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Friday 20 May 2005 - "Love, War and Murder!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Love, War and Murder !!!?

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Tash enters the living room. She shows sally, Flynn, ric & Cassie an anti resort shirt that she?s created. Sally & Flynn insists that it?s going to be an uphill battle but Tash says that she, Robbie & Martha will think of something. Ric & Cassie suggests that they can help Tash ? but sally reminds them that they have to clean the house. When ric, Cassie & Tash have left the room, sally comments to Flynn that diesel has left his school book at their house. Sally tells Flynn that she?s going to go and return the book to diesel.

JENNINGS STREET ? sally arrives (by car) at the address where diesel has said that he?s living. When sally knocks on the door she is greeted by an elderly lady, who was no idea who diesel is. Sally in intrigued.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Josie enters and tries to give Tash the money from the sale of the van park. Tash doesn?t want to know about the money, or Josie (who betrayed her). Tash walks away as Josie is trying to talk to her. Josie then hands the cheque to Flynn ? and suggest that Tash might be able to use it when she grows up.

DINER ? Martha, Robbie & Tash are thinking of ways to protest against the resort, and Martha hopes that Alf & Morag has had some luck when they went to speak to the council. Moments later, Alf & Morag arrive, but Morag says that things didn?t go well. The council are firmly with the resort ? and Alf gett8ing really angry didn?t help. When Morag walks away, Tash insists that they are going to keep on fighting anyway. Meanwhile, Morag is on the phone ? insisting that Josie?s secret MUST be discovered quickly.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? ric tries V unsuccessfully to change the bag in the vacuum cleaner ? and dust goes everywhere, when cassie comments about this, he suggest that she isn?t so smart ? and he points out that the bucket of sudsy water she was filling has now overflowed. A suds fight ensues.

DINER ? Martha, Robbie ^ Tash are still think of protest ideas. Morag suggest that Tash won?t be able t buy back the van park land ? as macklins have gone through so much trouble to just seel it again. When Morag walks away, Tash suggest they night be able to use the van park money for a way to aid their protest, whilst Martha suggests she?s got a great plan.

VAN PARK ?Martha, Robbie & tash walk towards the vans. Robbie tells Tash & Martha that he?s contacted newspaper/ radio about their protest. Nearby, sally & Flynn see Josie & the demolition leader arrive. Sally is a little annoyed that they are just to destroy the vans, and not take them elsewhere. Sally then insists to Flynn that she can?t be at the park when this is happening. Josie, Flynn & the demolition leader are surprised when they find Tash, Robbie & Martha chained to one of the vans. Tash & Martha makes it clear that they are not budging ? Martha reinforces this by putting the key down her shirt (presumably in her bra). Josie can?t believe that Tash is SOOOO against her.

NOAH?S ?diesel enters, and is pleased to see sally there. She gives him the textbook, and wonders why see couldn?t find him at the address he gave the school. When sally says she went to Jennings Street, diesel tells her that he used to live in a street of the name in another town. Diesel insists he made the ?mistake? because he now lives at Jensen Street. Diesel then suggests that if he leaves a book at sally?s house again, she can just give it to him at school.

VAN PARK ? Josie is really annoyed with Tash, and even (the recently arrived) Morag thinks the protest is in vain. Josie calls the police.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? ric & Cassie at sitting on the floor, with suds and water and mess all around them. Ric suggest they begin to clean up, but when they both get up ric wonders where Cassie went. He goes onto the back patio ? where Cassie tips a big bucket of water on his head. This lead to ric & Cassie getting REAL close again. After ric asks Cassie if she?s ready, they PASH.

VAN PARK ? Tash, Robbie & Martha aren?t moving ? but they are disheartened when Morag suggests the media aren?t coming because of the business the resort will bring t the town. The police arrive ? and Robbie immediately unlocks himself and bails (mind you, not for the 1-st time on H&A, Robbie?s having bladder issues). Martha & Tash are approached by the police who use bolt cutters to remove Martha & Tash. Harper takes offence to Martha kicking him ? and charges her with assaulting a police officer. Harper then hauls her away ? Morag & Alf are NOT happy with the way Martha is being treated.

VAN PARK HOUSE ? Cassie & ric are kissing in the living room. They then both agree to tell sally & Flynn what?s happening.

SOON AFTER ? Cassie & ric (both wearing different clothes to the ones in previous scenes) tell sally & Flynn about their relationship. Sally admits that she?s suspected that something was going on. Sally & Flynn insists that they?ll allow the relationship ? as long as cassie & ric obey the rules ? partic the one about not being in the others room with door closed)

DIESEL?S PLACE ? diesel smiles each time he reds one of the (mostly) favourable comments that sally has written on his essay.

DINER ? Martha enters, and she is a little annoyed that the charges have been dropped. Martha insists its because the mackllins didn?t want the bad publicity. Morag insists to Tash, Martha & Robbie that there are other ways to fight. Morag?s contact enters, and he tells her that a senior police officer was dismissed from the police force in 1989, because of his dealings with the adult entertainment industry and JACINTA Russell. When Morag enquires, her contact says that that the disgraced cop?s name is Jim Wallis, and, Morag?s contact tells her that Wallis lives in a town several hours drive from the bay. Morag insists on visiting Wallis herself

JIM WALLIS? PLACE ? Morag arrives at the bushland surrounded house. It takes a while before Jim responds to Morag calling out to him. Jim wonders, given Morag?s questions, if she is a police officer. Morag insists she is not. Morag then uses Josie?s current power, and Jim?s downtrodden existence, against Josie ? and it works. Jim Wallis tells Morag that joist committed MURDER !!! (end of ep)


Josie & the residents of the bay continue their battle,

and will Diesel?s crush on Sally be exposed?

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