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Wednesday 4 May 2005 - "Step Aside Lara Croft"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Step Aside Lara Croft !!!?

Intercut scene ? peter is at police station when sally (at warehouse) rings. Eve is annoyed when sally seems to deviate from eve plan, ie sally says yes to Peter?s question about if she is still in vicinity of the bay, but sally ad libs by saying to eve that peter has thought the line had dropped out. Sally then reads out Eve?s list of demands (which are typed on a piece of paper on sally?s lap). Peter is concerned for sally when it sound like eve has hurt sally ? and sally makes eve know that peter knows who she REALLY is. Eve ends the call ? and Clare tells peter that the call wasn?t long enough to establish trace. Peter tells Clare that he heard a noise in background during call ? he?s not sure what it was (but audience could clearly hear that it was a plane of some description)

Warehouse ? sally insists that she?ll help eve if she gives herself up ? sally will tell the eve was under the influence of Sarah, but eve insist that this is not true. Eve tells sally that this calls for a change of plan.

Police station ? Clare suggests that the best way to catch eve is to get eve to come to them, and the best way to achieve that is to call another town meeting about the stalker. Peter is against this, but Clare is insistent.

Warehouse - sally pleads to be set free, not for herself, but because of baby pippa.

Van park house ? peter tells Flynn (holding baby pippa), alf, Leah, dan etc that sally is still alive, and totally coherent - and that Eve had her. Flynn & Co are shocked that the woman they know as Zoe is the stalker. Peter then tells them about the town meeting, and alf agreed that it can take place at the surf club. When peter asks, Dan agrees to do up flyers for the meeting, and put them up all over town. Peter also asks alf what deliveries Noah?s is expecting today ? alf say a big truck is expected at approx 4pm. Peter likes this ? but he says he can?t go into the real details on the plan at present.

Police station ? peter is still not happy bout the town meeting idea, when harper tells him that evan miller has decided to crop dust after all today. Peter insists that harper rings Evan, & tell him to stop. When peter & Clare enter their office, Clare insists that her plan will work.

Warehouse ? Sally is really scared when eve exits the room, and locks the door. Before she exits warehouse, eve severs a gas line.

Beachside road ? dan is putting up town meeting posters when eve (with a brunette pixie cut wig on) drives past. Eve is visibly pleased.

Warehouse ? sally begins to move herself (and the chair she?s tied to) closer to the door.

Van park house ? when hayley enquires, Flynn says that peter wants them to remain here until he arrives. Peter them arrives, and as they exit, peter says he?ll tell Flynn, hayley, Scott & Co the real story (does so off screen)

Outside surf club ? peter & Clare marshall all the SB residents into the surf club. Harper contacts peter via radio ? everyone is in place. Jesse arrives by himself ? and eve (how with sunglasses on as well as wig) sees this.

Warehouse ? sally continues to move herself close to the door. She stooped moving and confirms to herself that she can hear the leaking gas. Sally tries harder to get to the door but this quick movement causes the chair to topple over. Sally really begins to feel affects of leaking gas now.

Outside surf club ? eve watches as Beth approaches the surf club. Alf, Beth, peter & Co enter.

Surf club ? peter &Clare are alone in the games room. Peter hopes the their plan works, and eve doesn?t follow delivery truck (with townsfolk in it).

Outside surf club ? eve watches as the delivery van passes her. She ignores it, and prepares for an assault on the surf club (and the supposed townsfolk inside)

Diner ? Leah & all the other enter. All are concerned about all the cloak & dagger stuff. They are also worried about Flynn. Scott & Jesse are concerned that they can?t rem Eve from the time they went to psych hospital, and how eve (as Zoe) gained their trust. Hyde responds to a question by saying that Kimmy is in city and is uncontactable at present. Dan approaches flyyn ? tries to reassure him that sally will be OK.

Surf club ? peter & Clare prepare for action when they hear a noise inside the club, but harper (via radio) informs them that one of the uniform police damaged some of the item in a storeroom. Peter then hears THAT crop dusting plane again ? and realises that this is that sound he heard earlier. Peter tells Clare that Evan miller?s farm is near an abandoned warehouse. Peter insists on checking it out. Clare objects, but peter won?t be swayed, and he exits.

Outside surf club ? peter gets it his car, and begins drive to warehouse. Eve follow him at a safe distance.

Road to warehouse ? peter continues to go straight ahead on a partic road, whilst Eve makes a left hand turn. Peter soon discovers he?s on a no through road. He can see warehouse ? but there?s a big field in between him & warehouse. Peter gets back in car.

Warehouse ? eve arrives and goes inside. She?s locks the door. Eve open the door to the room sally is in. eve sees that sally is unconscious. Eve checks sally?s pulse ? and sally takes this opportunity TO ATTACK. She fiercely pushes eve up of the way and rushes out of the room. Sally realises exit door is locked, so she scales a wall to exit. Sally runs away from the warehouse but she sees Eve is also outside now. Sally decides to go back inside ? as Peter arrives in his car. Eve follows sally into warehouse. Locks door behind her (so Peter can?t get in ? and sally can?t escape). Sally runs upstairs ? eve hears this and follows. Sally hides upstairs, until she has the opportunity to go back downstairs without eve seeing here (note ? this is all V tense, exciting action)/. Sally goes to the door downstairs realises its locked. Searches for another exit. Peter sees sally, and alerts eve them sally is downstairs by calling out to sally. Sally hears eve descending the stairs. Sally hides from eve. When eve is close to sally, sally takes her opportunity to attack once more. She pushes to surprised eve into the room where sally was being held before. Sally locks the little room door behind her. Sally & peter frantically search for a way for sally to escape that won?t set off a spark (and ALL THAT GAS). Peter finds a big piece of wood & uses it to open one of the metal mesh panels over one of the windowsills. Sally is able to escape. All the while, eve continually kicks the room door trying to escape herself. Peter & sally runs away form the warehouse ? and when eve kicks that door open, the spark caused by it opening ignites the gas, causing a BIG fireball which knocks sally &peter to the ground (trust me when I say that sally was TOTALLY AWESOME in this whole encounter).

Police station ? peter chastises himself about everything that?s happened, and Clare insists that peter shouldn?t be so hard on himself. Clare then kisses peter, and he kisses her.

Van park house ? flynn, Leah, dan & Co are V pleased that sally is alive & OK ? and sally is V pleased to see them, and her baby pippa. Sally tells them that eve did this because of her connection to psycho Sarah. When the others have exits, sally & Flynn PASH, and as they hug sally begins to cry (I?m thinking happy tears)

Police station ? peter plays Clare another bit of the Sarah tapes ? its? a conversation between Sarah & eve !!!!!! Clare tells peter that they found a body at the warehouse ? but its burnt beyond recognition. Peter continues to be hard on himself (despite Clare?s suggestion for him not to be. In the final image of the ep, the anxious peter (listening to Sarah?s ?the phoenix will arise from the ashes?) is superimposed over the blaze at the warehouse (end of ep)


Is Martha jealous of Josie? and is Eve REALLY dead?

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