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Logies after-party gossip

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Logies after-party gossip

Here's what happened when the camera wasn't rolling....

* Bec Cartwright was excited to win Silver, but she was just as thrilled to see a Logie for Most Popular Overseas Program go to one of her favourite shows. ?Go The OC!? Bec said, when she heard the show had won. ?I love The OC!?

* McLeod?s Daughters star Simmone Jade Mackinnon could have been forgiven for looking a little weary on the white carpet. The actress, who plays the much-loved Stevie in the rural drama, flew in from Vancouver the night before the event. She had been spending time in Canada with her fianc?. ?I woke up semi-decent today and had a bath, lots of coffee and a couple of champagnes before I got here,? she said.

* If his form on the dance floor at the Seven Network after party is anything to go by, then it?s little wonder Jason Smith didn?t make it to the finals of Dancing With The Stars. He was seen twirling the boss?s wife, Skye Leckie, around the dance floor ? only to drop her moments later!

* For McLeod?s Daughters star Brett Tucker, one of the things he was looking forward to most on the night was meeting co-star Bridie Carter?s new baby, Otis. ?I was supposed to meet him last weekend at John Jarratt?s wedding, but he was sick so we missed out,? he said. ?He?s bound to be beautiful. I mean, look at both his parents!?

* Most Popular New Male Talent winner Chris Hemsworth knows where he?ll be keeping his shiny new Logie. The hunky Home And Away star said he would probably give it to his mum and dad to keep at their place so it would be safe. Aww?

* It?s been quite a while between TV WEEK Logies for Celebrity Circus star Dieter Brummer. The former Home And Away actor was having a good night with the celeb circus cast, but admitted he?s been feeling a bit sore having to do circus tricks practising for the show. He?s not the only one, apparently most of the celebs are carrying little injuries.

* Logies co-host Andrew O?Keefe decided he?d do his Logies look on the cheap. ?St Vincent De Paul dressed me tonight. I kid you not. I actually found this velvet bowtie in the St Vincent?s bargain bin about two weeks ago,? he laughed. Andrew said he was going for a ?1970s Footballers Awards night look?. ?If I could have got Warwick Capper?s blond mullet, I would have gone that.?

For more hot party goss and pics buy TV WEEK next week!

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