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Tuesday 7 June 2005 - ""Lies, DAMN Lies and Diesel!!

Guest JosieTash

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<span style='color:blue'>My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Lies, DAMN Lies and Diesel !!!?</span>

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally tells Flynn about diesel?s visit - and diesel?s belief that sally is in love with him. Flynn insists that he will call that police if diesel pays them a visit again, but sally hopes that diesel will see the light when he gets counselling. Sally & Flynn are startled by knock on door. Its Hyde, who informs them that the department investigator, Karl summers, will be here tomorrow. The investigator will be interviewing students and teachers alike tomorrow.

DINER - alf & others can?t believe that this is happening to sally. Josie (wearing hot pink T) approaches the counter - she tells alf that she?s heard the police have thrown the book at Brett. When asked if she has a new job yet, josie says that she?s not employed yet, but something will come up. Josie looks intrigued when Irene suggests that josie must have a decent amount of money to fall back on.

VAN APRK HOUSE - sally & Flynn are talk about diesel when Cassie enters. She wonders why they stooped talking when she entered. Flyyn insists that they want to protect Cassie & Ric from all this diesel stuff, but Cassie insists that they are family, after flynn goes to tend to the crying baby pippa, Cassie tries to reassure sally, who is V pessimistic about the situation. Sally thinks the investigator won?t be able to see through diesel?s lies.

BEACH - next morning, Cassie approaches Diesel. Cassie uses her own situation (being taken in by sally & flynn) as examples of sally?s generosity, but diesel?s clearly not listening to her, Cassie PLEADS with diesel to tell the REAL truth, but diesel just walks away.

DINER - Jesse enters, and tells josie that he?s just been discharged from the hospital. Josie offers to drive Jesse home, but he wants to speak to a few ppl 1-s. josie insists that she will wait. Jesse then approaches alf, Leah &* dan. Jesse insists that he?ll make things up to them, but alf isn?t so sure. As Jesse is about to leave, Irene offers her support. Josie & Jesse exit.

NEAR SURF CLUB - dan & Flynn are walking with sally. Various students comment unfavourably (memories of the day dani went back to school after kane attacked her). Sally & Co ignores the annoying kids, but Cassie says she?ll ?make? them be quiet. Dan insists that Cassie isn?t helping sally?s cause. Meanwhile, diesel is seeing all of this unfold.

SBH - Robbie tells sally that he supports her, and he comments to Cassie that henry was right all along (in being suspicious about diesel). Hyde then introduces the investigator to sally, Flynn & dan. A male student wolf whistling at sally doesn?t help matters. Dan is surprised when the investigator, Karl summers, wants him in the room during to student interviews. Dan * Karl go interview class room, and we see various students (Robbie, Cassie, henry, Jason etc). Karl seems to dismiss all the students? statements, as he can see that the kids are either clearly for or against sally (no one impartial)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Leah exits, to take baby pipa for an outing. When Leah is gone, diesel enters the house via the back door. Diesel is touching sally?s jumpers when he hears someone entering the house. Diesel hides, as Leah grabs something she forgets. When Leah is gone, diesel picks up sally?s locket. He opens it - there?s a photo inside (I couldn?t recognise who it was)

SBH - Cassie approaches sally & Flynn. Sally tells Cassie that the investigator will speak to diesel next. Cassie insists that her Gran always said that you should imagine the other person (investigator) naked. Sally isn?t sure that this will help. Hyde leads diesel passed sally and into the classroom. Diesel tells Karl that if was sally who wanted him to do extra tutoring (LIAR), and despite a flashback of sally telling diesel that she loves Flynn, diesel tells Karl that sally said that she is in love with Diesel (LIAR). Karl is further intrigued when diesel says that sally got Cassie to threaten him (LIAR). Dan takes offence to this - and voices him discontent. Diesel then shows Karl 2 e-mails that sally sent to him - expressing her love for him. (LIAR)

AFTER AD BREAK - Diesel, Karl & dean exit the room. Karl informs dan that he won?t be needed in the room when sally is being questioned (hyde will be there instead). Hyde arrives (late) and Karl, sally & Hyde enter classroom). After sally responded to Karl?s questions about the tutoring, and the birthday lunch. Karl suggests that sally should have paid more attention to the strict student/teacher guidelines and Karl thinks its not surprising why diesel thinks that sally love him. When sally mentions the kiss, she tells Karl that she told diesel that his actions/feelings are inappropriate. Karl shows sally the e-mails - she is shocked, and he wonders how the e-mails could have been sent AFTER diesel went to live a hostel. Sally gets (understandably) way defensive at this point, and I seriously got the impression that Karl is on diesel?s side.

VAN PARK HOUSE - when sally & flyyn return home, Cassie is keen t know what happened. Sally insists that investigation will take a few days sally alos insists that Cassie talking to diesel did NOT help. Leah exits, and Flynn wants to stay home, but sally insists that he should go to work, Cassie decides to take baby pippa for a stroll. When everyone else is gone, sally listens to the answering machines messages. One of from the local newspaper, whilst another is from an angry parent.

SURF CLUB - Jesse approaches Alf. Jesse notices that the bar is rather busy again. Jesse hope that they can be friends again, but alf isn?t so sure, Jesse surprises alf by saying that he?s more than prepared to wait.

NEAR CURF CLUB - Cassie is walking with baby pippa when diesel encounters diesel. Cassie tells diesel that his mother would be DISGUSTED at his current behaviour, but diesel insist that Cassie doesn?t know what she?s talking about. Cassie insists that if ANYTHNG happens to sally, NO ONE will EVER forget what diesel has done.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally hers the phone ring. She assumes it?s either the press or another angry parent, and sally starts blasting the person on the other end of the line. Sally is shocked when she discovers tha tt?s DoCS (department of community services) on the phone. Sally is distraught when they says a team will be investigating her circumstances.

AFTER AD BREAK - Cassie enters, and sally & Flynn tell her that DoCS investigators will be here tomorrow - they are worried about Cassie & Ric?s safety. Cassie is TOTALLY shocked (end of ep)


Diesel's LIES continue to affect sally. Worse still, diesel looks VERY smug, and it sounds like Ric attacks diesel (and is ?asked? to leave sally & Flynn?s house)

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