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Wednesday 22 June 2005 - "Hypocritical Hayley"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Hypocritical Hayley !!!?

HOSPITAL - Leah & Irene are either side of hayley (she only double over in pain in the previous ep, btw) as they enter. Flynn approaches and wonders what happened. Irene instantly wants to know what?s wrong. Flynn insists that he?ll have to run some tests, and Leah tries to calm Irene down. Irene also death stares josie.

LEAH?S - Beth can?t contact Kimmy by phone but can?t so she decide to bail, and does Morag. As they exit, peter & Dan (drunk, and with a black eye) enter. Noelene complains that peter let dan get this way deliberately. Peter snaps back a response.

BEACH HOUSE - as Kimmy & Hyde enter, Hyde thinks Kimmy fighting Scott was stupid. Beth enters, and is surprised to find out about the fight. Beth then tells Kimmy & Hyde about hayley.

HOSPITAL - Kimmy & Hyde enter, and Hyde tries to reassure Irene. Kimmy goes into Hayley?s room, and Flynn tell Kimmy & hayley that none of the tests done so far show that anything is wrong with hayley or the bub. When Flynn exits the room, both Kimmy & hayley talk about how worried they are for the baby

LEAH?S - Noelene confronts peter about the crush he had on Leah. Peter insists that he, dan & Leah are passed all that. Peter thinks it?s ironic that with Noelene?s new age philosophy, she can?t even think positively about her own son. Peter insists that Noelene is going to listen to him for once in her life. Peter insists that this is karma.

HOPSITAL - Irene is stressing about hayley & the bub, and she takes out all that frustration on josie (after all, we can?t blame Scott, or hayley, for all this mess, can we? hehehehehehehe)

LEAH?S - peter & Noelene clash big time. Peter insists that noelene hates him becasuse he stands up to her (and she can?t handle it). Peter ?asks? Noelene to NOT make a scene at the wedding etc- for dan & Leah?s sake. Peter says that, after the ceremony, he will be out of Noelene?s life forever. When peter leaves the room, Helen enters - she hugs Noelene.

HOSPITAL - Flynn tells hayley & Kimmy that the ultrasound hayley is having shows that the baby is 100% healthy. Flynn is concerned about the pain hayley initially suffered, so he orders more tests. In the corridor, Flynn tells Irene & Co that all is well so far. Irene & Hyde head to Hayley?s room, whilst Leah approaches josie. Josie (who is crying) insists that Irene is right (that josie IS trouble) but Leah (as always) tries to make josie feel better - by saying that the town still owes Josie?s BIGTIME for saving them for the toxic dump. Josie insists that?s just 1 little bright spot in the sea of darkness that is her history. Josie then exits. (Note - I?m not a fan of Leah?s, BUT I do like it when she there for ppl when they are down, eg josie tonight & when June was stealing things a couple of years ago)

BEACH - Beth is walking along, trying to ring Scott as she walks. Beth is surprised to hear the ring tone of Scott?s mobile nearby. She goes over to scott and wakes him up. Beth tells him about hayley.

HOSPITAL - Leah bails, as Scott enetrs. He really wants to see hayley. Flynn says that he?ll ask hayley if she wants to see Scott. Hayley, tells Kimmy she is worried about the stabbing pain that she experience at Leah?s house (it?s like nothing she?s experience before). Flynn enters, and asks hayley about Scott. Kimmy thinks Scott shouldn?t be asking such a question. Flynn goes out of the room and tells Scott that hayley doesn?t want to see him. Scoot is really annoyed when Beth tells him that hayley is not alone - Kimmy is with her.

LEAH?S - Leah arrives, and is surprised that Helen is still awake. Leah tells her that hayley & bub seem to be OK. Helen tells Leah that she only behaves the way she does (taking over etc) because she always wants ?the best? for Leah, because Helen loves Leah soooo much. Leah & Helen hug.

JOISE?S - josie enters, and drowns her sorrows with some alcohol. Whilst she does this, we once again she THAT paternity result folder - at the very top of an archive box on Josie?s table. (Note - as much as Eve did when she was alive, this one act [change results] seems to be causing more pain than anything else - because of its subtlety)

HOPITAL - Scot & Beth are talking about scott/hayley. Scott insists that hayley HAS to know how sorry he is for what he?s done. Scott decides to act - he enters Hayley?s room, and Flynn has to stop Scott & Kimmy from coming to blows. Kimmy is surprised when hayley says that she needs to speak to scott alone. When Kimmy & Flynn have exited the room, Scott tries to apologise. Hayley is extremely annoyed with scott says that he kissed josie because he thought they (scott/hayley) were over. Scott wants another chance, but hayley merely tells him to leave. Scott complies (note - it?s a TAD hypocritical of hayley to be lecturing scott like this [for KISSING Josie], when she SLEPT with Kimmy because she thought she & scott were finished).

BEACH - next morning, Scott clearly is distraught - in his mind, all is lost.

HOSPITAL - Hyde, Irene & Kimmy are talking to hayley when Flynn enters. He ?suggests? that Irene & Co exit, as she needs to speak to hayley alone. Hayley insists that they stay in the room. Flynn informs hayley that tests show a problem with her heart. They need to operate on hayley VERY soon - but it will definitely mean that the pregnancy will have to be terminated !!! (end of ep)


Hayley has to choose between her own life and that of her baby

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