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Thursday 28 April 2005 - "Enemies Of The Bay"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Enemies Of The Bay"

Van park -Kimmy runs to Zoe?s van. He goes inside, no sign of Zoe, and Kimmy sees Zoe?s? blood spattered mobile, and more blood nearby. Kimmy goes outside and he way stressed, as he constantly calls out ?Zoe?. Kimmy runs to the van park house - where he tells Flynn what?s happened. Both go back outside and look for Zoe (they are being watched by stalker)

Diner - Leah approaches hayley &scoot, wondering about what?s happened. Hayley tell her that bub is Kimmy?s. Leah insists that she can still be happy for hayley, and Scott gruffly concurs. When Leah walks away, hayley is pleased that Scott is excited, as it?s something they won?t have to deal with. Scoot tells hayley that he?s going to go and speak to be about what?s happened, whilst hayley wonders what Irene will think of all this. Before Scott leaves he ?overkisses? hayley (think of the way Kirsty was acting towards Seb when kane returned in 2003). Nearby, alf, Morag & Martha are talking about the macklin corporation - Morag knows that they are up to something, and is going to find out (note - during this scene we hear a siren on background)

Macklin office - Morag enters the fully furnished office, and seconds later she encounters Brett macklin. Morag wonders what the macklin corp is doing in the bay, and she wont leave till she gets answers.

Van park - flyyn & Kimmy tell peter & Clare that they?ve looked many places for Zoe without luck. Kimmy is annoyed that he didn?t do more. Colleen approaches - insisting that she be told what is happening. Clare insists that they aren?t sure yet. Harper comes out of Zoe?s? van - and he had a ?tick tock? note in his hand. Colleen is very, very worried that the stalker has kidnapped Zoe. Flyyn leads colleen way - trying to calm her down. Kimmy wonders why stalker would have attacked Zoe and Clare sarcastically suggest that Kimmy should ask peter that question.

Near water - wen Beth enquires how Scott is coping with all this, Scott says that he HAS to deal with the paternity thing if he wants t were close to hayley (which is what Scott wants). Scoot aslo that Beth that he REALLY wanted to be the bio father, and never thought this news would hurt that much.

Diner - hayley & Leah & talking about Hayley?s situation, when dan enters, followed by colleen - who tell that that the stalker has kidnapped Zoe.

Police station - Kimmy tells peter & Clare exactly what happened during the phone call, and his subsequent action. Clare suggests that Kimmy should have called police as soon as he thought Zoe was I danger. When Kimmy exits the interview room, Hyde greets him, and Hyde asks peter how things are going with Zoe. Peter says that search is continuing. Hyde asks Kimie how he is - and Kimmy says that he doesn?t care about himself, just Zoe. When peter & Clare go back into interview room, Clare is concerned that peter got Kimmy?s hopes up by saying that they?ll find Zoe alive. Clare bases this on the stalker?s previous action

Macklin office - Morag wonders to Brett why the macklin is in the bay, and Brett doesn?t deny that Martha is one of the reasons.

Beach house - hayley &scoot talk bout Zoe - and hayley I pessimistic about Zoe?s chances. Kimmy & Hyde arrived, and Kimmy are really annoyed that he didn?t doe more for Zoe.

Police station - harper has just placed all the evidence from Zoe?s van on a table. Harper tells peter there?s no sign of Zoe in the near van. Peter insist that stalker might have Zoe in boot of car somewhere - and peter asks harper t investigate. Harper exit room, and peter picks up one of the items recovered from Zoe?s van - a silver ring (significance? - not sure) Clare enters and comments about Peter?s hypnosis blunder, and they argue about the case. Clare asks it quite clear that she is the superior officer. Clare then wants to create a complete timeliness of what the stalker has done so far.

Diner - Morag enters, and she tells alf & Martha that Brett is the person in charge of the new macklin office - and that he wants to meet Martha. Martha is surprised by this - esp. because Brett didn?t want to know her a few months ago. When alf asks, Morag says that brret wouldn?t reveal what macklin corp are up to.

Noah?s - Brett arrives, and is greeted by alf, Martha, Morag & Jesse. Brett comments that Jesse might be a bit old for Martha, but Jesse won?t be bullied by Brett.

Beach house - hayley & Scott exit, and Hyde tells Kimmy that he shouldn?t be so down on himself because of the Zoe situation.

Noah?s - Jesse really pushes Brett for an explanation as to why he?s interested in Martha now. Morag also wonders what the macklin corp is doing in the bay - and Brett tells them that the mackling are building a little boutique resort in bay, as little sister to the sand?s resort. Brett says that they are in process of finding a site.

Hunter house - hayley tells Scott she is worried bout Kimmy (paternity, now Zoe). Scott insists that Kimmy is lucky to have a friend like hayley, and hayley says that she?s lucky to have Scott in her life. Hayley & Scott hug - and Beth has this ?Scott, tell hayley how you really feel? look on her face.

Noah?s - Brett tells Martha that that must arrange to meet again son. When Brett has exited, Martha wonders why Morag, alf & Jesse are SOOOO suspicious of Brett, esp. since Martha thinks that Brett is genuine. Morag & the others assure Martha that Brett IS up to something.

Police station -peter & Clare is talking about the stalker. Peter concurs with Kimmy?s suggestion that the stalker seemed V familiar to Zoe. Peter & Clare then run through all the stalker incidents, and Clare thinks that they are all V erratic. Peter that this support his theory that it?s Sarah, but Clare tells him that she?s spoken to Sarah?s doctor about this. Peter is angered, but Clare insists that it was just to check for possible connections to Sarah.

Elsewhere - stalker looks through Zoe? wallet, and adds Zoe?s ID card to the trophy wall.

Noah?s - alf tells Jesse that he won?t stand in the way of Jesse/Martha, esp. after the way Jesse was questioning Brett earlier. When Martha enters alf & Jesse suggests that she should be cautious of Brett, but Martha doesn?t want tolisten. Alf tells Jesse that he hopes Morag can sort Brett out.

Macklin office - after Morag refers to her wanting roo & Brett to be together all those years ago as mistaken, Morag wonders what mistake Brett has made to be back in the bay. Brett insists that he?s just setting up the resort - not managing it. Brett tells Morag that the resort manager has just arrived - and Morag is surprised when JOSIE enters the room. (end of ep)


Why is joise working for the enemy?, and sally is attcked by stalker

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