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Thursday 16 June 2005 - "Mothers At War! AND a Cold, Crazed,

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?Mothers At War ? AND a Cold, Crazed, Calculating, Character ASSASSIN !!!?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Diesel is a little alarmed when sally drops some clothes on the floor (by accident). Sally however doesn?t notice that diesel in under the bed when she picks the clothes up.

LEAH?S - in the kitchen, Leah is V annoyed when Helen raves on about her (bad) choice of wedding dress. Leah is further frustrated when dan returns home (with VJ) - Helen thinks that dan is too skinny, because Leah hasn?t been feeding him enough. When Helen takes VJ in the lounge room, Leah tells dan that she thinks that dealing with Helen AND Dan?s mum will be a nightmare - as Leah thinks they won?t get on well with each other.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally eventually does downstairs, and diesel descends the stairs soon after. Diesel has to hide near the stairs when sally goes back upstairs (she must have forgotten something). Diesel takes this opportunity to escape without detection.

DINER - next morning, Hyde & Karl Summers (the department of education investigator) enter. Karl is not pleased when Hyde continually tells him that sally is INNOCENT. Diesel approaches Karl & Hyde - diesel tells them that sally approached him yesterday (LIAR). Diesel claims that sally threatened to make his life a misery if he doesn?t ?drop? this (LIAR). Diesel also says that he has further evidence that sally is in love with him. All the while, Hyde voices his disbelief, at both diesel?s claims AND esp. Karl?s readiness to totally believe what diesel is saying.

LEAH?S - Things get worse when Leah suggests that she wants a low key wedding. Noelene (Dan?s mum) arrives. She?s WAY into spiritualism these days - Helen doesn?t appear to be too impressed by Dan?s mum.

VAN APRK HOUSE - Hyde & Karl enter. Karl asks sally if she has a locket. Sally says that she does - and that she just found it again (it?s been missing for a week). Karl asks sally t open the locket - and when she does, sally is SHOCKED, as there is a photo of DIESEL inside !!!!!!! Sally insists that diesel must have stolen the locket and put him own photo in there. Karl doesn?t believe sally (surprise, surprise) and informs her that she is being stood down form teaching. Karl aslo says that he?s going to inform the police about this.

AFTER AD BREAK - Karl is gone, and Flynn is way annoyed when sally & Hyde tell him hat?s happened. Hyde insists that only way to get out of this mess is for diesel to admit that he?s lying. 2 police officers (incl. Laura) arrive - they want to question sally.

LEAH?S - Helen & Noelene amaze Leah by getting on so well together. Dan feels smug that he was right (mums not nightmare after all). Noelene & Helen are agreeing with each other about many things (Helen even begins to like Noelene?s spiritual way) but all that good rapport between the 2 mums is UTTERLY DESTROYRED when they start talking about the wedding. Helen wants a traditional Greek wedding for Leah, whilst Noelene won?t have anything less than an Anglican weddings. Dan & Leah decide to bail to the kitchen - where Leah says, to dan, ?I told you so? - with Helen & Noelene yelling in the back ground (note - all this action occurred in 3 separate scenes, but it?s just easy to combine all that info into one big chunk.)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Laura is V suspicious of sally & Flynn?s version of events, esp. since there?s no sign of forced entry into the house, and the fact that sally & flynn don?t know if diesel has a key to their home. Laura tells sally that they?ll be in touch. When the police are gone, Flynn tells sally that he wants to confront diesel, but sally suggests against this (esp. since Flynn told Cassie NOT to confront diesel). Hyde, meanwhile, looks as though he?s decides to confront diesel on Flynn?s behalf.

SOON AFTER - sally is lying on her bed. She?s crying. Flynn tries to reassure her, but sally insists that she?s ruined the (work) love of her life, by overstepping the mark BIG time with diesel. Sally wonders what she?ll do now - since teaching is probably now longer a option (not surprisingly, Sally is V down beat)

BEACH - Hyde approaches diesel. Hyde insists that he can see through diesel?s EVIL lies. Diesel insists that he?ll tell the investigator that hyde threatened him. Hyde doesn?t appear to care about such threats - and he tells diesel that, if he doesn?t stop these lies, he?ll make diesel?s time in the bay a living nightmare. The thoroughly disgusted Hyde ends the ?discussion? by saying, ?Be the man your mum would be proud of?

DINER - Leah & dan tell Colleen & Irene about their warring mums. Colleen doesn?t help when she mentions that she interfered in lance & Debbie?s wedding. Hyde enters - he tells Irene & the others that sally has been stood down. Hyde also tells Irene that he confronted diesel. Hyde hopes it did Sally some good, but he also hopes that he hasn?t made diesel even angrier (note - what an ironic line. See the next paragraph to see what I mean.)

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally goes upstairs, as baby pippa is V loudly crying. Sally is shocked when she sees that DIESEL has baby pippa in his arms. Diesel tells Sally that he?ll hurt baby pippa WITHOUT REGRET if sally doesn?t do as he commands (Note - end of ep Question- What the HELL happened to Diesel to screw him up THIS much ??? Could someone PLEASE tell me ???????)


Hayley tells Kimmy that she REALLY loves Scott, but will Scott get together with Josie ???

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