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Tuesday 3 May 2005 - "Psycho Plus Psycho Equals SUPER Psycho!

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?Psycho Plus Psycho Equals SUPER Psycho !!!?

NOTE - Stalker is Revealed in this ep.

Police station - peter & Clare are talking about psycho Sarah when peter gets a phone call saying that eve Jacobson?s details (sarah?s nurse) are being faxed to him now. Peter goes to the fax machine, and Clare notices that is distracted. Peter then shows her a picture of Eve Jacobson - the image is of the person we know as ZOE McCALLISTER !!!!!!!

Warehouse - Eve (aka ?our? Zoe) tells sally that she was right the 1-st time. This is ALL because of Sarah Lewis - Eve says ?I loved her, and she loved me?

Police station - peter shows the assembled police that pic of Eve. We wants a complete search done of her history and he wants to know everything about her - no matter how minute the detail may sound. When peter goes into his office, he answers Clare?s question by typing into Zoe? name into the national health workers database. When the REAL Zoe?s image comes up, it?s the woman who was burned beyond recognition in the bushfire!

Warehouse - when sally enquires, eve tells her that patients don?t just escape from psych wards. Eve was Sarah?s nurse, and they instantly became friends. Eve liked Sarah and vice versa - they formed a VERY strong bond (during which Sarah told her about the bay & Felix?s death etc). When eve heard that a review board would be assessing Sarah, she told Dr Foley played by same actor as last time) that she believed that Sarah is totally repentant for what she?d done. Eve however wasn?t going to take the risk that Sarah wouldn?t be set free. Mid way through the review board meeting, eve races into the room, saying that Sarah had attacked her and escaped. (Btw, whenever eve mentions something from the past we see flashback of those events). Eve tells sally that she loved that there was never an inquiry into Sarah?s escape (and eve ends this sentence with a maniacal laugh non unlike Sarah?s on the night Noah (and Sarah) died. Eve continues by saying that a little later, Dr Foley approached her, and she knew that he was going to tell her that Sarah (eve?s soulmate) was dead. Eve decided to take revenge on the ppl of summer bay for Sarah?s death. On the night of sarah?s funeral, eve was at a pub and she just happened to have to shear a table with a nurse (called Zoe) who?d just graduated from training college and was excited that she?d just got her 1-st positing at northern districts hospital. Eve became Zoe?s best friends - finding out all the she could. Eve was pleased that Zoe was a loaner - estranged from her family in western Australia. Eve suggested that she had some time off work so she would go to summer bay with the real Zoe. Eve panicked a little as they approached the bay - but took advantage of the real Zoe wanting to have her phot taken beside the ?entering summer bay? sign. Eve then killed the real Zoe, and started the bush fire to make Zoe?s body unidentifiable.

Police station - peter tells Clare that they?ve discover that the real Zoe is a loner, and Clare tries to calm Peter down (as he?s beginning to ?loose it?)

Warehouse - eve then explains her reign of terror. She set fire to the palace because that?s where Sarah was 1-st captured by the police. Eve then began worked (as Zoe) at the hospital - and pretended to be the sweetest, most innocent girl in the world - and she knew that act was working when KK totally ?bought? her act. Eve was pleased when Leah gladly accepted those joy flights tickets without question - but eve was annoyed when Leah & Co were saved by the actions of the heroic pilot. Eve was pleased that a disgruntled ex worker ?took the fall?. (Btw, as well as all the flashbacks, we also see Sally slowly undoing the ropes that bind her hands). Eve continued by saying that she sent the ?summer bay will pay? note to suggest that Sarah was still alive. Eve then of the Josie/marc blackmail, and when all were at the town meeting about stalker, she broke into hunter house and stole tape. Eve thought it was a pity that Josie discovered this in time and prevented Jesse from seeing tape. Eve tells sally that she trashed hunter & vans park houses, and left ?tick tock? notes, to further enhance thoughts of Sarah - and took photos as souvenirs for trophy wall. At this point eve tells sally that she REALLY wanted to tell sally about Flynn?s drug problem - that would have ruined Zoe?s ?nicest girl in the world? reputation. Eve then planted the evidence (real Zoe?s back pack etc) in Marc?s car to throw police off the right trail/ eve then took advantage of the Josie/marc fights, and Josie?s thoughts that marc is stalker, to further put this suggestion into Peter?s mind. Then Eve pretended that she?d been attacked by stalker - on date with Kimmy. (Note - loved how Eve took pride in hurting herself so others would believe that marc is stalker). To continue with these thoughts, she planted bloodies knife in Marc?s house. Eve then explains that she attacked sally both at the van park house AND at the hospital because sally had made uncomplimentary comments about Sarah. Eve adds that she took great enjoyment out of playing heroic nurse Zoe after both attacks - and continue by saying that sally would have been killed at the van park house if flynn hadn?t arrived home when he did. Eve tells sally that she suggested the murder mystery party as a way to kill a LOT of ppl at once, but couldn?t believe it when marc turned up at mansion. When he realised that Eve was stalker, she attacked him - and then bought herself some time with Marc?s car "accident". Eve was annoyed when peter wouldn't back off his investigation, so she attacked him outside the police station (Clare?s arrival that night saved Peter?s life). Eve tells sally that she couldn?t believe that peter called out Sarah?s name (thinking Sarah was still alive) after Eve attacked him at abattoir. When peter suggested that he wanted to hypnotise eve, she had to say yes, but knew that the info that she is stalker would be revealed when she was hypnotised so eve rang Kimmy and deliberately whilst on phone made it sound like she?d been kidnapped. Eve added to this by cutting herself and spattering blood on her mobile phone and the area near it. Eve tells sally about sending the ?Zoe? dead? e-mail to peter but then realised that she?d left Sarah?s ring at the van. Eve knew that police would trace her link to Sarah if they had the ring. Eve had to go back for it - which is when she encountered the rather nosey sally (which brings us totally up to speed on the how, where, who, where & why of the stalker?s reign of terror (expect for things like the paternity test switch).

Police station - Clare tells peter that Eve has an interesting psych history. It?s rumoured that she killed her grandmother when she set fire to his car when she was 8 years old. When eve was 10, her grandfather died in a suspicious house hire. Eve has then in and out of foster homes for a few years, before she torched a neighbour?s pet bunny rabbit. Peter insists that the MUST find sally (before eve does something to her).

Warehouse - when sally enquires, eve insists that she?s not going to kill sally - indeed sally is going to help her DESTROY summer bay

(Note 1 - end of ep /

note 2 - Emily Perry was BRILLIANT in this ep, and that?s coming from a person who?s NOT a fan of this actress /

Note 3 - how does someone with eve?s psych history get a job as a nurse at a psych hospital?)


The search for sally & Eve

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