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Friday 30 April 2005 - "Josie Versus Tasha!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Josie Versus Tasha !!!?

Van Park ? peter & Clare are talk to Flynn about Zo? ? they say that van park will have to be closed for the time being. Ric, sally & Cassie enter ? they wonders what police are doing at van park. Flynn insists to peter & Clare that he will tell sally & others what happened. Peter & Clare exit, and sally wonders what?s happening.

Macklin office ? Morag is way suspicious of Josie being back in the bay, and Morag also suspects that Brett & josie must have met when Josie was a brothel madam. Josie & Brett deny this ? and insist that they were bought together by mutual friends. Josie tells Morag that she was REALLY pleased that the Macklins scored the office space the Morag wanted.

Van park house ?0 a very emotional sally can?t believe that Flynn didn?t contact her straight away when he?d heard about Zo?. This also reinforces sally?s belief that she WAS attacked by the stalker weeks ago in the van park house (and at hospital)

Beach house ? tash & Irene talk about the Zo? situation, and tash comments that it must be extra hard for kimmy (given recent events). Tash wants to cheer kimmy up right now, but Irene insists that tash should let kimmy get some rest. They hear a knock at back door ? and both tash & Irene are shocked to see that Josie has returned to the bay. When asks, Josie says that she?s back in bay following a business opportunity she couldn?t refuse.

Noah?s ? Jesse &Martha are surprised when Morag that them that Josie is back, and Martha is also downbeat about all the bad comments of Brett. Ric & Cassie enters, and Alf talks to them about Zo?, and Cassie staying with sally & Flynn. When Alf wonders, Ric says that Cassie is really going to del with her situation after Joy?s funeral. Alf the wonders how sally is.

Van park hose ? sally is deep in thought about the day that the stalker attacked her. She then asks Flynn why the stalker attacked Zo? ? and Flynn tells her that it might have been because the police were going to hypnotise Zo? (for more info on stalker). Sally then suggests that they need to make a slight detour before they pick up baby pipa from madge Wilkins? place.

Police station ? Clare totally disagrees with sally?s suggestion that she wants to be hypnotised, and even peter thinks it?s a bad idea. Sally isn?t letting up on the issues ? and she persuades Clare & peter to let her be hypnotised.

Beach house ? Irene continuous to be suspicious of the real reason Josie is back in the bay, whilst tash thinks its weird that Josie is working with Brett (because tash is friends with Martha). Josie tell Tasha & irene that she has to bail ? but before she goes, Josie tells tash that she?s found a buyer for van park.

Police station ? under hypnosis, sally recalls all the things that happened when she was attacked at the van park house (we see several flashbacks). When sally tell hypnotist that she can see that stalker (on day of attack), hypnotist wonders if sally can sense any smells. Sally says that she can detect something familiar but she can?t actually tell what the smell is. Hypnotist brings sally out of the hypnotised sate.

Outside surf club ? Josie encounters Jesse &Martha. Jesse wonders why Josie is back, and Josie suggests that Jesse is making this very personal, i.e. as Josie walks away, she suggests that Jesse is only talking to her because he?s bored already with Martha.

Van park house ? Cassie tells Ric that uncle been has pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse charges ? which means she won?t have to testify against him in court. Sally, Flynn & baby pipa enters, and Cassie tells them the good news about the uncle Ben situation. When Ric & cassie have taken baby pippa out of the room, sally chastises herself ? she wishes she could have remembered more,

Macklin office ? Martha confronts Brett about Josie. Brett responds by saying that he?s not going to take business advice from a petulant brat. Josie enters, and places a key on the table in front of Brett. Josie says that she?ll meet Bret in her room ? and whilst Josie is walking away, Martha?s face clearly indicated that she thinks Brett & Josie are sleeping together.

Noah?s ? Martha tells Alf, jess & Morag what?s happened. Morag rejects Jesse?s suggestion that the new resort is purely a revenge thing. Morag also insist that they must find out the truth ? and ?suggests? that all 4 of them go to Macklins together (strength in numbers)

Macklins ? Josie is telling Tasha that she?ll be set for life if they invest money form sale of Van Park wisely. Josie is also explaining to tash where to sign the contract etc. Morag, Martha, Jesse & Alf enter, and Morag wonders why tash is at Macklins. When tash says that she is selling the van park, Morag wonders to she is selling it to. Tasha says that it?s to a company called Cline Co, and Morag suggests that it?s a Macklin subsidiary. Tasha is SHOCKED ? and tells Josie that she is WAY annoyed with her. Josie insist that it is a great business opportunity but tash doesn?t want to hear it, so she storms out of the room. Morag 7 the others insist that the Macklin won?t ever build this resort on van park (and the battlelines are drawn).

Police station ? peter & Clare are talking, when peter notices that he has received an email ? peter & Clare are downbeat when they read, ?she?s dead ? any more interference and she won?t be the last? (note ? until I see Zo??s body, I?m not believing that she?s dead)

Van park house ? sally begins to retrace her action of the time that she was attacked. Flynn interrupts when he says that he?s going to diner to get something for dinner, whilst Ric & cassie says that they are taking care of baby pippa so sally can just put her feet up. When Flynn, Ric & Cassie have exited room, sally continues retracing her actions (incl, all but lying on the floor. Sally then goes outside to Zo??s van. She peers inside (as the door isn?t fully shut. The stalker then emerges from the van, and stalker knocks sally to the ground. A struggle ensues but sally is able to get up and runs away. Stalker catches her ? and pulls sally to ground once more. Sally once more is able to best the stalker. Sally runs into nearby bushland. And she hides in the crevice of a large rock. Sally hears stalker approaching. The stalker is standing on the big rock that sally is hiding ion, but stalker moves away.

Diner ? Morag & the others talk to Flynn about the opposition to the new mackling resort, when Josie enters. She wants to talk to tash, who tells Josie that she?s MUCHLY betrayed. Morag, Leah & Irene voice the disproval towards Josie, who takes the hint and exits. Alf tells Martha that he wishes her holiday in bay wasn?t as chaotic ? but Martha surprises all by saying that she?s SATYING in the bay. She?s going to help Morag, tash & co. will the battle against mackling corp.

Bushland ? sally emerges from her hiding place, and starts to runs through the bush, as she senses the stalker is nearby. Sally then turns around and she is shocked (note 1 ? end of ep. Note 2 ? it?s obviously stalker that is behind sally)


Next week, the Id of the stalker will be revealed. Also, stalker tells sally that she is going to help stalker destroy the Bay, and we sees an explosion at the warehouse where stalker has sally.

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