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Friday 17 June 2005 - "Memories Of Gypsy & Shelley"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Memories Of Gypsy & Shelley !!!?

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Sally tries to get diesel to hand bay pippa to him, but diesel isn?t listening. Diesel keeps talking about how much his mum loves him. When sally attempts to grab baby pippa, diesel is not impressed. He insists that sally should forget about baby pippa, and concentrate on him (great line ? see below)

SURF CLUB ? Scott enters Noah?s he tells Alf that the engine of Blaxland is dead. Both Scott & Alf are annoyed ? as the ppl who?d booked the Blaxland had done so for a singles party. Josie suggests that they should hold the party at the surf club ? and when Scott & Alf aren?t brilliantly sold on the idea (they suggest giving part ppl a 40% discount), Josie suggests she?ll speak to the singles party ppl ? and convince them that they should booked Noah?s in the 1-st place. Alf & Scott thank Josie for doing all of this ? and as Josie exits, Dan & Leah enter. They tell Scott & Alf about their warring mums.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? sally is still trying to persuade diesel to hand over pippa, but diesel insists all will be OK if only sally would say that she love him.

DINER ? hayley & kimmy are talking about hayley/Scott. When colleen approaches (to give hayley & kimmy the food they ordered), kimmy says that he and hayley were discussing way to relief stress in the work place. Hayley & kimmy the exit.

SURF CLUB ? Alf is talk to Leah & Dan about their mums, when Josie enter. She (and an unknown male) are carry boxes full of boat themed props. Josie tells Alf that the party ppl are going to have their party at the surf club ? at only 30% discount. Josie says she convinced them by arranging a Love Boat theme. Scott tells Alf & Josie that he now must hurry about and get 12 different sizes nuts & bolts (single party ppl male to get bolt, and has to find girl with matching nut). Hayley & kimmy enter, and kimmy takes offence to the way that Scott snaps at hayley when he replies to a comment by her. Dan & Leah decide to head home ? they think it will be more peaceful that the surf club.

LEAH?S ? Leah & Dan arrive and are pleased at the silence. That silence is shattered moments later when Noelene & Helen start bickering again.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? diesel tells the crying bay pipa that his mum stayed at home to look after him. Sally?s phone rings. Diesel doesn?t want her to answer it, but sally insists that Flynn will know something is wrong if she not answers. When sally answers the call, she talks in code to Flynn. Diesel realises this and grabs the phone off sally (at the hospital, Flynn looks V worried). Diesel tells sally that she must pay for her actions. Sally follows diesel as he descends the stairs. In desperation, sally tells diesel that she loves him. Sally suggests that diesel should hand bay pippa to her, and they can sort this out. Diesel thinks sally is lying ? and he insists on hurt bay pippa if sally comes any closer.

AFTER AD BREAK ? diesel tries to exit the house (with baby pippa of course) but sally blocks his exit. Diesel goes into the kitchen ?0 and sally insists that if diesel hands over baby pippa to her, sally will ensure that the matter is taken mo further. As this is happening, we see Flynn arrive at the back patio door - not far behind diesel, Flynn takes his chances and lunges at diesel, who is caught unaware. Sally is able to rest baby pippa from diesel, whilst Flynn hold diesel down (hands behind back)

SURF CLUB ? the party ppl arrive, and Scott *n Josie hand out the nuts & bolts. Alf tells Scott & Josie that they make a great team (btw, Josie is wearing a black halter top ? with a spangly collar). Hayley tells Scott that the drinks are ready, and Scott is V cold with his response. Hayley tries to sort things out, but Scott insists that he is busy.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Harper tells sally & Flynn that diesel will be taken to the police station (male uniform cop is leading diesel away at this time). Heaper sys that sally will have to go to the station later to give her statement. When diesel & police are gone, sally admits to Flynn that she told diesel that she loved him. Flynn accepts that sally did this in an attempt to get diesel to hand bay pippa back to her. Flynn & sally hug (btw, at the moment, baby pippa is on sally?s lap ? drinking form her bottle)

SURF CLUB ? Josie tells Scott they NEED to stop this party form being in its (current) funeral like state. Josie suggests that they should get single party ppl to play ?Lap Stackers?. Scott isn?t sure what Josie means, but she insists it?s a GRAET idea.

LEAH?S ? Noelene & Helen as now battling over what to put in a salad, and it?s infectious ? Leah &Dan start fighting about the same thing soon after.

SURF CLUB ? Josie is having an absolute ball as she give the instructions (for Lap Stackers) to the party ppl ? who are sitting in a circle around Josie. The party ppl has to follow Josie?s directions, eg ?move to the right if you are wearing something red? etc ? with the result that various ppl are sitting on another?s lap. Hayley doesn?t like it when she sees how in sync Josie & Scott are.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Harper tells sally &Flynn that diesel still believes that sally?s actions gave him grounds to think that sally was intesrted in him, but he?s retracted all statements that sally made sexual advances towards him. . When Flynn asks, harper says that diesel was able to steal the locket etc because he had a key cut with he was living at the house. Flynn can?t believe that sally wants to speak to diesel, but she insists.

POLICE SATION ? sally enters the interview room (where diesel is already seated). When diesel asks, sally says that she lied to him (about loving him), as she would have done anything to protect baby pippa. Diesel admits to sally that he?s been SOOOO badly missing his mum since she dies ? and because of the way sally behaved around him, diesel saw sally as a replacement for his mum (note ? this really explains diesel?s behaviour towards baby pippa, for me anyway ? it like she was the newborn that was taking all of his new mum?s [sally] attention away from him. Also this scene made me realise that ALL this time, when diesel was asking sally to say that she loved him, it?s a MOTHERLY love thing ? not a ROMANTIC one, like ALL of us (?) believed). Sally insists that diesel was drawn towards her because sally also knows the feeling of having to deal with the loss of a parent. Sally insists that NOTHING can truly fill that gaping hole ? but sally insists that diesel DOES need to find a way to deal with it, and find peace. Diesel tells sally that he is deeply sorry ? and he starts painfully crying.

LEAH?S ? a new leah/dan battle begins, when Dan puts his dishes in the sink when Leah is washing up. Helen & Noelene decide to go into the lounge room and watch TV. Leah & Dan then apologise to each other ? and wonder how they are going to survive this wedding.

VAN PARK HOUSE ?sally returns home, and Flynn wonders what happened at police station. Sally tells Flynn that diesel will be placed in care. Flynn wonders what sally is keeping from him. Sally insists that she feels REALLY sorry for diesel. Flynn tells sally that he thinks she is too soft heartened. Sally insists that she was wrong yesterday ? she IS a GOOD teacher, mum, and good with kids. Flynn hugs sally.

SURF CLUB ? as the singles party ppl leaves, Alf suggests to a new romantic couple that if they get married, they can book surf club for reception (with a 10% discount). Hayley isn?t impressed when Scott says that he?ll be a while cleaning up (it?s clear that hayley wants to talk to Scott about their relationship). Hayley is further annoyed when Scott says that if hayley gives him the key (to lock up) he?ll give key to Alf when they are done. When hayley is gone, Josie & Scott can?t believe it when the nut & bolt they have MATCH. Josie suggests to Scott that she?ll help clean up ? but Scott says that Josie has done enough today. When Josie exits, it?s clear that Scott is V confused.

DINER ? next morning, hayley enters and order some food from colleen. Kimmy enters soon after, and hayley tells him that although she REALLY misses Scott, she knows that things aren?t OK between them.

BEACH ? Scott is staring about to sea, as is hayley ? at another section of the beach.

DINER ? Josie is paying for her order when colleen wonders what the joined nut & bolt Josie handed her with the money (for the food) is all about.

BEACH ? Kimmy approaches hayley, and we also see Scott ? on his own.

LEAH?S ? Dan suggests that he & Leah end all this chaos, by eloping !!! (end of ep)


Will Helen & Noelene stop Leah & Dan from eloping, and Josie & Scott KISS !!!

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