevo's marriage with Ling must have failed). Chloe spills her drink all over her skirt (It looked deliberate to me) but when Jesse sees the bruising on Chloe?s leg, she gets all flustered (and badly wants to know their the bathrooms in the surf club are now)

VAN APRK HOUSE ? Cassie prepares for her special day with Ric. She selects some music etc.

DINER ? Ric tells Wazza about what Cassie has planned. Ric thinks that this isn?t right - but Wazza tells him to take advantage of the situation. Martha & tash enter. They wonder how they can get the info on Alf?s relatives and old friends. Martha is over the moon when Morag enters ? Martha quickly approaches and asks Morag if she can help.

VAN PARK HOUSE ?Cassie descends the stairs. She looks at herself in the mirror. She has a nice (not really sex) green dress on ? and a flower in her hair). Ric arrives home, and he & Cassie begin to seriously pash. Cassie begins to lead Ric upstairs ? but she is devastated when he breaks away form kissing her. Ric then exits.

NOAH?S ? Chloe tries to explain to Jesse that she fell down some stairs ? but Jesse KNOWS she?s lying. Jesse says that chloe was NEVER the klutz she claims she is. Jesse insists that Chloe should tell him what?s going on.

BEACH ? Chloe is reluctant, but eventually she tells Jesse everything. She met a guy named Troy and they were madly in love. He got way jealous when he saw her (at a business lunch) with a male work colleague. Troy become more posessive of Chloe ? and he punched her in her face - so she kicked him out of the house. Months later, Chloe was convinces that troy had changed, so she took him back into her home. Weeks later, troy TOTALLY lost it ? and chloe was in hospital for a week because of the injuries troy inflicted on her. Chloe tells jesse that she currently has an AVO on Troy, but she hasn?t felt safe. Chloe insists that?s why she is back in the bay ? because she feels safe here (note ? I LOVE the irony of that comment, given the bay?s recent troubles with the stalker etc). Chloe isn?t keen when Jesse says that he?ll sort Troy out.

SURF CLUB ? Ric enters, and approaches Tilly. He insists they have to sort things out.

NEAR BEACH ?Martha & tash approaches Cassie. Thy can see that she?s been crying. Cassie tells them about her plans for today ? and how Ric bailed. Martha insists that Cassie shouldn?t have planned to sleep with Ric just to hold onto him. Martha says that she KNOWS this, because her 1-st time was terrible. Martha tells Cassie & tash that she lost her virginity to a boy after a school dance (because she thought he boy would ditch her if she didn?t). Martha insists that sex must always be for the right reasons ? when BOTH ppl are totally ready for it. Btw, tash seems to paying partic attention to everything Martha is saying.

SURF CLUB ? Ric is most surprised when tilly insists that the feelings they (ric/tilly) have for each other as much more like those of a brother & a sister, esp. the way Ric is SOOOO protective of tilly. Tilly insists that Ric should go to Cassie and make things right with her. After Ric exits, you can tell (despite what tilly has just said to Ric) that she REALLY wants Ric (note ? it reminds me of when Gyps told Sally that she didn?t want Will to know that he?s the father of her child, because Gypsy didn?t want Will to be with her out of duty because of the baby).

NEAR BEACH ? Chloe & Jesse are further discussing Chloe?s situation, when Chloe?s phone rings. When Jesse discovers that the call is from troy, he warms troy to stay away form Chloe. We then see that Troy in the bay!!!!!!! - and he can see Chloe & Jesse (incl. when they hug before Chloe heads for home)

BEACH HOUSE ? Tash asks Martha about what she was talking about earlier, and I got the impression that, because of what Martha has said, that tash thinks she is now ready to loose her virginity. Robbie enters, and shows Martha & tash that birthday party invites that he?s created. Both tash & Martha love them. Chloe enters, and tash wonders if Chloe would like to go the beach with tash, Robbie & Martha. Chloe says she?s just come form there. Tash, Martha & Robbie exit, and chloe rings Olivia (her daughter). As Chloe talks on the phone, we can see that she?s been watched (by Troy no doubt)

VAN APRK HOSUE ? Ric arrives. Cassie confronts him about Tilly. Ric says that he has been talking to Tilly, but they?ve sorted things out ? and Ric assures Cassie that he only wants to be with her. Cassie says things aren?t that simple. Cassie exits the room, leaving Ric to contemplate his actions.

BEACH HOUSE ? Chloe is on her bed (talking on the phone) when she tells Olivia that she has go. After Chloe walks back into the lounge, and puts the portable phone back where it goes, she sees a single red rose (with a card) on the table. Chloe picks up the card ? it says, ?I love you Chloe. We?ll be together again soon?. The shocked Chloe throws the card down on the ground ? and we see this last bit from Troy?s perspective (note 1 ? end of ep note 2 ? it?s ironic that Beth, on ?All Saints?, also uses a single red rose is her ?calling card?)


Chloe is living in fear, whilst Ric tries to woo Cassie !!!

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