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Wednesday 1 June 2005 - "Birthday Bliss"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Birthday Bliss !!!?

MACKLINS - Brett grabs all the incriminating evidence (the toxins deal) and burns it.

JOSIE?S - Brett enters the flat. He frantically looks for THAT blue folder of Josie?s. Indeed, Brett literally tears that place apart before he finally finds it. Just before Brett is about to leave the flat, he sees a framed pic of himself & Josie. Brett then opens the door - so he can exit - but he is surprised to see Scott standing there. Things get even more surprising for Brett when he sees Josie, who says, ?if you are going to kill someone, make sure you?ve done it properly. We then see flashbacks of Josie rolling down the grassy hill. As Brett leaves the scene of the crimes, josie sees (the jogging) Scott and calls out for help. When the flashback ends, brett tries to push his way passed scott & Josie but scott resists for quite a while before Brett is able to best him. At that moment, two police officers (one of them is Laura) charge into the flat and whilst Brett tries to get passed them, the 2 officers are able to handcuff the EVIL developer.

DINER - Alf, Irene, Tash, Robbie & Martha are shocked when Scott tells them what Josie has been doing all the time she?s been working for macklins. Tasha wishes Josie had told her about this, but Scott insists that - for Josie - secrecy was the key. Martha is clearly affected by her biological father?s latest evil deed - so she bails. Tash tells the others she is going to go and sees Josie - which Irene suggest that alf should ring Morag abbot all this. As Tasha exits, Kimmy enters that diner, and he wonders what is happening.

SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie enters and Ric?s still annoyed that he couldn?t stop tilly form hanging out with all those boys on the beach last week. When Ric goes to get drinks for himself & Cassie, she encounters a teenage male, who appears to be keen on her. Ric is about to give Cassie her drink when he is shocked to see whom she is talking to. Ric is immediately suspicious of the boy (who Cassie can sense that Ric knows). Callan (Ric?s old friend - see below) insist that he is just in town to see what Ric is up to these days.

JOSIE?S - Josie is reflecting on recent events (her place is still a mess art this point) when she hears a knock at door. Josie ignores it initially, until she discovers that it?s Tash who wants to enter. Josie tells Tash to come in, and when Tash does she apologises for their recent animosity. Josie & Tash then lovingly hug.

VAN PARK HOUSE - diesel enters the kitchen and Flynn comments about how late that diesel is having breakfast. Diesel insists that he couldn?t sleep last night. When diesel go back upstairs, flynn asks Sally about her progress in getting diesel a bed at a hostel, Sally insists that she?s been playing phone tag with them. Flynn suggests that he?ll drop in to the hostel today. Flynn also tells Sally that there?s something about diesel that Flynn just doesn?t trust.

SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie are talking to Callan when alf asks them if they?ve seen Martha. Both Cassie & Ric insists they haven?t when alf walks away, Callan comments on Ric calling alf ?grandad? and Ric tells Callan that a lot has changed since they hung out bin the city together. When Cassie walks away, Ric & Callan really starts talking about their time in the city. Ric insists that he never wants t do the (illegal?) things they did together in the city, and Callan insists that he also wants to settle down, ie get a job, find a girl etc.

AFTER AD BREAK - Cassie & Ric are playing pool and Cassie is intrigued that Ric is still so suspicious about the dark haired Callan. Ric tells Cassie that he & Callan did some bad things in the city, and when Callan wants to play pool with them, Cassie & Ric bail.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally is folding some sheets when diesel enters the room. When Sally wonders why diesel was so defencive this morning with Flynn, diesel insists that it?s because he had something else on his mind. Diesel elaborates by telling Sally that today is the birthday of his (deceased) biological mother. Sally tells diesel that she has similar emotions when her parents? birthdays come about each year. Diesel tells dally that he always took his mum about to lunch on her birthday - it was always his special present to her. Diesel is V pleased when Sally suggests (in honour of diesel?s mum) that they should go to lunch together today.

DINER - Josie tells Kimmy that she only employed him at macklins because she knew that she could keep an eye on him (to make sure he didn?t discover anything) whilst he worked there. Josie then goes into the kitchen, and tells colleen that she didn?t want colleen to buy an apartment because of the toxic deal. When colleen enquires, Josie says that she will try to get colleen?s deposit back - but it might take ages to do so (esp. if all this goes to court). Sally & diesel enter the main area of the diner - and diesel is ultra charming and chivalrous (like you could imagine that he was with his mum). Nearby, Josie thanks Scott for saving her life - Kimmy & Tash concur with Josie - incl. a Superman type comment. Josie insists that she?ll NEVER forget what Scott did for her this day.

HOSPITAL - Jesse can?t believe it when Flynn tells him about what Josie had been doing. Before Flynn leaves the room, he tells Jesse not to dwell on his actions towards Josie (as ?no of us knew?)

SUF CLUB - Martha enters Noah?s and she and alf talk about how lousy her biological father (Brett) is. Alf is then V encouraged when Martha tells him that she is going to STAY in the bay - with her family (alf, Morag, Ric) and friends. Ric & Cassie enter Noah?s and they see Callan. Ric insists that he has to speak to Callan alone. When Ric approaches, Callan insists that he wants several hundred of dollars form Ric TODAY - as a payback for all the times Callan helped Ric in city.

AFTER AD BREAK - Ric asks alf for the money (which he says is for school stuff). When alf asks why Ric isn?t speaking to Sally & flynn bout this, Ric insists that Sally is stressed enough already etc. alf goes to write out a cheque but Ric insists that he needs money in cash. Alf gives Ric the money. Ric goes into the games room, and hands money over to Callan. Ric insist that Callan should now LEAVE the bay, but you get the feeling that Callan isn?t going anywhere.

DINER - Sally & diesel have just finished lunch when diesel suggests that they should go on a long walk (to work off all those calories). When Sally reaches for her purse, diesel insists that he always payed for these birthday lunches for his mum, and colleen comments on how well mannered etc diesel is.

HSOPITAL - Josie enters Jesse? room. When he tries to talk about the evil things he did, Josie insists that the paat should be left in the past. Josie then really makes Jesse think when she says that she thinks they both need a change. Josie then exits.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Sally & diesel talks about their long walk & the birthday lunch. When diesel exits the room, Sally tells Flynn about diesel being cagey this morning because of his mum? birthday. Flynn tells Sally that he thinks that diesel?s behaviour goes beyond that. Flynn tells Sally that he went to hostel today -and there?s a bed available for diesel - not surprisingly, diesel hears all this.

SURF CLUB - Ric enters and begins to talk to Cassie. Ric then is V surprised to see Callan still in town. Ric approaches Callan - and tells Callan to LEAVE town, but Callan insists that he?s NOT going anywhere - and Callan reminds Ric how angry Callan can get when he?s ?pushed? (end of ep)


Diesel's infatuation grows to the point where he KISSES Sally !!!

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