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Wednesday 11 May 2005 - "The Gypsy-ness of Cassie!"

Guest JosieTash

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BTTB ep guide : My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?The Gypsy-ness of Cassie !!!?

NEAR SURF CLUB - Ric & Cassie are walking and they are talking about diesel. Cassie is still V suspicious of way diesel changed his mind bout Tilly, this leads tho them talking about how Ric?s former reputation as a bad boy. Ric insists that that side of him is still there - and when the duo approach the surf club?s Jet Ski, Cassie dares Ric to show this wild side. Whilst Cassie hides near the club building, Ric goes and sits in the driver?s suit of the little 4WD buggy that tows the jet ski. One of the lifeguard sees Ric - and shouts at him to move away, which Ric quickly does. Btw, Cassie is laughing the whole time.

DINER - Cassie comments that she likes guys who take risks. Nearby, colleen tells Scott that she thinks its great that he?s sticking by hayley despite the news that the bub is Kimmy?s. Leah & dan enter and Leah says that she?s left answering machine messages for Jesse but he?s not responded as yet. Leah?s phone then rings - it?s Jesse, telling her about the assault charge.

BEACH HOUSE - hayley is badly affected by morning sickness when Scott enters. He?s annoyed that hayley or Kimmy hadn?t told him about Hayley?s condition earlier. Scott makes several suggestions about what hayley could eat, but is concerned when it seems that Kimmy has all the right answers.

DINER - Jesse enters, and he thanks Leah for bailing him out. Jesse is not pleased when Leah suggests that he REALLY should calm down, and Jesse also isn?t pleased that the police have decreed that he can?t go anywhere near Brett.

BEACH HOUSE - Scott & hayley are in their room, and Scott is a tad surprised when hayley say that she is keen for them to get a place together. Hayley then tells Scott that there?s been a change of time for her 1-st ultrasound, and hayley is surprised when Scott suggests that he shouldn?t attend (because it?s more a hayley/Kimmy thing. Hayley insist he should - and Kimmy says the same thing when hayley & Scott go out into the lounge.

VARN PARK HOUSE - Ric enters, and he immediately shows Cassie the tattoo that he?s just got on his upper arm. Cassie thinks it?s fake, but Ric insists that?s it?s real (note - I get the feeling it?s fake too).

NEAR SURF CLUB - Jesse encounters Brett, and Jesse doesn?t care out the police instructions. A heated verbal augment leads to some pushing & shoving. The annoyed Brett then continues on his way.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie is V surprised when Ric suggests that he wants to get another tattoo, but Ric is more surprised when Cassie wants to go with him and get a tattoo herself. Ric suggests agianst this (which further adds to Cassie?s thoughts that ric?s tattoo is fake).

NOAH?S - hayley tells alf that she has to go to her ultrasound, whilst alf is annoyed that Jesse is very late for his shift. When Jesse does arrive, he doesn?t like it when alf chastises him for his recent attitude/behaviour.

DINER - alf talks to Leah & dan about jess?? attitude. Leah suggests that she?ll speak to Jesse (and dan isn?t keen on this).

NEAR SURF CLUB - when Leah finds Jesse, she?s annoyed that he?s been drinking. Leah insists that Jesse HAS to deal with his feelings for Josie or he?ll continue to ?slide?. Jesse clearly doesn?t want to listen to what Leah has to say.

HOSPITAL - hayley tells Scott that she wants to know that sex of the bub. Scott says that he?s not stressed either way, but Scott isn?t clearly annoyed when hayley changes her mind when Kimmy suggests that he does want to know. (Note - Scott is aslo annoyed by the whole ?pregnancy by committee? idea). The nurse then calls them in for Hayley?s ultrasound.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie is all smiley & happy when she enters Ric? room. She immediately shows him that tattoo that she?s go on the top of her back. Ric can?t believe that Cassie has done this, partic when he shows her that his tattoo was fakes (ie not there any more). Cassie of course plays this for all its worth and says ?sally & flynn are going to kill me? (note - you get the feeling that Cassie?s tattoo is fake as well, and I have to says, I LOVE it when Cassie?s all V playful/fun loving like this)

HOSPITAL - the nurse prepare hayley for the ultrasound, as when Kimmy moves closer to hayley that Scott is, it further alienates Scott.

DINER - dan is trying to talk wedding plans with Leah, but her mind in clearly on Jesse. Dan insists that Jesse must sort things out for himself, but Leah isn?t so sure.

MACKLINS - Jesse breaks into the office, and begins trashing the place.

AFTER AD BREAK - Brett enters the office, and sees all the mess. Hes? clearly thinking that he knows who is responsible.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Ric is mega stressing about Cassie?s tattoo - suggesting ways that she can hide it until she can afford t get it removed. Cassie eventually puts Ric out f his misery, by admitting that the tattoo is fake. Ric & Cassie begin mucking around - and they are just about to kiss, when it?s RIC who stops them this time. He bails from the house - leaving Cassie to wonder why.

HOPPITAL - hayley & Kimmy are really exited when they see images of the baby on the screen, whilst Scott?s al sombre in the background.

NOAH?S - Leah approaches jess. She notices that large cut on his hand and wonders how he got it. She finds out soon enough when Brett & a male cop arrive wondering where Jesse was that afternoon. When they mention the macklin break in, Jesse assures them that he was talking to Leah at that time, and when asked, the flustered Leah concurs. When Brett & the cop are gone, Leah is most annoyed that she had to lie for Jesse (AGAIN - if my memory serves me correct).

NEAR BEACH -when Cassie catches up with Ric, she wonders why he broke of from their kiss. Ric insist that he didn?t want to rush things esp. after what Cassie?s been through with Uncle Ben. Ric wants them both to be 110% sure of things before they take their friendship to the next level - and Cassie is V appreciative of this.

SURF CLUB - alf enters and he notices that Noah?s is closed. When he unlocks the doors, he is NOT pleased to find Jesse passed out with a battle of alcohol in hand !!! (Note - I LOVE the dramatic way that they are leading to Jesse?s upcoming exit).

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy & hayley are all V excited when they put the ultrasound pics on the fridge, but when hayley enters the lounge, scott tells her that he doesn?t think that the whole situation is going to work, esp. after today. Hayley pleads with Scott to reconsider but Scott adds to the woe by saying something he?ll clearly regret before he bails (end of ep)


Will Hayley & Scott get back together?

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