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Wednesday 25 May 2005 - "Is Tilly's Boyfriend a Hollywood Mov

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?Is Tilly?s Boyfriend a Hollywood Movie Star In The Making ??? ?

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Sally is really annoyed at Ric & Cassie (for Ric going out). Flynn arrives home, and he isn?t impressed by Ric & Cassie?s actions either. Ric & Cassie can?t believe it when sally & Flynn GROUN them until further notice (but neither mentions Tilly)

HUNTER HOUSE ? Next morning, Henry is tap dancing in the kitchen, and Beth wonders why. Henry insists he needs as much practice as he can get before [performance in city. Beth comments that Tilly is obviously lying low after their confrontation yesterday. Tilly then enters the kitchen (hair & eye shadow like yesterday). Beth also comments that Tilly hasn?t lost her attitude either.

LEAH?S ? Dan walks past colleen who is talking on the phone. Dan enters kitchen, and complains to Leah about colleen being constantly on the phone - and how she?s used all the hot water. Colleen then enters the room. She tells Dan & Leah that madge Wilkins that her that Jesse has been kicked out of this flat ? after a disagreement with his landlord. Leah clearly doesn?t like it when Dan & colleen ?sink the boot? into Jesse.

BEACH ? Jesse awakes, and he has alcohol bottles all around him. Jesse gets up & walks towards the water.

SBH ? sally wonders why Dan is still at the school ? as he has a conference in city to go to. Sally comments that Dan is as much a workaholic as she is.

Nearby, Cassie & Rica are complaining to each other about them not being able to go to the concert (because of tilly) and the girl in question doesn?t help her cause when she insists that they shouldn?t have played guardian angel. (Note ? Tilly also doesn?t seem to care that Ric & Cassie are grounded because of her)

Diesel enters the classroom, and he comments to sally that he?s enjoying the novel the students have to read. When diesel suggests that he wants to discuss the book with sally now, she insists that she has to attend a meeting with Hyde. When sally leaves the room, diesel goes to her handbag, rifles through it and puts her perfume in his schoolbag. Sally then returns the room, looking for her bag. Diesel (whose is holding the bag) tells sally that he was just about to bring it to her.

When diesel goes into the corridor, the perfume falls from his bag ? and when Henry picks it up, diesel tells Henry that he found the perfume bottle and was going to take it to lost property before he leaves he goes home today.

When diesel is gone, Henry encounters Ric & Cassie ? who insists that they?ve not told sally & Flynn about tilly (despite them both being grounded), Henry agrees to keep the secret.

When Henry nails, Tilly approaches Ric & Cassie ? but they ignore her (mote ? tally?s now wearing some rather larger earrings). Tilly then approaches Craig ? and apologises for not attending his party. Craig insists that it wasn?t very good anyway. Craig asks Tilly if she?d like to join him & some others at the beach tonight. Tilly eagerly accepts.

DIESEL?S PLACE ? Henry follows diesel home, and he can?t believe it when he sees the run down condition of diesel?s home. Diesel then finds Henry inside his place. When Henry enquires, diesel insists that he couldn?t stand his foster parents, and he?s 16, so he left home and is now here. Diesel makes Henry Promise not to tell anyone about this.

DINER ? Dan, colleen and others are talking about Jesse?s current (homeless) situation, and it?s clear that Leah feels sorry for him. Dan & Leah enter the kitchen ? and Dan makes Leah PROMISE that she won?t let Jesse stay at their house. A disenthused Leah agrees.

SURF CLUB ? Tilly arrives and Ric instantly walks away. Cassie insists that she?s a much to blame as Ric (*for him stopping tilly From going to party). Craig approaches, and Cassie can?t believe it hen Tilly tells Craig that she?s looking forward to the party on the beach tonight

LEAH?S ? A still drunk Jesse arrives. He calls out to Leah several times, but when she doesn?t answer, he lies down on her back patio.

DINER ? Leah farewells Dan (as he heads to the conference). Henry enters, and he tells Sally about diesel?s living conditions.

DIESEL?S PLACE ? Henry & sally enter, and diesel can?t believe that Henry betrayed him. Before sally & Henry get to close, diesel hides THAT drawing of sally. Diesel?s anger is turned around when sally suggest that diesel might be able to stay at her house for a few days.

LEAH?S ? colleen & Leah arrives home, and they find the sleeping Jesse. Despite colleen?s objections, Leah wakes Jesse and invites him to stay at her house. Leah then helps the STILL drunk Jesse into the house.

AFTER AD BREAK ? Jesse is asleep on the couch, and Leah enters kitchen. Colleen voices her concerns about this ? and Leah ?suggests:? that if colleen wants to live at Leah?s house, it?s best if she doesn?t cause any thurible for Leah or Dan (by telling Dan about Jesse)

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Flynn isn?t impressed that sally has suggests that diesel can stay with them for a few days. Flynn insist that he?s still suspicious of diesel ? but sally is able to persuade Flynn into letting diesel stay Diesel then enters the room, and he is so pleased that he can stay that diesel HUGS sally ? and cassia is most intrigued by this. Cassie then talks to Ric about Tilly ? Cassie hopes that Tilly doesn?t do anything she?ll regret.

BEACH ? Several teenage males are drinking as they sit around a fire. Tilly (wearing a blank spangly top & short skirt ? and Tilly has also, jewellery wise, added a necklace to her look). When Tilly sits beside Craig, she?s concerned that she is the only girl there. Things get worse when Tilly is offered some alcohol ? and, despite clearly NOT liking the taste, Tilly has several swigs from the bottle she?s handed. Craig asked Tilly if she?d like to dance ? Tilly isn?t that keen, but she agrees (note ? is they dance, I got a serious feeling of d?j? vu ? of when, in the mid 1990s, Sally got drunk and slept with a character played by the then unknown HEATH LEDGER !!!)

LEAH?S ? despite colleen?s objection, Leah won?t throw Jesse out of her home. Colleen the leaves the room, and the phone rings. It?s Dan ? and he wonders why Leah is whispering. Leah insists it?s because colleen is asleep (but it?s because Jesse is there). Btw, when Dan talks we see him at the hotel? Where he?s staying for conference, and the same for when Leah is talking.

AFTER AD BREAK ? Leah is in bed and is surprised when Jesse enters her room. Jesse insists that he still LOVES Leah, and Leah is shocked when Jesse keeps coming towards her. Leah is forced to try and fight Jesse off as he attempts to kiss her (end of ep)


Martha has a secret plan to save van park

(Robbie makes a references to ?LOST? because of this),

and will Kimmy find THAT paternity test at the Macklin office.

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