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Friday 28 May 2005 - "Begun The Food War Has"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Begun The Food War Has !!!?

LEAH?S ? Dan is sitting in lounge and he looks distraught.

DINER ? Hyde tells Beth that he hopes her 1-st day at Noah?s goes well. When Hyde comments that he?ll definitely go to the bar today to see how things are going, Beth suggests that Hyde?s visits shouldn?t go too frequent, in case Irene gets upset. when Hyde exits, Beth sits with Alf, hayley & scott. Alf is disappointed that no one has any ideas to attract new business to the bar ? esp. in the wake of low patronage of the post stalker era. Alf suggests they talk again tomorrow ? hopefully with some ideas. Scott meanwhile is annoyed that alf didn?t have time to listen to his concerns about the Blaxland. Nearby. Josie tells kimmy hat she really hopes colleen decides NOT to live in the apartment kimmy sold her (kimmy is annoyed by this). Josie then goes to exit and as she does, jess enters. Josie comments that she not recognise Jesse without a bottle in his hand. After Josie is gone, Jesse approaches colleen at the counter. When Jesse enquires, colleen tells him that Leah has left work for the day.

LEAH?S ? Leah enters via the back door. When she approaches Dan, he tells her about Jesse; s visit. Leah apoligises for lying to Dan, but he rejects to apology. Dan says that Leah has broken his trust, just like the many, many times that Amanda Vale did.

MACKLINS ? Bret gets off the phone and he answers Josie?s phone ? just as kimmy & Josie arrive. Brett comments to Josie that that is the 3-rd time the person at other end has just hung up. Brett thinks it just some of the protectors. Brett tells Josie & kimmy that he wants to show them new property acquisitions that macklins have made. Josie wants to make a phone call 1-st but Brett insists that this is more important. Brett wonders what they should be with new acquisitions. Kimmy suggests more apartments that he can sell ? but this leads to Brett asking about kimmy?;s progress on the current batch. Brett?s doesn?t like kimmy?s response that he?s? not fully closed any deals yet ? and Brett demands that lift should lift his game ? or find another job.

LEAH?S ? Leah is in the kitchen. She walks into the lounge room where she sees that Dan has made a makeshift be for himself on the couch. Leah is keen to talk, but Dan ignores her, so Leah goes to bed.

BEACH ? next morning, Leah is sitting on the sand when Jesse approaches. He tries to apologise, but Leah (in tears0 makes it V clear that she NEVER loved anyone more in her life than Dan. Leah takes partic offence when Jesse touches her (knee) and she storms off.

NOAH?S ? Scott wants to talk about te Blaxland, and is annoyed that Alf wants to deal with the bar?s problems 1-st. when Alf asks for suggestions, hayley thinks they should have a Noah?s card (buy 10 drinks, et next one free). Alf likes this idea ? but he is REALLY impressed by Beth?s suggestions that they should sell pre-prepared healthy meals & snacks. Alf & hayley are further impressed that berth has done a lot of research about suppliers etc. Alf?s phone rings, and when he is off phone, he tells hayley &b Beth that he has to done with suppliers who hasn?t been payed (from when Jesse was a partner). When Scott enquires, Alf says he?ll deal with Blaxland later. When Alf exits, Scott tells hayley & Beth that the Blaxland business is dire at the monent. Kimmy, who is a customer at the bar at that time, hears all this talk from Scott ? and it seems to have given him an idea.

JOSIE?S ? Josie is about to ring someone when Brett enters. Brett is keen on getting amorous before they get to work today, but Josie insists she has much to do before work, Josie ^& brett kiss, before bertt exits. When he is gone, Josie phones her mystery contact, she insists that they MUST fly back to Australia immediately (note ? wild speculation here. What if Josie; mystery person is Dan?s ex, Amanda Vale, who will be arriving in bay, from her home in America, soon)

DINER ?when Hyde ask Beth how things are going at Noah?s, she tells him that Alf & hayley loved her idea about the food etc. when Irene hears this she is NIOT impressed. Irene thinks Beth is deliberately trying to steal businesses form the diner (note ? hasn?t the diner had competition before, like from the kiosk?) Hyde doesn?t help his cause (with Irene) by trying to remain neutral. Irene goes to the kitchen and tells colleen & Leah about Beth?s ?attack?. When Irene is gone, Leah tells colleen what?s happened with Dan ? and colleen n apologises fro causing some of the trouble.

LEAH?S ? Dan looks at the wedding invitations ? you get the feeling he just wants to trash them.

MACKLINS ? Kim enters, and tells Brett & Josie that they should build a marina at the new acquisition ? and kimmy thinks Scott is the perfect person to run the new marina. Josie suggests to Brett that Scott isn?t such a good idea, and kimmy hates it that Bret takes Josie?s side. Beret exits 0 to investigate marina options, and before Josie exits, she mockingly suggests to kimmy ?haven?t you got apartments to sell? (kimmy is V annoyed).

LEAH?S ? Dan answers a knock on door. Its Jesse who is trying to make Dan see that he?s making a big mistake by breaking up with Leah. Dan suggests that Jesse should leave ? and when Jesse doesn?t, Dan punched him in the face. As Jesse stumbles away, Dan tends to his now v sore hand.

NOAH?S ? Irene is on the warpath about Beth?s idea to Alf. When Irene leaves, Alf assures Beth that her idea is a great one (and all?s fair in love & business). Scott entrs tells tem about new marina plans, and Scott really takes offence that it was kimmy?s idea. Scott also not like it when hayley tries ti make him see that kimmy was trying to HELP Scott. Scott exits.

SBH ? Hyde enters one of the classrooms. He is shocked to see Jesse lying on the floor. Hyde is even more shocked when he sees that Jesse is uncounscious. Hyde phones Flynn.

HUNTER HOUSE ?Scott talks to Beth about Scott?s recent issues with hayley & kimmy. Beth assures Scott that he can take all the time he wants to adjust to the situation ? but Beth suggest that Scott doesn?t make decisions he?ll regret in the interim.

SBH ? Flynn n arrives ? and it takes a while but Jesse finally comes to ? and subsequently vomits several times.

LEAH?S ? Leah enters the kitchen, and Dan tells her that their engagement is OFF (end of ep)


Has Scott discovered Josie?s secret plan, and Leah wants a 2-nd chance with Dan.

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