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Dancing with the real stars

Guest Andy

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Dancing with the real stars


7 May 2005

They didn't win the most Logies, but one thing's for sure, Channel 7 people definitely know how to party.

Led by hot dancers Tom Williams and All Saints' Alexandra Davies, they packed the dance floor at Pure South in Southbank until about 4am.

Today Tonight's Naomi Robson was a hit on the dance floor, as were the many Home and Away girls down from Sydney for the night.

Channel 7 boss Ryan Stokes and Gabrielle Richens were seen leaving together after spending most of the night on the dance floor, fuelling rumours. However, he is now overseas, so the rumours may abate for a while.

After all the official parties finished, hotel rooms at Quay West and Crown were popular places to go, as were clubs Heat and Q Bar.

In a revealing outfit, Pauline Hanson showed some style on the dance floor, further evidence she has come a long way since her One Nation days.

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