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Tuesday 10 May 2005 - "Heading For Heartache"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Heading For Heartache?

Diner - Jesse is raving on about fighting the resort, and Martha is NOT impressed. Jesse apologises for doing this, but he can?t help himself and Jesse continues his rant.

Noah?s - alf wants Morag to call the police about what happened, but she is adamant that she won?t. Hyde?s phone rings - he?s angry at what other person is saying - and Hyde responds ?I won?t let that happen?. In games room, Tilly is worried bout that way she looks, but Cassie insist that Tilly?s outfit is fine. Diesel enters, and the trio bail.

Beach - diesel begins playing his guitar. Tilly makes it sound like she?s into everything that diesel is, but when Tilly temporarily bails (nature call), diesel tells Cassie that he?s not interested in Tilly.

Diner - Jesse & Martha are talking when Jesse notices that Josie & Brett have just entered. Jesse instantly becomes more affectionate with Martha, but Martha notices that Josie is there, and she storms off.

Diner flat - Martha enters, and locks the door. She then eventually lets Jesse in. it takes a while, but Jesse is able to convince Martha that he?s only interested in her (not Josie).

Noah?s - alf & Morag have just bailed, when Cassie, Tilly & diesel enter. Tilly wants to hang out with diesel some more, but he insists that he?s very busy. When diesel has exited, Tilly tells Cassie that she thinks that diesel is taking things slow with her, but Cassie doesn?t tell Tilly the truth.

Van park house - Cassie sneaks upstairs, and when Ric sees her, she can?t believe that she went out after all. Flynn then approaches, and Cassie hides behind the bedroom door (Flynn doesn?t see her). Ric tells Flynn that the voices we heard were because of a nightmare Ric had. Before Flynn exits the room, he tells Ric that he & dally are still getting used to being the parents of teens. When Flynn is gone, an exasperated Ric tells the quietly laughing Cassie ?they actually trust us !!!?

Diner -alf & Morag enter, and after alf heads upstairs, Morag confronts Josie. Josie denies having anything to do with Morag almost being run over, but Morag is adamant she will discover the truth.

Near beach - next morning, Jesse &Martha talk about the night they?ve just spent together. Martha is horrified when Jesse calls her Josie. Martha storms off.

Van park house - sally is rather surprised tha5t Cassie is so awake this morning (as this is not usually the case). When Flynn & sally are out of the room, Ric asks Cassie about last night. When Cassie tells him what happened, Ric insists that Cassie HAS to tell Tilly the truth.

SBH - Tilly enters, and diesel says that they can?t hang out because she?s (still) busy. Tilly goes over and speaks to Emma & Cassie. Emma thinks diesel is playing hard to get, but Cassie isn't so sure. Indeed, Cassie tries to tell Tilly the truth but Tilly just won?t listen. Nearby, Beth is concerned when Hyde ignores her as he walks past. Also, a couple of guys are hassling Diesel. Ric tries to get them to stop, but not before the tattoo of a rose of diesel?s shoulder is exposed. The annoying boys suggest that diesel is gay. Sally approaches diesel - and the others walk away. Sally suggests that if diesel was wearing a school uniform, they would pay less attention to him. Diesel insists his foster parents haven?t had time to get one for him yet. Sally offers to take diesel to the uniform pool - but he declines. In a nearby classroom, Hyde is o the phone, and he?s V annoyed (see below). In the corridor, Ric hears Tilly ?talking up? her relationship with diesel, but when Tilly walks away, Ric insists that Cassie HAS to set her straight. Nearby, sally enters a classroom full of students. She gets a couple of boys to stop hassling diesel. Sally then asks diesel if he did his homework, he says that he didn?t, but henry takes offence when sally is more annoyed that he also didn?t do the work. Sally insists that she?d be ?harder? on diesel if he?d been at the school as long as henry has.

Diner - Brett approaches Martha, as he?s not happy with the Jesse/Martha situation. Martha tells Brett to back off. Jesse then arrives and a heated ?discussion? ends with Jesse punching Brett (note - it wasn?t as good as when Jesse punched marc). Alf enters the room, and Brett tells alf what Jesse has been up to, before Brett bails (and alf does NOT look impressed). In the kitchen, Morag & alf have a go at Jesse for what?s happened. Jesse insists it?s none of their business, before Jesse bails. Martha then assures alf & Morag they?ll be no more problems - as she & Jesse are over.

SBH - sally?s class has just ended, and sally suggests that diesel should stay in the room. She offers diesel some more support (with a uniform & further teaching). Diesel wonders why, and sally insists that she knows what it?s like to be a foster child in a new town etc - diesel is clearly encouraged by this. When diesel goes to his locker, he finds a sign on it that says, ?pretty boy lived here?. Diesel decides on a course of action - he V publicly asks Tilly out on a date. She gladly accepts - but Cassie looks sceptical. Nearby, Hyde tells Beth that the school board is cost cutting again - incl. HER JOB !!! Hyde vows to fight the discussion all the way. In corridor, Cassie asks diesel why he changed his mind about Tilly, but Cassie is STILL sceptical (despite diesel?s response).

Noah?s - Morag approaches Jesse. She tells him that she no longer requires his assistance with the Macklin problem (because she doesn?t trust him in light of the Martha situation). Jesse takes offence to this, but Morag makes it clear that she ?might? tell someone that he broke into Josie?s flat if Jesse doesn?t back off. Seconds after Morag exits, Laura (female uniform cop) approaches Jesse. She tells him to accompany her to the station - Brett has informed then that Jesse assaulted him (end of ep)


Scott tells hayley that he doesn?t think their relationship can ?work? - this happens after Hayley?s 1-st ultrasound, whilst Ric & Cassie are getting closer & closer.

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