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Wednesday 8 June 2005 - "Skillfull Martha ... and Memories Of Bob

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Skillfull Martha ... and Memories Of Bobby !!!?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally is worried about DoCs taking Ric & Cassie from her. Despite Flynn?s words of encouragement, sally insists that DoCS will be out to determine what kind of parent she is (as opposed to what kind of parents sally & Flynn are). Ric & Cassie overs all this.

NAER SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie are stressing about what sally said. Ric then sees callan and charges over to him. Ric blames callan for what happened to Tilly - and Ric eventually punches callan. Martha breaks it up - and she?s not impressed with Ric?s actions (esp. considering the DoCS investigation on sally.

DINER - Colleen talks to hayley about only getting a few cents back in the dollar for her deposit for the resort apartment. Hayley insists she?ll help colleen in whatever way she can - colleen is glad she has friends like hayley. As Colleen walks way, Jesse sits at the table with hayley. He thanks her for visiting him in hospital. When Jesse enquires, hayley says that things are V slow at the gym at present - and there?s a perception that ppl are staying away because Jesse is still a partner in that business.

SURF CLUB - Martha is not keen on leaving Ric & callan alone, but she decides to. Ric wants callan to leave town - callan says that he will - if Ric give him $300. This starts an argument, which Martha hears. Martha enters the room, and tells Ric to go away. Callan then tried to ?hit on? Martha, but she tells him to keep away from Tilly AND her friends - Martha insists that she was castrating sheep before she came to the bay, and she isn?t afraid to use those skills again.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Ric is keen to find a way to prove that callan, but Cassie is against this. Ric wants to search Calen?s car - casse is REALLY against that, esp. because of DoCS.

SURF CLUB - alf wonders if things are OK with her (alf saw her talking to callan). Martha thinks all is well. Nearby, hayley gives Jesse the book of the gym. Jesse is keen t look them over. Jesse then gives alf & hayley back some of the money she stole from the till, Alf is clearly cautious about Jesse?s new start.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Ric is on his own, so he breaks into callan?s car. As Ric searches the vehicle (for drugs), Martha catches him. Martha wonders what is going on.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB - Martha is NOT impressed with Ric, and insists that he?s thinking with his heart, not his head. Martha tells Ric she doesn?t want him to get in trouble because of callan.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally is stressing about how the house looks. Flynn tries t clam sally down, but she tries she is going to be sick. The DoCS investigator, Kate Willesee, arrives and sally introduces Kate to Flynn & Cassie. When Kate enquires, sally says Ric will be home soon. Kate is ken to determine what?s happening.

NEAR SURFACE CLUB - Ric sees callan selling drugs to 2 surfers. When callan was walks away, Ric approaches the 2 who bought the drugs.

VAN PARLK HOUSE - Kate grills sally about her actions in regard to diesel. When Kate asks Flynn about his opinion of sally & diesel, Kate can sense that Flynn wasn?t so keen on the idea (on diesel staying with them). Flynn then launches a great speech about sally being the caring, compassionate person that all foster parents should be. Kate doesn?t appreciate this - and maintains her hardline, official stance about these matters.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Ric is quickly walking towards Calen?s car, when he literally bumps into colleen. She complains about Ric not watching where he is going. Colleen then sees the drugs that fell from Ric?s hand when they clashed. Colleen is shocked.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie tries her best to convince Kate what a great foster parent sally is, but Kate is partic keen to speak to Ric. Colleen then enters telling sally & Flynn (and Kate) about Ric having the drugs. Sally & Flynn can?t believe this - and Kate looks partic unimpressed.

AFTER AD BREAK - colleen is keen to speak to Kate on sally?s behalf, but Sally convinces colleen to leave. Sally & Flynn try to reassure Kate that things aren?t that bad, but Kate insists that they REALLY are. The tide then turns - when Ric & Cassie jointly give an impassioned speech about how much Sally cares for them, incl. checking on them after they go to bed. Ric & Cassie are both really pleased that the opening of their bedroom door no longer means that they?ll be physically or sexually abused. As they talk you can clearly see that Kate is affected 0- and the impassioned speech reminded me of when, in the movie length pilot episode, bobby pleaded with DoCS to NOT to take Tom & Pippa?s foster kids away for them (?I just hope you welfare blokes have sense, and leave them alone?)

SURF CLUB - Jesse & hayley are in the gym, and Jesse tells hayley that the gym in all but dead (after having looks at the books). Jesse thinks that they need a RADICAL plan to make things viable again. Nearby, colleen enters, and she tells Martha bout Ric & the drugs. Alf hears this, and is keen to confront Ric.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Kate tells sally & Flynn that they?ll receive the official report I a week or so, but she?s V pleased to see that Ric & Cassie are part of a safe, V loving, happy family. Kate then comments about Ric looking so happy, when punishment is bound to be on its way. When Kate is gone, sally & Flynn confront Ric about the drugs. Cassie is shocked to hear that Ric (still) tried to rid the Bay of callan. Alf then enters. He tells Ric ? you?re coming home with me?.

NEAR BEACH - Jesse catches up with hayley. She tells him that she is going t hunter house (to see TV debut of Robbie?s ad). Jesse tells hayley he has a plan to save the gym. Jesse is going to sell his share of the gym. Hayley is further shocked when Jesse tells her that he is going to LEAVE summer bay.

VAN PARK HOUSE - alf tells sally & Flynn that he doesn?t want Ric to go down the same road as Duncan. When Ric re-enetrs the room (bag over his shoulder), alf tells Ric to be in the car in a minutes. After alf exit, Ric apologises to Sally & Flynn. Ric tries to explain to Cassie about the drugs. Cassie can?t believe that Ric lied to her about not doing anything about callan that day. Ric tries to apologise - but Cassie insists that he should GO. Ric finally takes the hint, and Cassie holds back tears as Ric exits. (end of ep)


Lleyton Hewitt guest stars, Scott proposes to Hayley, and who decides to leave the Bay?

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