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Wednesday 15 June 2005 - "Tilly's Safe, But Who's In Dang

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Tilly?s Safe, But Who?s In Danger Now ????

BUSHLAND - Tilly scampers away from her pursuer (Rawlings). Tilly then hides beneath some foliage - Rawlings goes by her.

SURF CLUB - Ric suggests they should get a helicopter for the search. Beth likes that idea - but alf says only rescue helicopter in the area is tending to nearby bushfires. Ric & Cassie go outside - they talk about their feelings towards Tilly. Cassie thinks about confronting Ric about his comment (to henry) that he loves Tilly, but Cassie decides against confronting Ric about this. Sally approaches Ric & Cassie - they tell her that there?s not any further news about Tilly. Talk turns to sally?s current situation. Sally says that she?s not heard form diesel since the department investigator was in town. (Note - we sees part of this scene from the nearby diesel?s perspective)

DINER - Leah tells Hayley that she?s not looking forward to her & Dan?s mum encountering each other - Leah fears they will clash BIG TIME. Hayley says that she will be at Leah?s place to help Leah choose a wedding dress. When Leah asks, hayley tells her about Scott?s continuing jealousy. Ric & Cassie enter - colleen asks if there?s any news about Tilly.

BUSHLAND - Tilly is V pleased when she comes across a sealed road - with a public phone box nearby.

DINER - Cassie is very worried about how her life is changing (a further hint about Ric?s feeling about Tilly - which Ric doesn?t pick up on). Martha enters - Ric wonders if there?s news about Tilly.

INTERCUT SCENE - Tilly (phone box) rings Ric (diner). Ric is ecstactic to hear Tilly?s voice. Tilly is V scared that Rawlings will attack her again. Ric calmly asks Tilly where she is - Tilly indicates that there?s a road sign form turner?s lane nearby. Tilly insists that Ric must hurry. When off the phone, Martha says that she will drive Ric & Cassie to where Tilly is (and they?ll contact peter on the way)

ROADSIDE - Martha, Ric & Cassie arrive (via car) at the phone box. Ric is dismayed that Tilly isn?t there. Tilly emerges form the nearby bushland. Tilly is ecstatic to see Ric & Co - Tilly hugs each of the trio.

HOSPITAL - Beth, Robbie, Henry & Tash enter. Beth wonders why Tilly rang Ric - but she doesn?t really care bout the answer. Beth just wants to see Tilly - Ric paints her to the room that Tilly is in. Beth is ecstatic to see Tilly (and vice versa). When Beth ask about the jacket, tilly says that she tried to escape form the car, but Rawlings dragged her back in. tilly insists that she?ll never behave in such a stupid way again (memories of the post ferry disaster Kirsty/Shelley scene). Peter enters the room - he tells Tilly, Beth & the others that Rawlings? daughter (same age as Tilly) died 15 years ago. Rawlings blamed himself for his daughters? death - and saw Tilly as a replacement. Tilly notes that the daughter must have been the girl in the photo in the shed (note - the age of posters on the wall of the shed, in hindsight, were a massive clue, ie it?s like the shed was Rawlings? shrine to his daughter. Peter exits - and the tilly/family/friends re-bonding continues. (NOTE - given Tilly?s recent bad experiences in the bay, it might have been a V interesting road to take IF tilly agreed to ?be? Rawlings? daughter ? just a thought)

NEAR SURF CLUB - Leah & hayley talk about Tilly. Hayley sees Scott -she goes after him.

SURF CLUB - scott doesn?t want to listen to anything hayley has to say, esp. when hayley suggests that she turned down Scott?s proposal for his own good - as if she accepted, things would have got harder for scott in the future.

OUSIDE SURF CLUB - diesel approaches sally. She is shocked when (once again) diesel tells her that he?ll tell the department to drop the investigation if sally tells him the ?truth?, that she loves diesel. Sally insists that she can?t lie like that - and diesel walks away. Hayley approaches sally - who tells hayley about the encounter with diesel.

HOSPITAL - scott arrives and ads to the plethora (Beth, Robbie, Cassie, Martha, Ric etc) who thinks that tilly should just be herself etc. when tilly asks, Ric tells her that callan has done a runner - and Cassie is V concerned when tilly is looking straight at Ric when tilly says that the perfect guy will discover her eventually. (Note - when they talked about callan, Beth tells Tilly that callan used Tilly?s weakness (lack of good self-image without a b/f) against her.

LEAH?S PLACE - Leah tells hayley & sally that she thinks sally should have gone to the police about her encounter with diesel. Sally insists that she didn?t want to ruin a great day (Tilly found etc). Talk turns to Leah?s wedding dress - Leah wants to choose the dress before her mum arrives today. Leah asks sally to answer a knock at the door - and when sally does that, Leah asks hayley about the Scott situation.

HOSPITAL - Tilly insists that Henry MUST go on that dance company tour. Henry is reluctant to go but Tilly convinces him to (go). Tilly also makes fun of henry?s ESP suggestions that he knew she has OK when she was missing. All bail for the room, except for Ric. Tilly thanks Ric for everything she?s done for her. Ric goes to kiss Tilly on (I think) the cheek -but Tilly moves her head. Ric stops just before he was about to kiss Tilly on the lips. Ric exits the room - Tilly is disappointed that Ric didn?t kiss her. Outside Tilly?s room, Ric tells Cassie that he wants to leave the hospital. Cassie is concerned - Ric suggests that he want to leave so quickly because he not like being in a hospital.

LEAH?S - Leah has chosen a wedding dress, and she thanks the designer (who?s made a house call so Leah can do so in her own home). Helen (Leah?s mum) knock on the back door, and enters the house. Helen sees the dress - and HATES it.

DINER -josie & Scott are talking about the Hayley/Scot situation. As they talk, hayley & sally enter. Hayley insists that sally should go to the police about diesel.

VAN PARK HOUSE - diesel breaks in (via the main Entrance). He takes sally?s locket out of his pocket - and puts it on the dining table.

DINER - Scott thanks josie for listening to him, and when Scott bails, Jesse approaches josie. Jesse thinks scott/ josie is a bad idea, but josie insists she?s not ready for a realtionship with anyone. Jesse is sceptical.

VAN PARK HOUSE - diesel hides when sally, Ric & Cassie enter. Ric & Cassie then exit (they?d come home because Ric had forgotten his wallet). Sally goes upstairs - and into her room. Ric is hiding under her bed (note 1 - end of ep note 2 - nice views of sally?s feet and lower legs)


Noelene (Dan?s mum) & Helen (Leah?s mum) fight about the wedding.

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