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Monday 20 June 2005 - "Is There ANYONE In The Bay Actually Drive

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?Is There ANYONE In The Bay Actually Drive A Car Properly ????

BEACH - hayley stares out to sea. She notices that Scott is surfing. Hayley thinks about waiting for him to come to shore (so they can talk) but hayley decides against this, so she walks away.

SURF CLUB - hayley enters, and offers to buy josie a juice. Josie says that she?s V busy (packing all her things at home) so she can?t accept. When hayley apologises, to josie, from all the niggling between hayley & Scott last night, josie insists that that she didn?t notice (too busy worrying about singles party). Hayley is clearly surprised by Josie?s comment.

LEAH?S - Leah is having issues with the idea of eloping. Leah tells dan she thinks they should tell Helen & Noelene their concerns (about their mums being too bossy. Leah changes her mind - after Helen awakes and begins complaining about the sore neck she now has - after Leah told her to sleep in (according to Helen) the worst room in the house.

NOAH?S - Scott enters and both he & alf comment on how much the mechanic is charging them to fix the engine. Alf alos tells Scott that he?s had phone calls from the singles party ppl - who were V impressed with the Love boat theme - and esp. with josie. When alf asks Scott to take Josie?s mobile to her (she left it at bar last night), alf wonders why Scott is reluctant, but alf is able to convince Scott to take the phone to josie.

VAN PARK HOUSE - colleen enters, just as sally is preparing for her 1-st day back at school after the Diesel issue. The phone rings - it?s Leah, and sally is clearly V surprised by the idea of Leah & dan eloping. (btw, colleen - having collected her mail - is standing at the door listening to all this).

BEACH HOUSE - sally tells hayley & peter about the elopement. The trio wonder who will get the rings form Leah?s place. Hayley insists she?s a V bad liar, whilst peter isn?t keen on dealing with his mum, so sally agrees to do it.

OUTSIDE UNKNOWN CHURCH - Leah is stressing about many things, but dan convinces her that the only way tho have the wedding THEY want (without their mums? meddling) is to elope.

LEAH?S - Helen & Noelene are bickering when sally enters. Helen wonders why sally is there. Sally says that Leah contacted her and wants sally to get the money for VJ?s childcarer. When sally leaves, Helen is V suspicious of what?s going on (despite Noelene insisting that Helen shouldn?t be so negative regarding Leah). Seconds later, the phone rings. It?s Stella, who tells Helen about the elopement. Helen & Leah race outside and get in the car outside. Helen is V worried when Noelene says that she?s not driven a car with a manual gearbox for years - and it shows when Noelene starts to drive the vehicle (early 1990s maroon Toyota Corolla Seca)

JOSIE?S FLAT - Scott arrives at the door. he hears josie shouting in terror. Scott opens the door - he finds josie standing on the table. Josie tells him that she?s seen a mouse and isn?t getting down until the mouse is caught. Scott see the mouse runs into the corner on the room, and as he goes to catch the mouse, he bumps into josie, and they both fall onto the nearby couch. Scott then jumps off the couch and catches the mouse - in a tupperware container. (Btw, Scott sooooooo reminded me of Steve ?The Crocodile Hunter? Irwin as she leapt to catch the mouse). Josie is V pleased that the mouse is caught.

CHURCH - sally, hayley & peter arrive. Hayley thinks that eloping is V romantic, whilst peter tells dan to thank sally for getting the rings - dan comments about the still icy situation between peter & Noelene.

JOSIES? FLAT - Scott tells josie that he?s released the mouse outside. Josie thanks Scott for going out of his way to return her mobile. Scott is about to leave when a delivery guy arrives. Josie tells Scott that they case of wine she?s just received is from the singles party ppl. Josie insists that the high quality wine they gave her shouldn?t be drunk alone.

CHURCH - a priest begins the ceremony, and comments on its intimate nature (ie just dan, Leah, sally, hayley, peter are there)

OUTSIDE CHURCH - Helen & Noelene get out of the car and run into the church. both mums call out for the wedding to be stopped - but they?ve got the WRONG church (which is holding a wedding which has many, many guests)

ON THE ROAD - Helen & Noelene search for the correct church. Helen comments that they just drove passed it, so Noelene (instead of doing a U-turn) simply reverses the car.

CHURCH - Leah says her vows, and dan has almost finished reciting his - when Helen & Noelene run into the church. They demand the wedding be stooped. Dan is keen to go ahead, but (as ever) sally is the voice of reason. All agree to a compromise - Leah & dan won?t get married today, with Helen & Noelene PROMISING not to interfere with the wedding.

JOSIE?S FLAT - scott tells josie that he may have lost the best thing that ever happened to him (Hayley) and he admits that things would be way different if he was the father of the baby. As Scott says this, we see THAT paternity result folder - at the top of a box on Josie?s table (ie right next to Scott)

LEAH?S - Helen comments that its tradition for the engaged couple not to kiss before the marriage ceremony. When Leah ?goes off?, Helen admits that she was just stirring Leah. Hayley goes into the kitchen, followed by sally. Hayley laments what?s happened between her & Scott, and hayley tells sally that she?s going to give Scott another chance.

JOSIES? FLAT - josie (who is a tad drunk) suggests that she & Scott make a toast to being ?doomed in love?. Josie then drops her glass. Scott & josie both begin the clean the stained bit of carpet, when Scott seizes the moment - he kisses Josie (end of ep)


Hayley collapses - after she finds out about the Scott/Josie kiss !!!

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