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League celebrities out of touch

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League celebrities out of touch

The Daily Terrorgraph

May 9, 2005

DENI Hines probably put it best when she said that her team shouldn't give up their day jobs.

Miraculously, she scored during the celebrity touch footy match before the Country V City league match in Lismore at the weekend.

A miracle, because even she admitted to playing for the wrong team during the game.

Hines' side, including retired league stars Laurie Daley and Gorden Tallis, Big Brother winner Trevor Butler, Summer Bay babe Isabel Lucas and Celebrity Circus clown Dieter Brummer were shamed by their opponents, which included no such league greats.

Neighbours star Blair McDonough was the unmistakable man of the match, taking the winning side, including Renovation Rescue's Luke Van Dyke, Sydney "was IT" girl Tahyna Tozzi and Home and Away's Chris Hemsworth to victory with a diving try in the final stages.

Following the match, Hemsworth and Lucas went MIA after being mobbed by fans.


There are a couple of pics on newspix.com.au (search for isabel lucas)

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