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Thursday 2 June 2005 - "I Don't Know Where You Get Your Delus

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?I Don?t Know Where You Get Your Delusions, Laserbrain !!!?

HUNTER HOUSE - Henry is trying to convince Tilly NOT to hang out with the likes of Jason, but Tilly insists that she?ll do as she pleases. The phone rings - henry answers it but because it?s Jason, henry says that Tilly is not home. When henry hangs up the phone, Tilly berates her brother for trying to ruin her life. Cassie enters, and henry hopes that she can sort Tilly out. When henry exits, Cassie tries to talk to Tilly about her behaviour. But Tilly insists that Cassie is jealous etc of her now. Cassie can?t believe the way Tilly is speaking to her (note - Tilly even calls Cassie ?grandma? at one point, like Tilly did to Kirsty last year). Cassie exits the house - she is clearly frustrated.

SURF CLUB - Ric sees callan and ?suggests? that he should leave town. Callan insists that the bay has better scenery than the city (callan is looking at Tilly as he says this). Ric tells callan to stay away form Tilly, but is forced to admit that he?s not Tilly?s boyfriend. Callan likes this- as Tilly is a free agent.

SBH - sally is conducting a catch up history class and diesel is answering most of the questions that sally is asking. When Jason &^ henry whisper to each other Tilly, sally mockingly wonders if they are talking about history. Jason insists that he wasn?t sure that sally know that there was any one else in the room but diesel. Sally doesn?t like this. (Btw, the various students are all in casual attire). Sally ends the catch up session - and everyone but diesel exits. Diesel suggests he needs more tutoring but sally insists that he?s well and truly caught up with his history studies. Diesel then insists his English is still bad. Sally & diesel arrange to do some English study later today - then they leave the room. Henry then goes back into that room, as he?s left a book in there, but he also notices that diesel has also left a book in there. Henry picks up book - and finds a photo of SALLY in diesel?s book.

DINER - hayley sees Cassie and wonders why she?s bingeing a little on food. Cassie insists that she?s having girlfriend trouble, ie Cassie explains Tilly?s current attitude to hayley. Cassie thinks that Tilly is heading for BIG trouble if she continues to act this way around boys.

SURF CLUB - Tilly sees Callan, an acts all flirty around him. They duo start playing pool, but Ric sees Tilly & Callan together and approaches callan. Ric suggest that callan should stay away form Tilly, but callan (correctly) insists that Tilly approached him - and Tilly reinforces this.

SBH - in the corridor, henry confronts diesel about the photo of sally. Diesel insists that he & Sally are secretly in love with each other. Henry is sceptical about this.

SURF CLUB - when callan walks away form Tilly, Ric approaches her. Ric tries to tell Tilly what callan is really like - but Tilly insists that she?s not keen on another lecture. The exasperated Ric walks way, and we see that hayley is paying close attention to Tilly.

AFTER AD BREAK - Tilly & callan are sitting at a table in Noah?s. Tilly insists that she?s not going to let Ric tell her what o do. Tilly & callan agree to meet again later at the surf club. After callan bails, hayley approaches Tilly. Hayley tells Tilly that Cassie is worried about her. Tilly, naturally, hates that Cassie blabbed to hayley. Hayley, however tries to back up her point about Tilly?s current behaviour by telling Tilly about when hayley almost got into serious hot water a few years (when hayley was behaving the same way as tilly is now). Hayley explains that she snuck out to a nightclub one time and, if not for Noah, hayley doesn?t know what would have happened to her (note -hayley is referring to the time when she & Noah 1-st met). Hayley is surprised when Tilly not only doesn?t take her warning message to heart, but Tilly also accuses hayley of being a hypocrite. Tilly insists that she?ll do whatever she WANTS to (esp. if the lectures continue).

AFTER AD BREAK - Tilly is in the games room touching up her make up when Jason approaches. He?s keen to ?play? with Tilly, who tells Jason to go way (as she?s more interested in callan). Jason won?t take no for an answer, and he only backs off when Cassie reinforces Tilly?s stance. Cassie can?t believe it when Tilly doesn?t thank her - and Tilly further riles Cassie by saying that she?s angry with Cassie for blabbing to hayley.

DINER - henry ask Ric how diesel reacts around sally at home. Ric says that he hasn?t noticed anything out of the ordinary. Ric then bails. Dan is about to go passed henry when he sees the photo of sally. Dan asks henry why he has the pic.

SBH - sally & diesel are talking about a charlotte Bronte novel - and its ?passion V reason? based relationships. Diesel wonders which of these sally would want. Sally baulks a while, before she replies that she would opt for passion. Diesel takes this as a sign - and he KISSES sally, and dan sees it happen. Diesel then exits the room.

AFTER AD BREAK - dan tells sally that diesel told henry that sally & diesel are secretly in love. Sally insists that this is NOT true. Dan then doesn?t like it when Sally wants to resolve this by herself, and Dan?s partic frustrated when sally insists that she?s NOT going to tell Hyde about this incident.

SURF CLUB - Jason approaches Tilly again. He's still keen to do something with her, but callan approaches and insists that Jason should get lost. Lots of pushing & shoving between Jason & callan ensues, before Jason bails - as he does, Jason says that Tilly is ?easy?. When Jason is gone, Tilly is clearly spooked, but callan charms her, and convinces her to hang out with him longer.

HUNTER HOUSE - When Tilly & callan arrive, callan asks Tilly if she wants to attend the Magic Dirt concert with him (same concert Ric & Cassie are grounded from - because of Tilly). Tilly eagerly agrees to go with Callan to the concert. (Note - as much as I LOVE Tilly, you KNOW that she will get into danger because of her current attitude - a nice moral tale I think)

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally enters, and tells Ric & Cassie that she needs to speak to diesel alone. When Ric & Cassie go upstairs, diesel & sally go onto the back patio. Sally confronts diesel about his feelings for her. Diesel insists that this ISN?T a one sided affair - he thinks that it?s clear (fro the way she?s been acting) that sally has romantic feelings for diesel. Sally makes it clear to diesel that he?s got it wrong - and diesel is DEVASTATED by this.

AFTER AD BREAK - diesel is gone, and sally & Flynn are taking about what?s happened. Flynn insists that sally MUST tell Hyde about diesel?s actions - but sally insists she doesn?t want to cause any more hassles for herself or diesel. (Note - Flynn also tells sally that he ALWAYS knew that was something about diesel that he didn?t trust, and this crush on sally must be what he was sensing)

SOMEWHERE OUTDOORS - diesel burns THAT drawing he did of sally (end of ep)


Sally is suspended form school - following accusations by Diesel,

whilst Tilly is run over by (all of ppl) Robbie!!!

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