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Thursday 19 May 2005 - "Revenge Of The Sally"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Revenge Of The Sally?

DINER - Colleen enters and she?s all flustered. She tells Leah & dan that she has be out of Van Park today. Leah & dan can?t believe this but dan reads the letter that colleen received and confirms what se?s said. Leah then tells colleen that she can stay with Leah & dan until colleen finds other accommodation (dan isn?t happy that he wasn?t consulted in this decision).

SBH -Tilly is walking with Cassie when she sees diesel. Tilly approaches diesel and suggests that they go out again. Diesel tells Tilly that it?s a good idea. After tilly walks away, another kid tells diesel that he?s fooling no one by going out with tilly (ie most still think diesel?s gay). Diesel and the other kid push & shove each other. Ric tries to break it up and the fight stops when sally arrives. Sally & diesel go into one of the classrooms, and diesel tells sally the fight was because many at the school think he?s gay. When sally talks about their tutoring session, diesel suggests that he?ll get too distracted at home. Sally tells diesel that they?ll have to study at her place, and some work is being done to the school tonight.

DINER - kimmy requests service from colleen a number of times but she initially ignores him. Colleen then launches a verbal attack on Kimmy about him working for the enemy. When colleen has returned to the kitchen, Leah tells Kimmy that colleen is angry about only having a day?s notice to move out of Van Park - which Kimmy is surprised about. Kimmy then decides to turn this to his advantage. He goes into the kitchen and REALLY charms colleen into at least checking out the macklin?s display estate in Queensland. Colleen is overjoyed that the display estate is in Townsville, where lance lives - so she agrees to at least see the display estate, and Kimmy is pleased that he?s turned anger to joy.

SBH - Tilly & ric are talking when Cassie rushes to them and says that diesel?s been bashed. Dan hears this as well, and they find diesel on the floor (his fave is scarred)

AFTER BREAK - In one of the classrooms, Flynn is tending to diesel?s wounds, and dan is really annoyed that another student attacked diesel becasuse the other kid thinks he?s gay. Sally is keen to contact diesel?s foster parents but he says they can?t be contacted during the day. When sally suggests that they should cancel their after school tutoring session, diesel insists that it takes place.

LEAH?S - dan can?t believe how much stuff colleen has bought with her (many many boxes on things) foe her move into Leah?s place. A rather dolled up Colleen then enters the lounge room, and Leah & dan insist that colleen shouldn?t make an on the spot decisions. Colleen assures them that that?s way she?s inviting lance there as well (note - to quote C-3PO ?that isn?t very reassuring?). Kimmy arrives - and colleen can?t believe in when she sees that she?ll be taken to the airport in a limo (which we don?t see).

SBH - Tilly, Cassie & Ric approach diesel. They wonder how he is feeling, and Tilly tentatively asks him if the rumours that he is gay are true. Ric adds that ppl think that away because of the tattoo of a rose that diesel has. Diesel assures Tilly that he?s not gay - and tells them that his biological mother had a tattoo just like the one he has - it?s a way of preserving her memory. Tilly suggests that they should really prove the gossipers wrong by tilly & diesel going out on another date, but diesel insists that sally won?t let him get out of their tutoring session. Tilly suggests another time - and diesel tentatively agrees. When Tilly walks away, Cassie thinks about confronting diesel about the way hes? stringing tilly along -but Cassie decides not to cat.

DISPLAY ESTATE - colleen is very pleased that she?s being treated so well by Kimmy. Lance then arrives. He comments unfavourable about the really high level of security at the state (they wouldn?t initially let him in) but Kimmy suggests that the security is a good thing - esp. considering the recent reign of terror by the stalker. When colleen mentions that Kimmy was going out with eve, lance tells Kimmy that he has been out with some ?bunny boilers? in the past. The trio then enters one of the display apartments. Colleen is very impressed by the very modern kitchen, bathroom etc, and she & lance also like champagne &^ beer that Kimmy gives them

VAN PARK HOUSE - Whilst sally is tutoring diesel, she makes a joke which diesel thinks is funny. Sally comments that Flynn hate that joke. Sally suggests that they should finish for today but diesel is keen to continue. When sally enquires, diesel makes it quite clear that he?s not interested in tilly - and sally is taken aback when diesel tells her that he told Cassie this on the night that tilly, Cassie & diesel hung out at the Beach. Diesel is frustrated that his words have annoyed sally.

AFTER BREAK - diesel is gone, and sally is telling off Cassie & Ric. She is annoyed with Cassie for going out, and at Ric for knowing about it but not saying anything. Sally demands that Ric & Cassie clean the house form top to bottom as punishment. When sally has left the room, Cassie & Ric fight about who is cleaning the bathroom, and once more, Cassie is laughing about the whole breaking the rules situation (which I why I love her)

SURF CLUB - Tilly approaches diesel, and she is keen for them to do something together. Eventually, diesel sets Tilly straight - he likes her, but only as a friend. A devastated Tilly then exits.

LEAH?S - Kimmy and a VERY drunk colleen arrive, and when Kimmy is gone, Leah & dan can?t believe it when colleen says that she has signed a contract to buy one of the new apartments. Making things worse (for Dan in partic) is the news that the apartments won?t e completed for another TWELVE months (note - I loving that there?s tension between Leah & dan, and things can only get worse when Amanda Vale arrives soon)>

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly arrives home - she?s totally in tears. She wonders to henry why every guy she likes doesn't like her. Henry tries to help Tilly through this - by saying that if diesel isn?t gay, there must be something else seriously wrong with him.

DIESEL?S HOME - diesel is sitting in a small candlelit room (I do believe this confirms the rumours that he has no family etc). Diesel has just completed on awesome sketch of sally - and he smiles as he runs his fingers over (his drawing of) Sally?s lips (end of ep)


Morag discovers Josie?s secret, and will Ric & Cassie take their relationship to the next level?

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