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Tuesday 14 June 2005 - "Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Til

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The Tilly, Or Suffer Kimmy's Fate You Will !!!?

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Ric is way stressed about Tilly. Cassie tries to calm him down. Hayley & Tash arrive - wondering if there?s any fresh news of Tilly.

SURF CLUB - Hyde & Irene try to reassure Beth, who goes and sits with Robbie & henry. Robbie thinks they should contact Kit, but henry thinks that?s a sign that they are giving up on Tilly. Henry tries to reassure Beth (asn himself) that Tilly is fine. Nearby, peter, alf & other are discussing various possibilities as to why Tilly?s jacket was found at the location it was - peter isn?t keen on any negative suggestions. Henry is playing video games when Beth approaches. Henry then ?cracks? - he admits that he is WAY worried about his sometimes annoying, but totally cool, sister. Meanwhile, Robbie & Tash talk about how insignificant other things are - like Robbie complaining about his voice being over dubbed in the ad. Nearby, peter tells alf that there was an unconfirmed sighting of someone lifting a large object out of their car in the area where Tilly went missing. Peter tells all that he?ll have to arrange a warrant to search the place - and peter is V annoyed when Scott & others charge out of the room (they can?t wait to check things out)

SUPECT?S HOUSE - Scott, Martha, Jesse & Kimmy arrive (by car). Scott breaks into the house. He & the others are searching the house when peter & the police arrive. Peter tells Scott to leave the house - and when he does, Scott sees a green ute arrive. Scott goes to the car and grabs the driver. Scott demands to know where Tilly is - but the guy seems clueless. Peter instructs Scot to back away.

SURF CLUB - alf is told (via radio) by peter that this seems to be a false alarm. After hearing more ppl trying to reassure her, Beth ?cracks? - she tells hyde, hayley, Irene etc that none of them know what they are talking about, and Beth V emotionally says ?she?s been missing for 14 hours ?. FOURTEEN hours?. Beth then exits.

BEACH - hayley chases after Beth. Hayley tries to tell Beth that she knows how Beth feels, because Hayley?s now a mum. Beth insists that she want to be left alone. Hayley doesn?t fight this - and she walks away.

SMALL SHED - Tilly is sleeping on a mattress

POLICE STATION - peter, Laura & Mr Rawlings (green Ute guy) enter the interview room. Peter questions Rawlings about his actions last night. Rawlings (a big, bald bloke) says that he had bought a role of carpet that day. Rawlings thinks that his annoying neighbour dobbed him in.

SHED - Tilly awakes. She immediately looks at the big abrasion on her left shoulder. Tilly looks at the various posters & photos on the wall. Tilly then has a flash back of drinking at the party, and being offered a lift. Tilly goes to the door - it?s locked !!!

SURF CLUB - Ric is keen t go to Rawlings house, but alf ?suggests? that he doesn?t. Alf & others thinks about telling Beth about Rawlings - but alf thinks they shouldn?t (nothing to tell). Beth then apologises for ?going off? like he did before.

SHED - Tilly tries to open several of the windows, they are locked as well. Tilly picks up a framed photo of an unknown hard haired girl (with was on the floor)

SURF CLUB - Robbie tells Tash that his usual (joking) self can?t help Beth - Robbie decides on another plan. He goes over to Beth and starts massaging her shoulders. Henry worries about making a phone call to the dance group that he?ll be touring with. Henry thins if he makes the call, he?s giving up on Tilly. Ric REALLY wants to go to Rawlings? house. Alf swiftly tells Ric to ?pull his head in?.

POLICE STATION - peter further questions Rawlings about last night. Rawlings can?t remember if he saw any other car where he travelled. Laura confirms that Rawlings did purchase some carpet yesterday. Peter tells Rawlings that he can go - Rawlings is keen to press charges against Scott, but peter persuades him not to. Rawlings exits.

INTERCUT SCENE - peter (police station) tells Scott (Rawlings place) via radio to leave the place, as Rawlings is in the clear to the police. Scott thinks peter is wrong - but peter insists that Scott, Jesse & Martha should bail.

SHED - Tilly sees, through the murky plastic covered dors & windows, several SES ppl in the distance. She calls out for help.

RAWLING?S PLACE - a police car pulls up. Scott wants to continue the search at this place, but Jesse &Martha convince him to leave

SHED - Tilly is distraught, as she sees the SES ppl leaving the area.

SURF CLUB - Scott enters, he?s keen to thoroughly search the Rawlings? place - Scott feels that he was REALLY close to finding Tilly. Alf & Beth insist that Scott should trust Peter?s judgement. Nearby, Ric & henry talk about Tilly - henry admits that Tilly is his best friend. When Ric says that he loves Tilly, Cassie overhears it, and is concerned. Cassie talks to Tasha bout this - Tash suggests that Ric must be felling really bad at the moment (as he can?t do anything - can?t search for Tilly, can?t be there for Beth like Robbie & henry). Nearby, Scott is try to persuade peter into digging further about Rawlings. Hayley is then unimpressed - when scott tries to take advantage of the emotional situations by asking if she?s made up her mind about the proposal. Scott goes into the Search HQ room, he is keen to search Rawlings? place again, but settles for searching anywhere for her. Hayley hand out bottled water to the exiting searchers - Scott (childishly) doesn?t take any from her.

SHED - Tilly is lying on the mattress - she?s crying. Tilly stops this, and stands up, when she hears a car pull up outside. Tilly is worried when she sees someone (who looks like Rawlings) approaching.

AFTER AD BREAK - Rawlings enters the shed. Tilly is hiding under the bed. Rawlings offers Tilly some food - Tilly emerges from beneath the bed, and fiercely knees Rawlings in the groin. Tilly rushes out of the shed, and Rawlings pursues her as Tilly runs thorough the nearby bushland. (end of ep)


Scott & josie are getting closer, whilst Tilly rings Ric from a public phone - but she?s not there where Ric arrives.

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