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Monday 2 May 2005 - "Peter, I SOOOOOOO Hope You're Wrong!

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Peter, I SOOOOOOO Hope You're Wrong !!!?

Van park house - Flynn arrives, and he wonders where sally is, as he wants to tell hell about the macklin buying the Van Park. Ric & Cassie are shocked by this news, but didn?t know where sally is. Flynn exits via back patio door

Warehouse - the stalker opens their car boot (another late 1980s sedan) and lifts the tied up sally onto their shoulder. Stalker walks towards the warehouse entrance.

Near surf club - alf & Morag are talking to Martha. They all agree that that Josie saying she ?didn?t know? that cline Co is a macklin subsidiary is just an act. When Martha makes unfavourable comment about Brett, alf says that Brett has done one good like in his life (being Martha?s biological father). When Martha asks bout the Van Park, Morag says she will get the ball rolling on the protests against it. After Morag rings someone, alf tells Martha that no one in the bay fights harder that sally.

Van park - Flynn continues to look for sally - and he?s gets quite stressed. Flynn sees that Zoe?s van door is open, and nearby he finds both the metal tyre lever that staler attacked marc (and sally) with, AND sally?s necklace. Flynn frantically calls out ?SALLY? several times.

Outside surf club - when alf talks about Brett, Martha says that she shouldn?t have expected too much from him (given that he rejected her in the recent past). Martha continues by saying that she had a dream that she met her biological father - and he was a warm, loving farmer (or someone like that). Peter & Clare are walking nearby (talking about the stalker I presume). When they get close to Morag, she asks how things are going. Peer says their investigation is proceeding. After peter & Clare continue their walk, they agree to keep the news of Zoe?s apparent death from the public. Peter?s phone rings - it?s Flynn, and peter asks him to SLOW DOWN.

Van Park - peter & Clare ask Flynn some questions and they thoroughly check out the Van Park for further evidence. Clare notices that some of the shrubs of the very outskirts of the nearby bushland have been disturbed. Peter concurs that sally had fled into the bush. All the while, Flynn is becoming even more frantic.

Warehouse - sally is in the centre of a darkened room - she is tied to a chair.

Van park house - peter & Clare enter. They tell Flynn that the SES and others are already searching bushland for sally, and there are several teams on stand by so the search can continue all night. Flyyn really wants to search, but peter thinks its better for Flynn to remain at home. As Peter & Clare exit, Flynn goes onto back patio - followed by Ric & Cassie.

Warehouse - sally tries to untie herself, as the camera circles her several times (V nice touch)

Van park house - Flynn frantically looks through the kitchen drawers (pulling some of them onto the floor) as he frantically searches for a torch. Ric & Cassie try in vain to convince him to stay at the van park house. Flynn exits Via the back patio (to search for sally) whilst Ric & Cassie are halted from going after him when baby pippa cries.

Police station - Clare & peter are kind of pleased they?ve received no new e-mails from the stalker (as it most likely means that sally is still alive). Peter then suggests that the stalker must have returned to Zoe?s van to get some incriminating evidence. Clare then suggests that they check through all of the things recovered from Zoe?s van after she was kidnapped.

Van parks house - Martha, alf & Morag enter. Flynn wonders what is happening - alf & Co tell him the search is well under way. Flynn goes onto the back patio, followed by alf, who tells flynn that he?s NEVER seen summer bay ?pull together? so much as they have for this search for sally (note - I?d have to concur - teams searching right through the night has previously been unheard of). Alf assures Flynn that they will find sally (its all V emotional stuff). Alf suggest that they should talk about it, but Flynn wants to be left alone.

Police station - peter & Clare look things the items found in Zoe?s van and Clare notices that peter is paying partic attention to a ring. Peter tells Clare that it looks familiar - and he has a flashback of the night Noah was killed. Clare isn?t happy when peter suggests that it?s psycho Sarah?s - but after a heated argument, Clare ?caves? and orders that Sarah?s body be exhumed.

Warehouse - sally looks increasingly worried/desperate as she tries to free herself from the ropes that bind her hands (and feet).

Police station - peter tells Clare that Sarah?s doctor from the psych hospital is sending them all the documentation he has on Sarah. Peter is then surprised when Clare suggests that she should have listened to him about the stalker being Sarah. Laura hands them a list of Sarah?s possessions at the psych hospital, which includes the ring. Laura notes that the possession list also has the name of the nurse dealing with Sarah. Peter wanted the nurse (eve Jacobson) to be contacted.

Van park house - Ric & Cassie are keen to help Flynn through this, but alf suggest that they stay the night at his place, whilst alf says the night at van park house with Flynn. Ric goes to the pack patio, and tell Flynn what?s happening with himself & Cassie.

Police station - it?s the next morning, and peter is on the phone. He ?suggests? that a nearby crop duster halts his work whilst the search for sally is being conducted. When Peter is off the phone he listens to a taped recording of Sarah - she wants revenge for Felix?s death, and says that the phoenix will arise from the ashes. Clare enters the office - she is surprised by the large amount of psych info that they?ve been sent about Sarah. Peter plays her the part of the tape he?d been listening to. Clare?s phone rings - and when the call ends, she tells peter that Eve Jacobson left the psych hospital on January 19 this year. Peter recognises this, and he quickly goes into the room with all the stalker whiteboard in it (followed by Clare). Peter suggests that Eve is the women who died in the bush fire.

Warehouse - the stalker approaches the Entrance, as sally continues (in vain) to free herself. Sally hears the entrance door open - then slam shut. Sally gets more anxious as she hears the stalker footsteps getting closer.

Intercut scenes - peter & Clare are at the police station - listening to a tape of Sarah repeatedly saying, ?the phoenix will arise from the ashes?, whilst at the warehouse, sally pleads to be set free. The stalker enters the small room that sally is in. the stalker stands in front of sally - and removes balaclava. Sally is shocked, but doesn?t scream out in terror (Note 1 - end of ep. Note 2 - is stalker?s ID SOOOO shocking that sally was TOO shocked to scream???)


The Identity of the stalker is revealed !!!!, and the person tells sally that ?you?re going to help me destroy summer bay?

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