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Tuesday 17 May 2005 - "Beth's Childhood Secrets, And Her Futu

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Beth?s Childhood Secrets ? And Her Future?

LEAH?S - Leah is distraught as she sits at the kitchen table late at night. Dans enters the room, and he gets something from the fridge. Leah thinks about speaking to him - but decides against it.

HUNTER HOUSE -Beth is not pleased with Tasha?s decision to move into her house, and Robbie attempts to keep things ?light?. Beth not surprisingly is more alert when Tash mentions that part of the reason she left the beach house was because of the tension Kimmy?s job caused between Hyde & Irene. Beth lets Tash stay at her house, but on the provisos that it?s a temporary measure and that Tash must bunk in with Tilly.

BEACH HOUSE - Irene is keen to go to the hunter house and talk to Tash, but hayley suggest for Irene to wait til morning. Irene is partic worried because Robbie & Tash have been inseparable since Tash decided against leaving the bey.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tash & Robbie are lying on Robbie?s? bed and they are kissing. Beth enters the room and ?suggests? that Tash return to Tilly?s room. Robbie wonders why Beth doesn?t trust them now, esp. since Beth trusted them on the night of Robbie?s birthday. Beth assures Robbie that there?s a big difference between that 1 night and this arrangement. Tash convinces Robbie not to fight Beth?s ruling - as Tash is just pleased that Beth let her stay.

LEAHS? - Leah grabs some chocolate when she raids the fridge. Dan enters the room - as he can?t sleep either. Leah is deeply apologetic for what?s happened. Dan forgives her, and the hug & kiss.

BEACH - next morning, Tash tells Robbie that her dream colour is blue (it?s the colour he wants her house to be painted etc). Robbie then tells Tash that woman are known to be the chooser of colour for the family car. Kimmy walks onto the beach, and Tash ignores him. Robbie briefly talks to Kimmy, before he rejoins Tash (you can see that Robbie?s clearly in a no win situation). Kimmy then enters the water and begins to surf.

DINER - alf is annoyed that Jesse is late for a budget meeting for Noah?s. Leah is not impressed by alf & colleen openly berating Jesse (colleen?s ?Mongolian? cocktail line was a classic). A fired up Jesse enters, and he tells Leah off for ratting him in to the police. Jesse then bails.

AFTER AD BREAK - Leah is in the kitchen, and hayley & colleen are trying to consol her. Dan enters, and hears about what Jesse had said to Leah. Dan then exits.

BEACH - dan catches up with Jesse and a fierce verbal battle ensues, followed by some serious pushing and shoving. Flynn sees this and is just able to break Jesse & dan up before Jesse ?floored? dan. As Jesse walks away, dan is surprised when Flynn chastises him for the way the tried to solve the Jesse problem.

DINER - Leah is V worried about dan, and is pleased when he enters unscathed. Hayley & Scott sit with Kimmy, and hayley insists that she doesn?t want to ditch from the partnership. When hayley comments about everyone going crazy, it leads to scott telling Kimmy that he thinks Tash & Robbie are thinking in terms of us versus them with the resort (and Kimmy?s job). Kimmy takes offence to this, and bails. Scott is then taken aback when hayley suggests that Scott should have been more tactful

HUNTER HOUSE - Irene enters and she suggests to Beth that if Beth hadn?t let Tash stay, Tash probably would have gone back to the beach house. Beth insists that Tash probably would have, instead, found less safe accommodation. Beth takes offence when Irene suggests that she only let Tash stay because of their current situation with Hyde. Tash & Robbie arrive, and Tash listens for a bit, before she asks to speak to Irene alone. They go into the entertainment room. Tash shocks Irene when she says that she?s sleeping in Robbie?s room - but Tash then tells Irene the truth. Tash insists that she can?t live in same house as Kimmy. Irene tells Tash to NOT let pride get in the way if she wants to return home. When Irene has gone, Robbie is not impressed when Tash suggests that she can't live at Hunter house, as its causing to much trouble.

NOAH?S - Flynn tries to counsel Jesse, who?s not receptive to the idea. Jesse is also not keen on alf telling him off for various. Jesse makes things worse by verbally abusing some of the bar?s customer. Both Jesse & the customers before hayley can talk to them. Alf tells hayley that Beth is keen on being a business partner, but Hayley?s not keen on giving up on Jesse yet. Indeed, hayley follows Jesse onto the storeroom and tries to talk t him about what alf wants to do. Jesse doesn?t help his cause but throwing all this back in Hayley?s face. Jesse exits that storeroom, and he takes heed on what alf & hayley have said, ie instead of drinking the business?s alcohol, he ?borrows? some money form the till. Jesse then exits.

HUNTER HOUSE - Scot tries to explain what he said to Kimmy earlier. Beth suggests Scott should have been more supportive of Kimmy. Beth back this up by telling scott a story form her school days - when she shouldn?t have passed a note to the boyfriend of her best friend. Beth, however, will only tells Scott that she shouldn?t have passed the note (ie Beth wouldn?t reveal the note?s contents). After Beth leaves the room, Scott tells Robbie & Tash that he thinks the 3 of them should cook dinner tonight, as berth is V stressed. This confirms to Tash that she should not be living at the hunter place.

VAN PARK HOUSE- Tash pleads with Flynn to let her stay at his house. Flynn tells Tash that it will be on the conditions that sally is OK with the idea, and that it?s temporary. Robbie is with Tash and ?acts? that he is keen about Tasha?s plans.

NAOH?S - alf asks hayley to count the money form the till, as he thinks they are $120 short. When Jesse returns alf questions him about the money. Jesse insists that it?s his money. Alf takes offence to the way Jesse is speaking, and when Jesse exits, hayley concurs that they should at least talk to Beth about being a partner. Alf then phones Beth.

AFTER AD BREAK - alf, Beth & hayley are talking about her becoming a partner when Jesse returns. He throws the $120 at hayley & Co. and is really annoyed that they are talking to Beth about the partnership. When Kimmy voices his opposition to Jesse?s attitude, Jesse takes offence. Jesse charges towards Kimmy - and he elbows hayley in the stomach in the process. The REALLY annoyed Alf phones for an ambulance. (end of ep)


What (OTHER than 1989) secret is Josie hiding? and Cassie is V worried about Tilly?s date with Diesel

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