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Friday 10 June 2005 - "Fool For Love"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Fool For Love !!!?

BEACH ? Hayley is V suspicious of why Scott has picked this moment to propose to her. Scott insists that its because he knows he love Hayley and wants to spend rest of life with her, but Hayley is concerned about Scott?s feeling about her & Kimmy. Hayley tells Scott she needs to think about this (memories of Shannon telling lachie the same thing in 1997, when he was worried about her ?friendship? with Mandy Thomas)

SURF CLUB ? Alf has got Ric working hard at Noah?s ? and Alf hopes that it will make Ric a better person. Alf & Hayley exit the bar, to look over the books. Callan enters, and wonders if Ric broke into his car. Ric denies the accusation.

HOSPITAL ? Beth tells Tilly about Robbie?s annoyance about the commercial. Beth also tells Tilly that there are lots of get well pressies waiting for her at hoe, and lots of tally?s friends (incl. Emma) who can?t wait to see Tilly again. Tilly laments that no GUY who to see her. Beth assures Tilly that her Mr perfect will arrive soon ? before Beth is ready to deal with it. Scott enters, and Beth wonders why he bailed earlier.

NOAH?S ? Hayley tells Leah that Scott proposed. Leah is really excited, but Hayley tells Leah that she thinks that Scott only proposed because of Kimmy & the baby. Leah wonders if Hayley should be that cynical (memories of a Shannon/Selina scene in 1997). Nearby, Callan tells Ric about a party that?s happening today (at hamish?s place). When callan mentions tilly, Ric inists tat callan should stay way from her.

HOSPITAL- Beth & Scott leave Tilly?s room ? and seconds later, Callan enters. Tilly is kind of pleased to see him. Callan tells Tilly that he couldn?t visit her before now ? to many visitors. Callan insists that he wants to make things up to Tilly ? and he gives her a little teddy bear (is anyone else thinking about KK, and Eduardo Bearo, about this moment?)

SURF CLUB ? Ric is on the phone. When call is finished, he tells Martha with troubles with Cassie. Martha insists that Cassie WILL forgive if he gives her some time. Ric takes his break, and as he exits, Scott enters. He sees Hayley ? and wonders if she?s thought about his proposal. Hayley objects to Scott pressuring her in this way.

HOSPITAL ? Callan really turns on the charm, and Tilly eventually forgives him for what happened (that drugs incident) they hear Beth outside, so Callan hides under the bed. Beth enters, she tells Tilly that she forget her car keys. When Beth is gone, Callan tries to convince Tilly to go with him to a party today.

AFTER AD BREAK ? Beth & Ric are now with Tilly. She says that she feels too tired for visitors, so Ric & beth bail. When Beth is out pf the room, Ric warns Tilly that Callan has been hanging around the bay. Ric is annoyed when Tilly says something that suggests she?s been in contact with Callan today. Beth then suggests that she will give Ric a lift home. When they are gone, Callan enters Tilly? room. Callan is pleased when Tilly she that she wants to go to the party. Tilly insists they need to be quick ? as the nurse will be back to check on Tilly in 15 minutes.

DINER ? Irene & Hayley talk about Scott?s proposal. Irene suggests that Hayley should be telling Scott about her concerns, but Hayley tells Irene she not want to hurt Scott. As Hayley goes t exit, she (literally) runs into the mystery guy (Lleyton). They have a funny (nice) mistaken identity moment, before hayley exits.

WHARF ? hayley sits beside Scott. She tells him she can?t say yes ? because she feels the proposal was for all the wrong reasons. hayley insists that she can?t marry Scott if he is feeling that he can?t trust her around Kimmy. Hayley walks away, and Scott can?t believe this is happening.

HOSPITAL ? Tilly has changed into some cooooooooool casual clothes for the party. Callan tells Tilly that she can exit the room whilst he distracts the nurse. Callan goes to the nurse?s station and ask about visitors? hours, and Tilly exits the room (undetected) as he does so. Callan & Tilly then exit the hospital.

PARTY ? Tilly & Callan arrive. When Callan sees a mate, he goes over to talk to them, leaving Tilly again. Hamish (the guy who is hosting the party) approaches Tilly ? he suggests that Tilly has to pay a ?toll? for coming to his party ? namely a kiss. Calan the came back to Tilly and suggested for Hamish to leave Tilly alone. Tilly & Callan start dancing ? and Tilly is clearly concerned about Hamish, but Callan tries to reassure her that things will be OK.

HOSPITAL ? Beth approaches a nurse, who says that Tilly has been rather quiet recently. they enters tilly?s room ? Beth is chocked to find that tilly is not there (and sho is the nurse)

PARTY ? Callan gets a drink for himself & Tilly. Unbeknownst to Tilly, Callan then spikes her drink and gives it to her. She begins to drink it.

NOAH?S ? Martha is worried about hayley, but hayley insists she will be OK. Scott approaches hayley ? he tries to talk about what?s happened. Hayley insists that Scott isn't trying hard enough get the idea of kimmy/hayley out of his mind. Hayley insists that they need to take a break !!! Alf then approaches Scot ? asks him if he?s seen Tilly. Alf then informs Scott that she?s not at the hospital.

DINER ? Alf & Martha approaches Ric ? who tells them that Tilly might be at the party with Callan.

PARTY ? Ric, Martha & Alf arrive,. They go into the house ? where Ric eventually finds Callan on top of Tilly. Ric drags Callan off the clearly drug dazed Tilly. Ric starts bashing Callan for what he did to Tilly ? whilst Tilly walks outside ? we see her vision is clearly skewed by the drugs. Martha &others enter the room where Ric is. They stop him for punching Callan ? and Beth wonders where Tilly is. Martha, Beth & Scott begin to look for tilly, whilst Alf stops Ric from joining them ? Alf is V annoyed at Ric for doing what he did (vigilante justice, instead of looking after tilly.

ROADSIDE ? it?s dark, and the still drug dazed Tilly is wandering aimlessly. A green ute (driver unseen) pulls up beside Tilly?s ? offers her a lift. Tilly looks like she will accept.

A LITTLE LATER ? Beth, Martha & Scott are searching where we?d just seen Tilly and the green ute. Beth & the others find Tilly?s handbag ? her purse, mobile etc are all still in there. Beth is V worried for her daughter (end of ep)


The search for tilly continues ? Henry blames Ric for all this, Scott insists he?s not giving up until tilly is found, and peter asks Beth to ID a jacket that they?ve found (it looks like Tilly?s to me)

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