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Monday 13 June 2005 - "Hunter Humble Pie"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Hunter Humble Pie?

Author Note

Apologies for the lack of my usual level of detail in the entry below - I left my hand written draft ep guide at home this morning

ROADSIDE - Beth, Scott & hayley are looking for Tilly. Beth calls Robbie - wondering if Tilly has arrived home etc. Beth tells Robbie to call her if Tilly either arrives home, or phones there. Peter arrives on the scene. Beth shows him where they found the bag - and there?s talk that Tilly may be drug affected.

HOSPITAL - callan is wheeled into the hospital. Flynn & Nurse Julie arrange for tests to ascertain his injuries, incl. possible brain damage. Everyone (alf, Flynn, Martha) are annoyed at Ric?s actions - but he remains defiant about what he did to callan. Alf gets a phone call - it?s peter, telling him that missing is still missing.

SURF CLUB - alf arrives and immediately begins to arrange the SES search for Tilly. Jesse offers to help - alf isn?t keen, but he concurs that Jesse is well trained for the search.

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth, Scott & Robbie are ringing Tilly?s friends. Before Beth & Scott go to the surf club, Beth tells Robbie that keep on ringing Tilly?s friends - and t remain at the house in case Tilly either calls or returns home.

SURF CLUB - Hyde, Irene and other try to reassure Beth that things will be all right. Peter & others suggest that Tilly could be hiding out - because she?s embarrassed of her actions etc, whilst henry tells Beth that he knows Tilly is OK - henry thinks this because he hasn?t felt that Tilly is in pain (with the whole twin ESP thing). Peter gets a call - and he informs the others that some of the partygoers think Tilly got into a green ute. Alf then briefs the SES personnel - he apprehensively (out of concern for Beth) mentions that Tilly is most likely drub affected.

Ric arrives - he?s keen to join the search for Tilly, but alf insists that Ric can?t go (as he?s not trained - unlike Martha who is)

HOSPITAL - when Flynn asks callan, he denies giving Tilly any drugs. Callan also insists that he want the police called (because Ric assaulted him). When Flynn & Nurse Julie go to the nurse?s station, Julie offers to call the police, but Flynn insists on doing it. Flynn is on hold (with the police) when Nurse Julie shows him a bottle of rohypnol that was found in callan?s clothing.

SURF CLUB - Henry, and then Beth, both verbally attack Ric. In their mind, he is responsible for this. Ric is stunned. He goes outside followed by Cassie. Ric tells Cassie that he REALLY can?t believe that everyone?s blaming him for the actions of Tilly & callan. Ric then charges off.

HOSPITAL - Ric enters callan?s room. Ric aggressively places his hand over callan?s mouth. Ric assures callan that he WILL pay for what he?s done. Ric tells callan that now all the girls that callan drugged & attacked will join together and tell the police what callan did to them. Ric then exits (note - Ric was V vengeful in this scene, and callan REALLY looked scared of Ric).

SURF CLUB - Cassie approaches Beth, and tells Beth all about what Tilly?s been getting up to of late (the drinking, the parties with boys etc). Cassie also well & truly explains that it?s been Ric who?s been looking out for Tilly these past few weeks, and saving her when necessary. Cassie REALLY makes Beth think when she suggests that if Ric didn?t go to the party yesterday, callan would have date raped Tilly. To say Beth is SHOCKED at all this info is an understatement (the look on her face is priceless).

HOSPITAL - Flynn shows 2 male police officers the drugs found in Callan?s clothing. When flyyn * the police enter callan?s room, there?s more trouble - callan has done a runner.

SURF CLUB - Ric arrives and if pleased hen he hears that callan has disappeared from the hospital. Ric eagerly hopes that callan is gone forever. Beth approaches Ric - and TOTALLY aplogises for the way she verbally attacked him earlier. Beth was in full humble pie mode - and, as always, Clarissa house was awesome in this scene. When Ric was walked away, Hyde approaches Beth - and suggests that she should go home and get some sleep. Beth insists she?s she not leaving the surf club until Tilly is found.

NEXT MORNING - Alf radios the search party led by Scott. Alf suggests that they should get some sleep. Scott is adamant on continuing - he, like Beth won?t rest before Tilly is found. Jesse, Martha & peter (searching with Scott) agree to keep searching with Scott - and keep an eye on him. The extra searchers concur with alf & Peter?s request to go and get some sleep.

Soon after, Scott sees something at the side of the road. Scott approaches - and from the way the scene is filmed, you get the impression the producers want you to think that Scott has found Tilly (her body anyway)

SURF CLUB - Robbie is trying to keep things light in the midst of a heavy situation, ie he?s wondering why if sliced bread is sooo great, why there is no monument to it (nice light touch in an otherwise emotionally HEAVY episode). Peter enters - he shows Beth a white jacket, and asks her to confirm that its Tilly. Beth confirms that it is her daughter?s jacket - and Beth is V distraught when she finds a blood stained tear near the shoulder of the jacket. Beth goes outside - and totally starts balling, as she clutches Tilly?s jacket close to her body (note 1 - end of ep. Note2 - I soooooooooooooooo can?t sing the praises enough of Clarissa house. Her performance tonight was nothing short of awesome)


Scott breaks into a house in the quest to find Tilly - and they find the green ute

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