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Monday 6 June 2005 - "Truth & Lies"

Guest JosieTash

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<span style='color:blue'>My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Truth & Lies?</span>

ROADSIDE - Robbie & Kimmy are keen to take tilly to hospital, but tilly insists that she is OK - and that she alos doesn?t want to go as Beth will find out that tilly has been drinking. When Robbie & Kimmy are walking back to the car, Martha wonders what?s REALLY going on with tilly - who is forced to admit that she took some of the drugs that callan gave her. Robbie & the others then help Tilly to the car. (Note - throughout the scene, Robbie & Kimmy were both trying to convince Tilly to go to hospital)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Hyde tells sally that she?ll be suspended until the matter is revolved. Hyde insists that he?d help her if he could help, but Hyde says that matters of sexual misconduct need to be handled by the department. When sally enquires, Hyde tells he that he?s 110% in support of her - and will tell the department what an asset sally is. Just after Hyde exits, Flynn enters the house - and wonders what?s is going on.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie, Kimmy, Martha, Tash & Tilly enter - both Robbie & Kimmy continue their ?this is wrong? stance. Beth comes out of the kitchen and wonders why they are back so early. Roibbie & the others insist that there was sooo many ppl at concert that they couldn?t get good vantage point. When Tilly takes a couple of steps, Beth notices her leg is injured. Tilly insists that she tripped - and Martha backs this up. Beth is surprised when Tilly says that she is going to bed (she is helped to room by Martha & Tash)

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn, Ric & Cassie thinks diesel?s accusations are insane. Ric wants to sort out diesel but sally suggests otherwise. Sally hopes the sexual misconduct board will believe her. Martha arrives - Cassie & Ric are surprised to see her. As the trio walks to back patio, Martha tells them about Tilly?s troubles. On the couch, sally tells Flynn that even if the board finds her innocent, the town gossip might be enough to destroy sally?s career. Flynn tries to comfort sally by hugging her. On the back patio, Ric wonders if callan told advantage of Tilly, but Martha doesn?t think they slept together. Martha aplogioses for not taking better care of Tilly, but Ric is blaming himself for this. Ric REALLY wants to confront callan.

HUNTER HOUSE - next morning, Tilly walks = with a limp - to the ding table. Robbie (at the table) sees the now LARGE bruise on Tilly?s leg. He wants to tell Beth, but Tilly insists that they must remain quiet. Beth enters the room, and wonders why there?s tension between Robbie & Tilly. Both kids insists that it?s just your usual sibling quarrel - Beth is suspicious, but doesn?t ?push? for a deeper answer.

VAN APRK HOUSE - Ric & Cassie exit (to go to SBH). Flynn is keen to go to the diner for breakfast, but sally isn?t. The phone rings - and Flynn tells the person at the other end of the line about speaking to his lawyer (Flynn is clearly annoyed). When off the phone call ends, Flynn tells sally that it was someone from the local paper - they?ve heard about the accusations.

SBH - Martha is talking to Robbie & Ric about Tilly when an unknown female student asks them if the accusations about sally are true. Robbie & Co refute this. Ric goes over to diesel and he firmly ?suggests? the diesel should tell the truth. Hyde is forced to tell Ric to stop harassing diesel. Ric then catches up with Tilly. He confronts her about callan, but Tilly insists that she can take car of herself. Tilly then collapses.

AFTER AD BREAK - Flynn arrives. He examines Tilly and wonders about the bruise. Flynn is shocked to hear Robbie says that Tilly has involved in an MVA. Flynn can?t believe that Robbie & the others didn?t take Tilly to the hospital straight away.

HOSPITAL - as Tilly is wheeled in, henry blames Robbie for what?s happened. Bet & Scott enter - they want to know what?s happening. Nurse Julie tells them that Flynn is conducting tests now. Beth & Scott wonder just what was going through Robbie?s head (why he didn?t take Tilly to hospital yesterday). Beth & Scott are V angry/concerned.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Ric is keen to confront callan, and Cassie is trying to get him to stop. Alf & Martha wonder why Ric is behaving this way, so he tells them that Tilly is in hospital.

HOSPITAL - Flynn tells Beth & the others that a blood clot which formed in Tilly?s leg (where the car hit her) went into her lung (which is why she collapsed). Flynn insists that it?s not life threatening - but it could have been. Martha enters the corridor - she wonders if Tilly is ok. Beth enters Tilly?s room - Beth is glad to see that her daughter is alive. In the corridor, Kimmy tells hayley that he?s V concerned about his parenting about because of this. Nearby, Scott tears into Robbie about Robbie being responsible for Tilly whilst they were at the concert etc. Scott then overhears Tash & Martha talking about the drugs Tilly took - he is NOT impressed. In Tilly?s room, Beth insists that she loves tiily V much. Flynn enters the room - and Beth is shocked when Flynn says that there are traces of marijuana in Tilly?s bloodstream. Beth looks scornfully at Tilly.

AFTER AD BREAK - Beth wonders who gave Tilly that drugs, and why Tilly took them. Beth is shocked to hear that this drugs incident, and Tilly?s recent attitude is all because Tilly wants boys to like her. Both Tilly & Beth are V emotional, as Beth gives an impassioned speech about guys liking Tilly for who she REALLY is. It was a nice touch the Beth noted that she knows how lonely life can be - and, I have to say, this was the latest in a long line of GREAT tilly/Beth scenes - both Indiana & Clarissa were fantastic.

SBH -Cassie wonders why Ric was so aggressive towards callan (off screen), but Ric won?t reveal this info just yet (see below). Instead, Ric targets diesel once more. Ric fiercely pushes him against the lockers. Hyde is forced to break things up once more - and orders Ric to go to principal?s office. Hyde then makes its clear to diesel that he better not be making false accusations against sally.

VAN PARK HOUSE - on the back patio, alf assures sally that he and many others doesn?t believe the accusations. Inside the house, Martha tells Cassie that she shouldn?t have gone along with Tilly yesterday. Ric enters - and comments about having lunchtime detentions. Ric wonders bout Tilly - Martha says she?ll be I hospital for next few days. Ric then reveals why hes?s sooo anti-Callan. In the city, Ric & callan went to a party, where Ric saw callan spiking girl?s drink. The next day the girl went to the police - saying that callan had (sexually) assaulted her. When Cassie & Martha enquires if Ric went to the police about this incident, Ric says that he didn?t - as he was still on the run (for his dad?s death) at that point. Ric say that this incident is what callan has over him.

HOSPITAL -Ric enters Tilly?s room - and gives her some flowers. Ric apologises for not keeping callan away form her - but Tilly insists that she doesn?t like being treated like a child. Tilly thinks that Ric hates her now (for not listening to him), but Ric holds Tilly?s hand as he says that he could NEVER hate her (note - will this lads to Tilly & Ric getting REALLY close again?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally hears a knock at the door. She ignores it for a while, before partially opening the door - its diesel. Sally insists that diesel should go away, but he insists that he?ll drop the accusations if Sally admits that she is in love with him. Diesel tries to force the door open, but sally is finally able to shut the lock the door. Sally then starts crying (end of ep)

<span style='color:blue'>Preview</span>

Things aren?t looking good fro sally at the misconduct hearing - sep. since diesel claims that sally sent e-mails expressing her love fro him

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