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Thursday 12 May 2005 - "The Dark Side Clouds EVERYTHING"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?The Dark Side Clouds EVERYTHING !!!?

DINER - Alf tells colleen, Leah, Irene & Hyde about the state that Jesse was in when he found him at Noah?s. Colleen comments that this is all Josie?s fault for breaking Jesse?s heart, whilst alf says that he?ll have to speak to hayley about Jesse & the bar. Before Hyde exits, he & Irene make it clear that they are looking fwd to spending time tonight. As Hyde exits, hayley enters, and she tells Leah that ?everything? is wrong.

BLAXLAND WHARF - Scott tells Beth what?s been happening, esp. his most recent conversation with hayley. Scott tells Beth that he does love hayley, but isn?t sure that the arrangement with the baby can work. Beth insists that Scott should talk to hayley about all this.

DINER - Leah & hayley are alos talking about the situation. Hayley wonders if Leah would have done anything different when she had sally & Flynn?s baby, and Leah insists that she should have talked more to Jesse - and everyone involved should have shared their feeling more. Leah also tells hayley that it sounds like Jesse is going of the rails again, just like he did when Jesse & Leah broke up. It?s clear that Leah fells badly for jesses at present.

DINER FLAT - Martha grabs a beer from the fridge, and tries to assure Tash that she is coping with everything, but Tash doesn?t believe her. Tash is partic annoyed with Josie because of everything that?s happened. Tash tries to convince Martha to join her & Robbie with some anti resort stuff, but Martha isn?t keen on going to Noah?s to do so. Tash however is able to persuade her.

NOAH?S - Robbie, Tash & Martha and Kimmy (subbing fir Jesse at bar) tells Robbie that he might seel Robbie his car, as Kimmy needs more money now that he has a baby on the way. Alf enters and thanks Kimmy for working at such short notice, and Martha is surprised when alf tells her about the macklin office being broken into. Hayley enters - and she looks flustered. Alf asks her if they can chat - and hayley agrees.

DINER - dan is trying to make arrangements for the wedding, but he is annoyed that Leah is so distracted by what?s happened to Jesse. Leah then enters that kitchen, and she looks V worried about Jesse (and that she lied fro him to police.

NOAH?S - hayley isn?t keen on ditching Jesse from the partnership, but alf suggests that they?ve both got the future to think about. Alf doesn?t like it when hayley suggest that alf is suggesting this becasuse of the Jesse/Martha situation. Scott enters, just as alf & hayley have ended their discussion. Scott wants to discuss the baby situation with hayley, who insists that she?s too busy at present. Martha approaches alf - she doesn?t think that alf should be so hard on Jesse, but Alf?s not so sure. Martha then goes over to where Tash, Robbie & Kimie are. Robbie, Tash & Martha then bail - but Kimmy insists that he is going to stay at Noah?s, as he?s looking for a 2-nd job.

BEACH HOUSE - Martha, Tash & Robbie are busily thinking of anti protest idea, when Irene asks Kimmy if he knows where Hyde is. Irene doesn?t like it when Kimmy says that Hyde is probably at school with Beth. Irene is partic annoyed because of the special dinner she?d planned.

SBH - Hyde reads out the letter that he?s going to send to school board about Beth. Beth thinks letter makes her sound like a saint. Beth thanks Hyde for being so supportive to her about the job thing, and (surprise surprise) when Beth hugs Hyde, Irene walks into the room. When Beth bails, Hyde assures Irene that he lost track of time - but she is really annoyed that she didn?t phone & tell her.

DINER - in the kitchen, Leah & hayley are talking about Jesse. Leah?s not keen on going to the police and telling them truth about break in, but hayley insists that Leah does HAVE to tell dan. Near counter, colleen tells Beth that Irene is not pleased with Hyde for what happened at SBH. When Beth approaches Hyde, she is surprised when Hyde suggests that Irene thinks that something is going on between Hyde & Beth. Beth then sees Irene - and makes it clear that nothing IS going on. Irene is taken aback by this - she says she never thought that. In kitchen, dan is talking to Leah, but he doesn?t know why she seems so distracted. As dan goes to the counter, Scott enters - and he briefly tells dan his problems with hayley.

NOAH?S - hayley is surprised when Kimmy appears to be in favour of the resort - as it will mean more job, more tourists etc. kimmy wonders why hayed is so down beat, and she tells him about the scott fiasco. Kimmy surprises hayley when he suggests that he think Scott is right - in that Scott will just have to live with whatever hayley & Kimmy decide about the baby. Kimmy insists that they should talk to Scott

BEACH HOUSE - Scot enters, and hayley is waiting for him. Scott looks UNIMPRESED when hayley insists that because she & Kimmy are the biological parents, they?ll make the decisions about the child?s upbringing. Scott says that he?s ?cool? with that - but it?s clear that ?child rearing by committee? is NOT what Scott had in mind. Scott the bails, and it appears that hayley has realised what Scott ?s true feeling are. (Note - I sooooooo do NOT know why that hayley and Co haven?t thought that, maybe, since eve was stalker - and a nurse - that she didn?t take revenge on hayley & Co by switching the paternity results !!!!)

DINER - in the kitchen, dan wants to read some of his wedding vows to Leah, but she is V busy. When Leah does stop and listen, she gets a real guilt trip when dan talks about honesty in his vows. I the main area of the diner, Irene approaches Beth, Irene tries to clear the air between them, but Beth rather fiercely tells Irene that Irene is V lucky to have a man like hyde is her life. Beth then bails - leaving behind a bewildered Irene (note - you get the feeling that Beth?s anger was a combination of her liking Hyde, and the way that Beth was treated by both jack & Rhys.)

NOAH?S - hayley arrives, and she tells Kimmy the things didn?t go so well when she talked t Scott. Hayley likes it when Kimmy suggests that Scott & hayley should spend some romantic time alone. Robbie, Tash & Martha enter (carrying anti resort sign etc). They wonder if Kimmy wants to assists them, Kimmy insists that he has to work, but after Robbie & Co bail, he see Kimmy looks V seriously at a job advertosement with the macklin corp!!!!!!!

BEACH HOUSE - hayley exits, heading for some alone time with Scott. Kimmy then asks Hyde a loosely worded hypothetical about going for the macklin job or supporting his friends. When Hyde says that Kimmy should do what he feels is more important, Kimmy thanks Hyde for his opinion. Kimmy then rings the macklin corp - about THAT job advert (end of ep)


Kimmy is totally in the firing line of the many protesters (incl. Robbie & Tasha) who are outside that macklin corp office

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