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Thursday 9 June 2005 - "Charity Begins At Home!!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Charity Begins At Home !!!?

BEACH - Robbie approaches Tash. He is keen for them to get to the hunter house so she can see the 1-st screening of his doughnut commercial. Robbie is surprised when Tash is reading the business section of the newspaper - Tash tell Robbie that she plans to use money for van park sale to invest in a business of some kind.

HUNTER HOUSE - hayley surprises Scott and the others when she says that Jesse is leaving the bay. Scott is clearly annoyed when Kimmy places his hand on Hayley?s shoulder. Robbie & Tash enter and all (incl. Irene & Beth) go into the entertainment room. Josie then joins them and Robbie plays the DVD of his ad. Robbie is quiet surprised (disappointed) that his voice had been overdubbed by another actor. Btw, everyone else LOVES the ad.

DINER - Leah & dan ask Alf if they book Noah?s for the wedding reception. Alf says that it is available at the time that Leah & dan want it. Colleen insists on doing the wedding cake. Colleen hears the phone ring, so she goes into the kitchen. She is most surprised by what the other person is telling her. Meanwhile, Leah, dan & Alf talk bout Alf?s decision for Ric to live with him again.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie is still annoyed about the decision, and uses the others? lack of knowledge about the actor who wore the Darth Vader suit (as opposed to who did the voice) in the STAR WARS films to back up his point. Colleen enters - she tells Tash that paying of her $30,00 debt (after the resort debacle) is too much. Colleen suggests that Irene should talk some sense into Tash - but Irene insists there?s no Point trying to change tasha's mind. Colleen then joyously thanks Tash for her generosity. After colleen exits, talk turns to the gym, and Josie is shocked when she hears that Jesse plans to leave the bay. Josie then exits.

JOSIE?S - Josie is on the phone and she tells the person on other end of line that she needs more time. Jesse enters - and he?s annoyed that Josie found out his news 2-nd hand. Jesse tells Josie that now is the perfect time to go - he has no job, no girlfriend etc. Josie tells Jesse about the landlord wanting to sell her flat. Jesse thinks Josie can easily buy it - but Josie is forced to admit that she invested heavily in the resort, and is now BANKRUPT. Jesse is shocked.

DINER - Irene confronts Leah & dan about having their reception at Noah?s (esp. since diner is loosing business to the other place. Leah won?t budge. Colleen enters - she tells Leah & dan about Tasha?s generosity - and says that she?ll be moving out as she is buying back her mobile home. Dan is less than subtle in his comments about colleen, and Leah chastises him for this. Kimmy, Robbie & Tash enter - they talk about the gym. Tash then shocks Kimmy by saying that she?ll buy Jesse?s share in the gym - for Kimmy?s unborn child (as a trust fund thing).

JOSIE?S - Tash is shocked to hear Josie say that she is seriously thinking about leaving the bay. Talks turns to Tasha?s generosity (colleen & Kimmy), and we can see that Josie thinks about telling Tash her financial problems, but Josie?s? pride gets in the way.

HUNTER HOUSE - Scott is packing a hamper for a romantic cruse on the Blaxland for himself & hayley. Hayley however feels V (morning) sick, Tash enters - she tells Robbie about Josie?s plan to leave. Tash wants a plan to stop Josie from leaving - Scott hears this, and suggests there?s a cruise on Blaxland going cheap. Tash asks Scott for a favour.

WHARF - Tash all but drags Tash to the Blaxland. Tash tells Josie that maybe a cruise (like the one Josie took with Jesse last year) will do Josie some good. Scott suggests a change of shoes (Josie has on some expensive ones - so she swaps with Tash, who was wearing a pair of thongs. Tash tells Josie that she?s not allowed to return form cruise until she?s changed her mind.

CRUISE - Scott has anchored the Blaxland out to sea. Scott & Josie talks about Scott & hayley - Josie thinks it?s great that Scott is sticking by hayley throughout this. Scott wonders why Josie is leaving town - she insists that things change, even when you don?t want them to.

DINER - hayley thanks Tash for her generosity (with Kimmy & the gym). Hayley is then distracted when a mysterious guy (Lleyton Hewitt) enters the diner. Jesse tells Tash that he needs to speak to her about Josie. Hayley & Kimmy exit, and as hayley does so, she looks eagerly at the mysterious stranger. Jesse is shocked to hear it when Tash says that Josie is leaving. Tash is worried about Josie - and Jesse tells Tash that she knows a way to solve both Tash & Josie?s problem.

CRUISE - Josie & Scott are talking about their relationships. Josie insists that being in this boat have bought old feelings to the surface. Scott then insists that Josie should tell Jesse how she feels, or she'll regret not acting on her feelings.

SURF CLUB - Tash insists that Josie should have told Tash about her financial trouble. Josie is then shocked when Tash hands her a cheque for $50,000 - for any business that Josie wants to be in. Tash insists that Josie CAN accept it, as they are family, and Tash will have a job when she leaves school (note - I LOVE it when Tash is like this, reminds me of Kane & Kristy intense lives being lightened by tasha's antics). Scott enters Noah's - he's on the phone - leaving hayley a message on her answering machine. When he is off the phone, Beth comments that hayley isn't at phone - she's in the gym. Scott goes into the gym - where hayley is talking and laughing with Kimmy. Hayley tells Scott the plans that she & Kimmy have for the gym. Scott is clearly not impressed when he hears that Kimmy will be a partner in the gym.

DINER - Irene is stressing at Leah about the reception, but Leah gets Irene to clam down about it. Nearby, after dan gets off the phone, colleen thanks dan for all the time she spent at dan & Leah?s place. Dan goes into the kitchen - where Irene tells dan & Leah that she thinks they will love having the house to themselves again. When Irene leaves the kitchen, dan & Leah tell each other that their mothers are coming to stay (for the wedding).

JOSIE?S - Jesse enters, and he wonders why Josie is felling so happy. Josie tells Jesse that Scott suggests that she should at least try to see if Jesse is keen to recommence their relationship. They kiss - which Josie adores.

AFETR AD BREAK - Josie & Jesse are lying in bed together - it looks like they've just slept together. Both realise that they AREN'T in love any more.

DINER - Josie tells Tash about jesse/josie. Josie tells tash that she now is surprised that she felt those loving emotions on the boat. As josie says this she is looking as the nearby Scott (tash doesn?t notice this). Nearby, Beth realises that Scott isn?t listening to her (as she talks about grounding Tilly forever when she gets out of hospital). Scott tells Beth that he HAS to go and do something.

BEACH - Scott approaches hayley, and asks her to marry him. Hayley looks shocked (end of ep)


There's more Lleyton & Bec, and hayley wonders why Scott proposed to her (memories of Shannon?s reaction to lachie's marriage proposal in 1997)

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