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Tuesday 31 May 2005 - "Beth & Josie Bare Their Soul"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Beth & Josie Bare Their ? Soul !!!?

JOSIE?S - Josie is keen NOT to tell Scott what is really going on, but he is insistant. Josie tells Scott that when Brett 1-st came to her, she was looking for revenge against the bay. Josie continues by saying that she then discovered something she wasn?t supposed to know. Baulmark enterprises are planning to dump LOTS of dioxins in summer bay, and cover them up with the resort. Josie tells Scott that these dioxins are really REALLY toxic, and won?t EVER biodegrade. Scott concurs with Josie?s suggestions that these toxins will eventually poison the water table, and the nearby ocean - and wildlife & ppl in the bay are sure to die. Josie is a tad amused that this toxin stuff made her realise that she doesn?t hate the bay as much as she thought

NEAR WHARF - hayley tells Leah about the box of molotov cocktail stuff she found at noah?s. Leah insists that hayley will be doing Jesse no favours if she covers this up for him.

JOSIE?S - Josie tells scoot that as soon as she found out about the toxins, she contacted the one man she KNEW could help her, Stafford McRae. Josie continues by saying that Stafford was the one who suggested that she should keep working at macklins - to keep an eye on things from the inside. Josie tells Scott that the toxins will be bought to the bay in 3 weeks, and when that happens, the police etc can catch Macklins red handed. Josie insists that Scott can?t tell ANYONE about this - and all this toxin stuff is why she didn?t want scott or colleen involved in any way with the resort (note - you have to wonder why she hired Tasha?s great friend Kimmy though, given Josie?s own logic). Josie jokingly comments that it was good for her deception of macklins that ppl now hate her so much. They hear a knock at door - it?s hayley, who wonders why Scott is there. Josie & Scott that stage a mock argument about the marina plans ruining Scott?s life. When Scott exits, hayley tells Josie that it was Jesse who threw the Molotov cocktail into the macklin building.

HOSPITAL - Josie enters Jesse?s room. She tells him she knows that he was responsible for the attack. Jesse tries to deny it - and this makes the already angry Josie even more annoyed. Josie leaves the room in disgust (note - for many of the scenes in this ep, Josie is wearing THAT awesome blue dress she wore in yesterday?s ep)

NOAH?S - Beth ^ alf are talking about Beth?s new food idea for the bar. Alf sees that hayley is carrying some boxes, and wants to help her. Hayley declines his assistance (one of boxes has Molotov stuff in it). Hayley then encounters Josie - who says that Jesse in unrepentant.

HOSPITAL - hayley enters Jesse?s room. He thought she was the police - but hayley assures Jesse that Josie isn?t going to the police about this. Hayley tells Jesse that, despite all that?s happened, she?s still on his side. As hayley is about to leave, Jesse ?breaks? - he admits that all of this is because he NEVER stopped loving Josie. Jesse insists that he really wanted to hurt Josie - after she cheated on him. Jesse insists that he?ll make things up to hayley. But hayley thinks that Leah may NEVER be able to forgive Jesse. (Note - Ben unwin?s emotional performance in this scene was TERRIFIC)

DINER - a frustrated Leah is trying to rearrange the stock shelves and Irene is rabbiting on about her quarrel with Beth. Finally, Leah snaps - she tells Irene to stop her bickering with Beth about SUCH a petty thing. Leah then exits (in tears)

NEAR BEACH - hayley catches up with Leah. Hayley happily tells Leah that good news about Josie not going to the police about Jesse. Hayley then (finally) realises that Leah is crying. Leah tells hayley that she & dan are OVER - and it?s all Jesse?s fault.

NOAH?S - Alf, Hyde, Beth, hayley & Scott are talking about the various bits of bad blood there is in the bay at present. When alf blames Josie for all of this, all are surprised when (all of ppl) Scott defends Josie & her actions. Beth then partic takes head when Hyde suggests that everyone should sort out their differences/l

JOSIE?S - Brett enters, and Josie is shocked when Brett says that the landfill (and the toxins) will now be arriving in the bay TOMORROW. Josie is keen to go for her walk (she picks up her mobile phone - so she can call Stafford), but Brett is keen for he & Josie to spend some romantic time together. Josie goes along with it (so to not raise Brett?s suspicions) and the look on Josie?s face, as she hug Brett is priceless.

DINER - Next morning, Leah notices that Irene has tidied up all the stock form yesterday. Beth enters, and she?s keen to talk to Irene about recent events.

MACKLINS - Brett tells Josie that today is a momentous occasions, and he insists that she ring Kimmy and keep him away form the office, ie ?tell him to take day off?. When Brett leaves the room, Josie rings Stafford. She tells him about the Macklins change of plans - but Brett hears EVERYTHING.

OUTSIDE SOMEWHERE - Josie encounters Scott. She tells him that she is about to meet up with Stafford, because of the change of plans. Josie thanks Scott for not thinking the worst of her.

DINER - Beth & Irene are sitting at one of the tables. They talk about recent skirmishes - and Irene is REALLY surprised when Beth reveals why she?s been behaving the way she has been of late. Beth insists that, in her own mind, it was better to cast aside a good friend because that way Beth could continue to think that she has plenty of friends so the loss of one wouldn?t count. Beth really lays things on the line when she admits that she is REALLY REALLY lonely at the moment (note1 - will Beth hook up with the new single father of three boys when that family arrives ??? Note 2 - Clarissa House was, once more, AWESOME as Beth psychologically bared all)

ROADSIDE - Josie sees Stafford?s car and gets in. she is SHOCKED to see that its BRETT in the car. Brett insists that he should have known that Josie was betraying him. When Josie enquires about Stafford, Brett insists that Josie should be more worried bout herself

TOP OF CLIFF - Brett continually tries to push Josie to a watery grave. Brett laughs as he tells Josie that Stacey macklin no longer works for the (evil) corporation. Josie insists that she will give all the incriminating evidence she has to Brett, but he is keen to KILL Josie - as ?everything you have is not enough? (end of ep)


Ric?s past comes back to haunt him (when an old ?friend? arrives), whilst Tash & Co learn the truth bout Josie

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