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Monday 30 May 2005 - "Secret Saviour?"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Secret Saviour ????

HOSPITAL - Flynn and some of the other medical staff begin to assess Jesse?s condition.

LEAH?S - Leah tries to prove herself to dan. She says that she?ll NEVER lie to him again, but dan rejects this (he?s heard it all before from his ex, Amanda Vale)

HOSPITAL - Flynn & Nurse Julie continue to assess the shaking/shivering Jesse. Flynn is shocked to discover that Jesse has a blood alcohol reading of .25 !!!

NOAH?S - Scott apologises to hayley about the way he spoke to hayley & Kimmy. Hayley thinks Scott should alos apologise to Kimmy. Alf joins in the conversation about the new marina plans - alf thinks that Josie & the macklins think the ppl of summer bay are just country hicks.

JOSIE?S - Josie is looking through some old papers, incl. the front page story of when she donated Hayley?s painting of Noah.

NOAH?S - Scott is V downbeat about the Blaxland?s chances against the new marina, but alf & hayley insist that Scott should keep up his fighting spirit. Talk then turns to the feud between Beth & Irene - Scott thinks there?s something BIG beneath this war. Peter enters the room, and wonders if they know about Jesse - hayley?s shocked reaction clearly indicates that she, alf & Scott hadn?t.

HOSPITAL - Jesse is throwing up as Nurse Julie tries to treat him. In the corridor, hayley & Scott encounter Flynn - hayley is V disheartened when flynn says that Jesse must have KNOWN what he was doing to drink that much.

LEAH?S - colleen sees Dan?s sleeping on the couch. When colleen goes onto the back patio - where Leah tells colleen what?s happened.

HOSPITAL - hayley is blaming herself for Jesse?s condition. Flynn updates Scott & hayley on Jesse?s condition, before hayley goes into Jesse?s room. A shaking Jesse insists that he did this (try to wipe himself out) because he?s ruined Leah?s life. Hayley insists that she is going to help Jesse through this.

LEAH?S - next morning, Leah pleads with dan to give their realtionship another chance. Dan isn?t swayed, and he picks up his packed bags & exits.

BEACH -dan encounters peter, who?d just been out on his surf ski. Peter comments about how quickly he & Clare got together this time around. He insists that peter & Claire won?t beat dan & Leah down the aisle, and peter is intrigued when none of his comments get any reaction form dan

DINER - alf & colleen are sinking the boot into Jesse (about his illness and the problems he?s caused for Leah & dan) whilst hayley & Leah try to defend Jesse.

NOAH?S - Alf tries to talk to dan, about his realtionship with Leah - with NO effect.

HOSPITAL - Josie is berating Jesse sooo much that Jesse removes all the medical stuff attached to his body and tries to physically remove her from the room. Flynn & Nurse Julie hear Jesse?s shouting and enter his room - and it?s clear that Josie being there was just a figment of Jesse?s imagination.

DINER - in the kitchen, Leah inists (to colleen) that she doesn?t need a shoulder to cry on, ie Leah just wants to get on with her life. Near the counter, Scott approaches Josie (who is wearing a fantastic blue & white dress). He?s REALLY annoyed the way she told Brett that Scott wasn?t the right man for the new marina. Josie insists that she has a plan - but when Scott asks, Josie doesn?t elaborate on this.

HOSPITAL - Josie enters Jesse?s room (and it isn?t an illusion this time). Josie insist that Jesse can?t do this every time there?s a set back. Jesse insists that his current condition has NOTHING to do with Josie - and when Jesse asks her to leave, Josie complies.

LEAH?S - peter assures Leah that Dan?s reaction is only because of all the trouble that dan had with Amanda Vale. Leah decides to give Dan some time.

WHARF - dan is deep in though about himself & Leah. Having made a decision, he walks off the wharf.

LEAH?S - dan enters, and he tells Leah that he?s not ready for reconciliation yet. Leah doesn?t like it when dan says that she can keep the engagement ring - so Leah hands dan the ring. Dan then exits the house.

HOSPITAL - Jesse insists, to Flynn, that the alcohol poisoning is just the wake up call he needs. Jesse insists that he is a whole different person now - who won?t turn to the bottle when times get tough again.

NOAH?S - hayley is in the storeroom and she finds THAT box full of things which were used to make the molotov cocktail that was thrown into the Macklin office.

JOSIE?S - Josie is on the phone. She frantically says that she REALLY needs back up -as all in the bay thinks she?s evil when she?s actually try to save them. Whilst Josie is talking, Scott enters her flat. When Josie finishes her phone call, she is shocked to see Scott - who demands to know what her phone call was all about. (end of ep)


Josie?s secret will be revealed, whilst hayley tries to convince Josie NOT to go to the police about the molotov cocktail attack, and will the truth be revealed about Hayley?s baby ???

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