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Tuesday 24 May 2005 - "It's Not Slutty, It's...Fun"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?It?s Not Slutty, It?s ? Fun?

HUNTER HOUSE -Ric, Cassie & henry are waiting for Tilly to get ready for school. As they do so, henry talks to Ric & Cassie about Henry going to the city soon to perform in a stage production at his former school. Tilly then enters the room, and all, esp. Beth, are gobsmacked - Tilly has dishevelled hair, a REALLY short school dress, dark eye shadow etc. Beth insists that Tilly is going to school, not a nightclub. After the flustered Beth exits, Tilly insists to Cassie etc that they won?t see Beth today so she?s NOT changing

BEACH - Scott see that Josie is upset so he approaches her. Josie doesn?t specifies say why she is crying, but Scott is keen to try to comfort her

DINER - Morag approaches peter - and tells him that she?s got some info about Josie & 1989. Ric, Tilly, Cassie & henry enter - and Tilly?s still defiant about going to school looking the way she is - and she tells henry that she doesn?t want to be looked upon like a little kid.

BEACH - Scott continues to try and comfort Josie, but Scott bails when peter approaches. Peter tells Josie that he?s heard some accusations against her.

SBH - Tilly, Cassie, Ric & henry enter, and Tilly gets wolf whistles from several of the another guys. Diesel then encounters diesel. Tilly is slightly taken aback when diesel?s isn?t keen on new look, ie Tilly says ?you didn?t like the old me, so what do you care?? and diesel responds ?at least that you wasn?t full of herself). Tilly & the others enter the classroom. Sally asks if the students have done their homework, and Tilly says she hasn?t. After several more smart mouth comments from Tilly, sally tells Tilly to go to the principal?s office. Tilly exits the classroom.

JOSIE?S FLAT - peter wants to hear Josie?s take on the alleged events, and he insists that the police have a witness. Josie?s phone rings - and peter is intrigued when Joss speaks happily during part of the call. When the call is over, Josie insist that Morag was a vendetta against her. Josie insist that if Peter wants to waste police resource, then go ahead with this investigation. After peter exits, Josie looks uneasy.

SBH - Tilly tells Ric & Cassie that she?s got a week of detentions. A boy named Craig approaches - and invites Tilly to a party at his place tonight. Tilly eagerly agrees to go to the party. When Craig has walks away, Cassie & Ric suggest that Craig only invited Tilly because he wants something (to sleep with her), but Tilly is defiant, and insists that she IS going to go to the party.

AFTER AD BREAK - Ric & Cassie know that Tilly is making a big mistake, so they approach sally, and asks if they can attend the party (to keep Tilly safe). Sally says no to the request - Ric & Cassie don?t even get to mention Tilly before the request is denied. In the corridor, Tilly is shocked to see Beth (who is at the school to tie up some loose ends). Beth is alos shocked that Tilly so defiantly won?t dress more appropriately, ie ?I?m not your little girl any more?

NOAH?S - Beth speaks to Scott & hayley about Tilly. Hayley suggest that she could talk to Tilly about this, but Beth wants to handle things herself. Nearby, Morag approaches alf. She joyously tells him that Josie & the resort are most likely history by now.

JIM WALLIS? HOUSE - Peter & Laura arrive and call out to Jim several times. A man approaches peter & Laura. He tells them he?s Jim?s landlord. The man tells peter that Jim payed up his debts this morning and took off - insisting he needs a fresh start.

JOSIE?S FLAT - Morag enters, and she?s V angry about Jim?s coincidental disappearance. Morag vows to Josie that she will locate Jim - and Josie will be bought to justice.

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth wonders, to henry, why Tilly is behaving tis way. Henry thinks it?s because diesel dumped Tilly. Beth then leaves the room, and Tilly enters (wearing a short black dress). Henry tries to stop Tilly from going to the party - but she leaves the house anyway, and Henry insists that he won?t be covering for Tilly.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric & Cassie are worried about Tilly. They think about telling sally, but both agree Tilly will NEVER speak to them again if they do that. Ric decides that we?ll try and stops Tilly from going, and Cassie agrees to cover for him.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Ric catches up with Tilly. It takes him a while, but he eventually convinces Tilly NOT to go to Craig?s party.

HUNTER HOUSE - Beth is keen on sorting things out with Tilly, but henry (covering for his sister) insists that Beth should let it go for the moment. When Beth has left the room, Tilly & Ric enter - and Henry thanks Ric for convincing Tilly not to go to the party.

NOAH?S - Alf is worried because Morag isn?t looking like the confident woman she was this morning. Peter approaches Morag and he tells her that Jim Wallis was been found DEAD !!!

JOSIE?S FLAT - Peter tells Josie about what?s happened - and he is suspicious of Josie because of the way she was upbeat on the phone earlier. Peter exits, as Morag enters. Morag accuses Josie of arranging Jim?s death - but Josie suggest s that Morag dredging up the pat is probably why Jim died. Morag insists that she WILL bring Josie to justice.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie is in the kitchen and sally enters the room. Sally wonders where Ric is - and Cassie says that Ric is already in bed (because of a rather arduous PE class at school today. Sally exits the room and Ric via the back patio door. Cassie explains to Ric about the PE story she told Sally - who hears all this as she only got as far as the base of the stirs. Sally enters the room, and chastises by Ric & Cassie for their actions (end of ep)


A drunken Jesse tries to kiss Leah

and henry & Sally discovers Diesel?s secrets

Note - my title for this ep is a line (said by Resse Witherspoon's charecter)

from the movie "Plesantville"

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