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Summer Bay

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After Sarah took the town siege, everyone re-assessed their lives. Realising they couldn?t fight their feelings any longer, Leah and Flynn confessed their love and fled the bay. A heartbroken Jessie couldn?t stand the memories that the bay held and moved to Queensland, as a last ditch attempt to get to know his daughter. Following the tragic death of Noah Lawson, his wife Hayley decided to take an art scholarship in Paris, knowing it?s what her husband would?ve wanted. Dani Sutherland and Scott Hunter decided to join her on the trip, with the intention of returning to Australia after 6 months. A pregnant Kirsty moved back to the city to live with her mother and father after the disappearance of her husband. Now presumed dead, Kane was out on the Blaxland one night, and hasn?t been seen since. Popular theory is that the ship sank and Kane drowned, but no-one knows the real truth. After Peter awoke from his coma, he and Dan moved into a flat together, determined to make a new life for themselves in the bay. After a short courtship, Barry proposed to Irene and she happily accepted.


SALLY and ALF sat on chairs at a white table, placed randomly on the beach. They are both laughing. ROBBIE and TASHA run in front of them, and we follow them to BARRY and IRENE. Barry is buried in the sand, and Robbie and Tasha laugh. Robbie leaves the frame and we follow him to BETH, MATILDA and HENRY. Beth is stood at a barbeque and orders Henry and Matilda away with hotdogs. Matilda walks left, towards previous character shots, and Henry walks to the right. He takes one to JOSIE, who is lounging on the beach, wearing large sunshades and engrossed in a book. MARC approaches her, and taps her on the shoulder. She jolts round and looks at him anxiously. Henry continues onwards, and gives a hotdog to NATHAN. He lays down beside him and the pair begin talking. KIM walks in from the right, and throws a look of disgust in Nathan?s direction, and walks back to the right. We follow him as he meets DAN and PETER. Dan has a hose, and it sprays towards us. The water runs to the bottom of the frame, revealing the title screen??


Beth walked into her kitchen, wearing a minty green dressing gown. She yawned and looked at the clock high up on the wall. She couldn?t believe it was only 5:30 and yet here she was, awake and out of bed. She gazed around her home for a few seconds and smiled. The move into Sally and Flynn?s old place had been the best thing she?d done since moving to Summer Bay. Gone were the memories of the fiasco that had been her marriage to Rhys and instead an invigorating feeling hung in the air. Beth breathed in, as though taking in this positive atmosphere. As she glanced around, she suddenly noticed something that hadn?t been there the night before. She walked over the coffee table, and in amongst piles of fashion advice magazines and screwdrivers, lay a single red rose. She cautiously picked it up, avoiding the prickly stem, and then noticed the tag that dangled from it, tied on with a piece of red ribbon. She undid the bow, and neatly placed the ribbon down upon the table. She opened the card and gasped at the shock of the words written before her:

?Beth, you are special. Please accept this as a token of my affection. I one day hope you will be able to return these feelings. Your secret admirer xx?

Beth sat back in the chair and clasped her left hand over her mouth. Had this really been intended for her? Was this really happening to her? She took her hand from her mouth and began giggling.

The sun was shining the glass door of Josie?s beach view apartment. Outside, Tasha rapped loudly on the glass.

?Josie!? she called, slightly worried ? it never usually took Josie this long to answer the door. She glanced down at her watch. It was almost 8:30 ? surely Josie would be up by now.

A breathless Josie ran down the hallway to the front door, pulling on her silky pink dressing gown. She saw Tasha?s face beaming at her through the door, and could only half smile back. A wave of panic spread through her body. She opened the door only so far as to poke her head through the gap.

?Good morning Tasha? she said politely. Her brain was ticking with anxiety.

?Morning Josie, can I come in?? Tasha said cheerfully, still with a grin like a cheshire cat painted across her face.

?Now?s not really a good time Tasha? Josie smiled as she said the words. Much as she loved Tasha, she knew she had to get rid of her

?Why not?? asked Tasha, sounding dis-heartened at Josie?s lack of interest

?I?m?.errr?..? Josie hesitated. She really hadn?t thought this through. Suddenly a marvellous idea swept through her head ??I?m sick!?

Josie sounded almost triumphant, far more happy than she intended it to be.

?I don?t mind!? Tasha said, gleefully

?Honestly Tasha, I don?t want you catching anything, you?ve got your studies to think a bit. I won?t have them interfered with!? Josie said firmly

?Oh?..right. Well, I?d better get to school then?.? Tasha said, puzzled

?Yes, I think that?s best!? Josie struggled to contain a smile ?Call back later, I might be better. Bye Tasha!?

Tasha barely had time to say goodbye before Josie closed the door. She wandered away, and Josie felt a surge of guilt. She hoped Tasha hadn?t been offended, but couldn?t help letting out a big sigh of relief once she was firmly out of sight. Josie lazily wandered back through her house

?I have just averted a potentially sticky situation!? she called through the house, almost jokily.

?Oh yeah?? a familiar male voice rang throughout the voice.

Josie grinned, similar to Tasha?s broad smile at the door, as she swung open her bedroom door.

?It was Tasha? she said, her eyes fixed upon the bed in front of her.

Kim lay under the covers, sat up with both his hands behind his head. He too was smiling broadly.

?Well, now she?s gone, you?d better come back to bed!? he said flirtatiously

?Oh had I?? the words flowed from Josie?s lips seductively. She lightly swayed her hips as she walked back over to the bed. She bent forward, placing both her hands down onto the mattress, before leaning over and kissing Kim passionetly.

?I bet he doesn?t turn up!? Henry joked. He was pulling several books out of his locker, and Matilda was stood with her back to the locker next to him

?Shut up, freak? she sneered ?At least I can get someone to go out with me?

Henry looked at her, with one of his eye-brows raised

?Yeah, well when I do find someone to go out with, it won?t be the first guy that shows any interest. I mean come on Matilda, he smiles at you a bit when you?re showing him round school, and then later that night you?re out on a date ? and then you?re an item!?

Robbie had now joined the twosome. Matilda looked ready to burst into tears, but the anger in her won through.

?Tu ne me comprends pas!? she shouted, before storming off.

?It wouldn?t be the first guy that showed you any interest?? Robbie laughed

?Shut up Robbie? Henry sneered as Matilda had done previously, lightly shaking his head

?Hey Rob!? Tasha called as she walked towards him ?What?s up with Matty, I just saw her storming?..?

?Don?t ask!? Robbie interrupted ?How was Josie??

?I?m not sure. She said she was sick, but something else seemed to be wrong.?

?Aaah well, I?m sure she?ll sort it. You wanna come round tonight and watch a movie?? Robbie asked, hopefully

?Yeah sure?.? Tasha agreed, distantly. She felt it much harder to skirt over Josie?s problems than Robbie did.

?Everyone, this is Nathan Harris? Nobody had noticed that Matilda has crept back, her hand firmly grasped into that of a tall, dark haired boy. He was a bit bigger than Robbie, and his fringe flopped over his face, almost covering his eyes. Despite his brown mop of hair, he had intense blue eyes, which quickly darted around the gathering of people.

?Hi, I?m Robbie? Robbie said, extending his hand in order to shake Nathan?s

Nathan shook his hand and mumbled shyly, though Robbie took him to be saying ?Hi?

?This is Tasha,? Robbie continued, though Tasha didn?t respond. She was still staring dreamily into space, pondering what had been wrong with Josie ?Don?t mind her, she?s?.a bit pre-occupied at the moment. And this is Henry!?

Robbie indicated towards Henry, who was scowling at Nathan. He couldn?t explain his dislike towards him. Something inside him felt Nathan wasn?t what he should be, but he couldn?t decipher what it was.

?Hi? he said coldly, far more laced with malice than any of the other greetings that had bestowed Nathan. He said no more before slamming his locker shut, and walking around the corner.

?Ignore him? Matilda said ?Il ne me comprends pas!?

Robbie rolled his eyes. As Nathan and Matilda made their way to class, he heard the voice of Nathan echoing back

?Il est son fr?re, c?est normal!?

Robbie stood open mouthed. Tasha didn?t react to anything that had just happened. Robbie suspected that if he were to ask who Nathan was, she would be adamant she had never met him

?Tash!? he said, slightly loud and patronising. She snapped out of her seemingly trance-like state ?What did you think of Nathan??

Tasha gazed at him ?Who?s Nathan??

Josie lay alone in her bed with a great feeling of satisfaction. Here she was, in a no strings relationship, with a guy who idolised her. She rolled over onto her side and curled up, before closing her eyes.

The sound of a loud banging on the door rang through the apartment, and Josie opened her eyes, frustrated.

?I have got to get a bell?.? She muttered to herself. She pulled herself up from the bed, and pulled on her dressing gown once again. The banging did not stop, and Josie?s frustration levels grew.

?Alright! I?m coming!? she shouted as she passed the threshold of her bedroom.

She quickly strided to the door, and lifted her head with a smile as she reached it. The smile fell from her face and she felt an overwhelming sense of apprehension.

?Hello Josie? a man said, staring intently through the glass window. He had ruffled brown hair, and deep green eyes. He was bulky and muscle bound in appearance, and wore a green vest top.

?Marc?.? Josie said, taken aback ?What a?..a?..such a pleasant surprise?

She tried to force a smile as she slowly opened the door. Marc stepped through the doorway, with a leering grin on his face.

?Still looking good? he said. It was as though he were trying to be seductive, but the remark just sounded cheesy ?And still a bad liar?

Josie looked to the floor ? she felt embarrassed, despite not really trying to cover the fact that she wasn?t pleased to see Marc. Her vulnerability lifted, and she raised her head back up defiantly, flicking the hair from her face.

?Look Marc, what do you want?? she said, bitterly.

?That?s no way to great an old friend?.? Marc still oozed charm, but had an undertone of sarcasm in his voice

?You can drop the act Marc, I know you too well? Josie said firmly. The defiant expression on her face was still concealing her underlying vulnerability

?I?d be a bit more polite if I were you?..you forget how much I know about you? Marc walked through the hallway of his own accord, and found himself in Josie?s lounge. He sat down on own of her plush armchairs, and wriggled around trying to get comfortable.

?Make yourself at home why don?t you? Josie hissed sarcastically

?Oh I intend to? Marc turned his head towards Josie and grinned once again

?What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Josie?s hard edge had returned once again

?Alright?? Marc began, turning to face Josie, who was standing over him, to one side of the chair ??.I was going to be nice, break it to you gently. But since you?re being so blunt, I?ll just tell you shall I??

?Yes!? Josie said, exasperated

At the diner, Henry sat alone on the four seater table in the far corner, drinking a milkshake. All morning, he hadn?t been able to concentrate, burdened by what had happened with Nathan that morning. Why did he hate him so much? The question had been spinning over and over in his mind, but still he hadn?t obtained the answer. There was something about him?..something not right. It was useless. He wasn?t going to figure this out anytime soon.

?Just what the hell is your problem?? Henry?s deep thought had been rudely interrupted by the booming voice of Matilda. Henry glanced up, and found she was on her own.

?What?? Henry asked, feigning innocence

?You know exactly what? Just what the hell is your problem?? Matilda crossed her arms and moved her body weight onto one leg ?Well??

?I?err?.I just don?t trust him. You should ditch him Matty!? It was truth ? Henry didn?t trust him. But why should Matilda dump him? Something was going on inside him, and he didn?t like it one bit.

?Yeah, like I?m gonna listen to you on advice about relationships. Just keep your nose out OK?? Matilda didn?t wait for answer, but flew out of the diner. That was just fine by Henry. As far as he was concerned, the less he had to do with Nathan, the better.

?You mean it was just left there during the night?? Irene inquired. She was sat at the table in the beach house, with Beth. The rose was lying on the table, alongside the note from the mysterious admirer.

?Yeah, I got up this morning and just found it there? Beth replied, indifferently

?Any idea who it?s from?? Irene asked, though suspecting she knew the answer already

?No idea at all? Beth said.

An awkward silence occurred ? both women were thinking the same thing, but neither wanted to speak up. In the end, it was Irene that embraced the subject

?It?s not from Rhys?? she said, rapidly, as though hoping Beth might not hear

?No?..I mean he wouldn?t??would he?? Beth?s voice became uneasy

?Course not dahl?? Irene said, shaking her head. But both women were both still thinking the same thing ? what if it had been Rhys?

Kim wandered playfully along the beach, the waves lapping over his bare feet as he walked along. He hadn?t felt this good in ages.

?Hey Kim? Nathan called from the top of the beach. He had been waiting for Kim to make his way along the beach so he could talk to him. Kim turned to face the origin of the call and his face fell

?What are doing here?? he asked, firm but downbeat

?Just moved here? Nathan replied, flatly

?Oh?? said Kim. Neither of them knew what to say from that point on. Nathan sat down where he was, and stared at the floor.

?Hey Kim!? Tasha called as she and Robbie playfully bounded out of the surf club down to the beach

?Hey Tash? Kim called back, his voice still sounding awkward

?We missed you before school this morning? Robbie said, indicating that he wanted to know where Kim had been

?Yeah, I?..overslept? Kim replied, and Robbie began to pick up the oddness in his friends voice. However, he skirted over this, and turned his attentions elsewhere

?How?s it going Nathan? This is Kim by the way? a jolly Robbie indicated towards Kim. Nathan opened his mouth to speak, but was swiftly interrupted

?Yeah, he knows? Kim said frostily.

?Yeah?..well?.I better be going? Nathan said, jumping to his feet and quickly strolling further along the beach

?Oh?seeya!? Robbie called after him, but he got no reply. He turned to Kim, and said bluntly ?So what was that about??

?Nothing?.? Kim began, though could tell this wasn?t going to be a sufficient answer ??we just used to know each other that?s all?

?And what, you fell out?? Robbie probed

?Yeah, something like that?.?

?You should be nice to him, he?s going out with Matilda now? Tasha said cheerily

Kim?s face fell even further into a mean scowl

?I?ve gotta go?? Kim said firmly, and barged past Robbie to walk up the beach

?Hey wait!? Robbie called after him, but Kim strode away. Robbie turned to Tasha ?Gee?s, what?s his problem??

?Let me get this straight? Josie sounded very highly strung and flustered ?You me to get back together with you? You want us to share a bed again, you want to move in right here, right now??

Marc simply smiled at her

?No? Josie laughed as she said the words ?No, I don?t think so somehow?

?Except? Marc interrupted ?You don?t have any choice?

Josie stared at him, fearing what was coming next

?Unless of course you want the whole place finding out what happened in 1989. And I mean all of it!? it was now Marc?s turn to laugh as he spoke, though his laughter contained a great malevolence.

Josie continued staring at him, her hard exterior breaking to reveal her inner vulnerability. She looked set to burst into tears.

Nathan made his way up a pathway, through the bush. He was kicking the stones as he went, frustrated. His reunion with Kim was hardly what he had anticipated. The pathway became an open clearing, which housed an abandoned warehouse. Nathan sighed.

?Home sweet home? he muttered to himself, and carried on walking towards it

Josie lay in bed, teary eyed. Had she really just done what she thought she?d just done? She looked to her left and found Marc laying with his back to her, fast asleep. She rolled over in disgust to face away from him. Suddenly his words echoed in her head.

?Unless of course you want the whole place finding out what happened in 1989. And I mean all of it!?

Josie closed her eyes, trying to force the words and her actions out her head. Bit it didn?t work. Instead, it brought back memories she?d rather forget?..


Josie lay on her back

?I can?t do this anymore!? she screamed in pain


Josie sat on the bed, her knees clasped firmly against her chest rocking backwards and forwards. She stared blankly in front of her.


Josie looked at the lifeless body before her.

?You stupid woman!? Marc hissed loudly


Josie eyes opened with a start. She didn?t want to remember anymore. She couldn?t bear to think further than that. She sat up in the bed, and caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror. Marc was asleep, no-one was watching her. It was safe. Josie broke down into a fit of tears.




?Everyone, this is Nathan Harris? Nobody had noticed that Matilda has crept back, her hand firmly grasped into that of a tall, dark haired boy. He was a bit bigger than Robbie, and his fringe flopped over his face, almost covering his eyes. Despite his brown mop of hair, he had intense blue eyes, which quickly darted around the gathering of people.


He turned to Kim, and said bluntly ?So what was that about??

?Nothing?.? Kim began, though could tell this wasn?t going to be a sufficient answer ??we just used to know each other that?s all?

?And what, you fell out?? Robbie probed

?Yeah, something like that?.?


?Hello?? Josie said into the receiver, her voice wavering ?We need to talk?.yes, there?s someone I want dealt with?.?


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