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Thursday 5 May 2005 - "We Will Fight Them On The Beaches"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?We Will Fight Them On The Beaches ??

Van park house - sally is busily packing away baby Pippa?s toys. Ric & Cassie tell sally & flyyn that they are going to go to sleep. (Note - wouldn?t it be ironic if sally caught Ric & Cassie in bed together, just like when Michael found Sally in bed with jack all those years ago). Flynn decides to aslo go to bed, and suggest that sally should join him. Sally insists that she will do so soon. When flyyn & the others have left the room, sally begins to hear a series of thumps on the door. Sally approaches the door. The door flies open - and Eve charges towards sally (berating sally all the way). Sally then AWAKES from her nightmare !!!!!!!

Diner - Morag is reading that newspaper, and the likes of Robbie & Martha comment that it?s surprising the new macklin resort is the front page story - and not the capture of th stalker. Morag is really intrigued when the article suggest that new resort have council approval, and alf insist that the council will have consult the public before doing so. In the kitchen, Leah & Irene comment on how slow business is today. Irene thinks that ppl shouldn?t just lock themselves in their houses. Colleen then enters, and she apologises for being late. Leah & Irene comment that colleen shouldn?t have come in - because she has Joy?s funeral to attend later that day - but colleen insists that she needs to work (to keep her mind off things).

Van park house - sally is washing her hands (nice touch - with her OCD) when Flynn approaches. Sally agrees with Flynn?s thoughts that she should get some trauma counselling. Flynn is quite surprised when sally says that she will be attending Joy?s funeral - as sally needs to be there for Cassie. Sally won?t be swayed on this matter.

Diner - Tasha isn?t happy when Jesse, Martha & others say bad things about Josie because of the whole macklin corp thing. Tash insists that she?s staying out of this fight. Jesse & Martha then exit.

Noah?s - when Jesse & Martha see Josie & Brett, Jesse orders them to leave. Brett tales offence to this, and if dan hadn?t have entered the room when he did, Jesse would have punched Brett. Brett & Josie exit after Brett threatens to have Jesse charged if he tries that again.

Diner - many ppl are there after joy?s funeral. Tilly tells Cassie that the funeral service was beautiful. After sally talks to alf, and walks way, alf comments that Cassie isn?t the only one taking today in her stride. Flynn admits that he?s not told sally about the macklin buying van park as yet - he?ll do so when they get home. Flynn tells alf how great Ric has been (for Cassie) throughout all this. Dan enters, and tells Leah about the Jesse/Brett confrontation.

Noah?s - Jesse is still V high strung after the encounter with Brett & Josie. Martha ?suggests? that he should SERIOUSLY calm down, as she thinks he?s reacting this way because of Josie. Jesse goes to hug Martha but she pulls away - and Martha tells Jesse to clean up his act.

Diner - Tilly, Beth, sally & Flynn talk to Cassie before they exit. Colleen is reluctant to talk to Cassie, but when she approaches, Cassie says that colleen was the only one who truly understands Joy. Colleen is surprised when Cassie hugs her - and begins to cry whilst they?re hugging. In the kitchen, alf comments that its V unlike the ppl of summer bay to be as down beat as they are at present. Josie arrives, and alf & Irene ?suggests? that she should leave. A fiery exchange between Josie & Irene leads to Tash getting off the fence. Tasha ?tells off? Josie and storms out of the diner.

Near surf club - Tash (with Robbie following her) approaches Martha & Jesse. Tash tells them that she?ll be involved in ANY plans they have against the macklin corp.

Beach - Ric sees Cassie siting on the sand - with the urn containing joys ashes beside her. After Ric sits beside Cassie, she tells him she has no idea where she?ll spread the ashes. Ric & Cassie talk about how surreal the funeral of joy & Ric?s father were. Cassie aslo comments that Joy was a spiritual person, but Cassie hasn?t received any signs from joy that prove that there?s life beyond death.

Van park house - after Flynn tells sally about the macklin buying the van park, sally is V down beat - she insists that the magic is gone (ppl will start locking their doors etc). Josie & Brett arrive -they want to talk to sally & flyyn about the Van Park. Flynn wants them to leave, but sally insists to hearing what they have to say. Brett then spreads the plans for the resort on the table, and Flynn notices than the van park house will be right in the middle of the resort. Brett insists that macklin want to but the Van Park house - so they can demolish it. Flynn tells them to get lost - but Brett insists that they are prepared to pay $1 million for the house (note - sally isn?t protesting this at all)

After break - when Ric & Cassie return, Flynn tells them about the macklins offer. When Ric & Cassie go upstairs, Flynn is surprised when sally tells him that she feels like she needs a new start - and after all, it?s PEOPLE she cares about, not places & possessions.

Noah?s - Morag, Jesse, Martha, Tash & others are talking about the macklins corp plans for Van Park. Tash suggest that she could pretend to be on Josie?s side - and find out the macklins plans that way. Morag insists that Tash doesn?t lie for them. When dan arrives, he comments that there?s hardly anyone out & about. Alf insists that he might have a plan to reverse the town?s collective fear. Alf calls for a town meeting - to make sure the macklins (or anyone else) doesn?t take advantage of the town in its weakened state.

Van park house - Cassie has just gotten off the phone when she tells Ric that her aunt Pauline has said that Cassie can live with her. Flynn, then sally, overhears when Cassie tells Ric that there?ll probably be no room for her when sally & Flynn move to another place. Sally & flynn then make it quite clear to Cassie that wherever they go, she can come to, ie Cassie?s part of the family now - and this is sealed when Cassie?s photo is added to the mantelpiece. Sally & the other then exit - heading for the town meeting

Noah?s - alf is concerned that more ppl haven?t shown up at the meeting (mostly main cast, with a small smattering of extras). When Ric & Cassie enter, Tilly agrees to come over to their place for a DVD fest tonight. Alf then begins the meeting - and, as he; known to do from time to time, alf give a massively brilliant, impassioned speech about no-one or nothing being able to defeat the spirit of the ppl of the bay throughout the years (and many many battles). All at the meeting are affected by Alf?s speech - esp. the previously down beat sally, who how appears to be her usual MEGA fighting self again !!! Brett & Josie arrive, and try to inform the baysiders about their council approved resort plans, but sally & the others insists that Brett & Josie should leave. When they are gone, sally & Jesse that the macklins will be EASY to defeat, but Morag is more cautious. She insists that the macklin corp is VERY different evil to the psychotic Eve. Morag is certain that this fight will be harder. (end of ep)


Will Jesse get caught - as he tries to see the secret plans for the resort?

and how will Kimmy react when he finds out that he was dating the stalker???

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