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Friday 6 May 2005 - "Life Beyond Death"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Life Beyond Death?

Noah?s ? Tilly is cleaning u after the town meeting. When henry shows till that he?s rented a zombie movie for their DVD night, Tilly thinks that Henry?s choice is in bad taste (given Joy?s recent death). In the bar room, Jesse, Martha, Morag, Alf and others are thinking of way to stop the resort. Morag comments that small of the suggestions are too ?small town?. Irene decides to bail ? as she?s worried about the stormy weather. When Martha enquires, Jesse says that he?s saving his energies for the REAL fight.

Beach house ? Irene arrives, and Hyde tells her that he?s locked all the windows etc. they hug ? and then this duo, and hayley & Scott are surprised when kimmy returns from his trip to the city. Kimmy gives hayley a baby album ? and Scott says that he thinks its V nice. Hyde tells kimmy that they need to talk.

Tilly & Henry arrive and Cassie insists that she?s OK with the zombie movie.

Noah?s ? at the bar, Jesse tells Morag that the others are thinking too small. Jesse suggests that he can get Josie?s spare key and find out what macklins are up too. Morag insists that Jesse should NOT proceed with that course of action, and Jesse says that he won?t.

Beach house ? kimmy is in shock (after being told off screen about the woman he knew as Zo?). Hyde, Irene, Scott & hayley are all surprised that kimmy is more concerned about how sally and peter are than he is about his own feelings.

Van park house ? Tilly, Cassie & the boys have just begun to watch movie when the power is cut (there?s a blackout throughout the bay).

Beach house ? when kimmy talks to hayley about all kinds of baby stuff, Irene & Hyde are really concerned that kimmy isn?t really with his true feelings.

Noah?s ? when Leah gets off the phone, she says that Dan almost had a riot on his hands because the Wiggles video that VJ was watching stopped (because of blackout). Jesse decide to bail ? but Morag goes after him, and once more makes it clear that he is NOT to try to access info in Josie?s flat.

Van park house ? whilst Tilly proposes that they all play scrabble, Cassie suggests a seyonce. Tilly is against the idea ? but is persuaded to join in.

Beach house ? Hyde approaches kimmy, about his lack of emotion, but kimmy insists that he is ?fine?.

Van park house ? Cassie has layed out all the scrabble pieces in position and Ric & henry feel funny when Cassie asks them ALL to hold holds. The boys comply and Cassie asks Joy to give her a sign that joy is there. Nothing happens immediately (cassie? not impressed).

Beach house ? hayley suggest a different plan of attack for the kimmy problem. She goes onto the back patio where kimmy is sitting. He makes it clear that he doesn?t want to talk about Zo? etc, and hayley says that she wants to talk about the baby. Hayley says things like she wants the sex of the bub to be a surprise for her when it?s born. Hayley?s plan works ? as she is talking, kimmy begins to cry (esp. after he has a flashback of ?Zo?? saying that she loves him). Kimmy admits that she loved ?Zo??

Van park house ? Cassie is concerned that she?s not yet got a response from Joy.

Josie?s flat ? Jesse enters (having used Josie?s spare key). He opens several of the drawers in the living area. He sees a manila folder with mackling/baulmark enterprises on it, and another folder beneath that one. Jesse is forced to hide in another room when Brett & Josie arrive.

Beach house ? kimmy & hayley are talking about the baby, and kimmy thanks hayley for bringing his true feelings for ?Zo?? to the surface. Irene & Hyde decide to go to bed, and it?s clear that Scott is not happy about how emotionally close kimmy & hayley are.

Van park house ? Cassie is annoyed that Tilly isn?t taking the s?ance more seriously. Cassie then goes onto the back patio. She insists that she feels bad because she thinks that Tilly might be right (that the since is a waste of time).

Josie?s flat ? Jesse is almost busted by Josie a couple of times, but each time Josie is about to enter the room Jesse is in, Brett distracts Josie with a question.

Van park house ? Tilly approaches Cassie and tells her that Joy will give Cassie a sign. Tilly knows this because she was hoping that jack would do so after he died. Tilly did the seyonce thing without success but later, tilly found an old pair of jeans that jack gave her and at then moment one of jack?s fave songs came on the radio ? and it was the 1-st time tilly had EVER heard this song on radio. Tilly KNOWS it was a sign from jack, and insists that Joy WILL give Cassie a sign that she?s watching over Cassie.

Josie?s flat ? Josie is about to enter the room Jesse is in when Brett sees one of the pieces of paper about the resort just lying on the floor. Brett & Josie thinks someone has broken in, so they go into kitchen to see if windows are locked. Jesse takes this opportunity t move to right next to the door of the flat. When Josie is putting that piece of paper back in the drawer, Jesse decides to exit, but Josie thinks she heard the door close. She checks but she no one outside. Bret thinks it must have been the wind.

Van park house ? Tilly & henry exit, and the power comes back on. Ric & Cassie then begin to blow out the candles but just as Cassie is about to extinguish one of them, it goes out by itself. Cassie notes that there?s no wind at present ? and she KNOWS that THIS is the sign from joy that she?s been waiting for.

Noah?s ? Alf, Martha & the others continue to talk about their anti resort plans, when Jesse returns. He tells Morag that he?s received a letter than he needs legal help with. When they are away from the others, Morag is annoyed that Jesse entered Josie?s flat. When Jesse asks, Morag says that she?ll have to investigate the name ?baulmark enterprises?. Morag then suggest that the best way to deal with the resort is to discredit Josie & Bret. Both Jesse & Morag insist that they can rid themselves of Josie IF they discover her 1989 secret !!! (end of ep)


Flynn finds Ric in Cassie?s room (pity that sally didn?t),

whilst Cassie encourages Tilly to ask new guy Diesel out on a date

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