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Wednesday 27 April 2005 - "Zoe, NO ONE Talks THAT Loudly, Not Eve

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?Zoe, NO ONE Talks THAT Loudly, Not Even You !!!?

Beach house ? it?s V early morning, and hayley is lying in bed looking at her clock ? counting down that minutes until she discovers that truth of her bub.

Police station ? Clare enters Peter?s office, and comments that it appears that he?s been there all night. Clare tells peter that car that stalker used when he kidnapped pater is a stolen vehicle. Peter says that he?s been looking through Zoe?s previous statements. Peter thinks that Zoe is wrong about height of stalker ? peter thinks that stalker is shorter than marc. Peter is going on the brief sighting he had of stalker at abattoir. Peter wonders if car is still where stalker dumped it and Clare says that it is.

Bushland ? peter & Clare arrives where the stolen car is. Clare wonders why they are there ? as uniformed officers have been thoroughly through car. Peter sits in driver?s seat ? and asks Clare if the uniformed officers moved the driving position. When Clare says no, peter comments that even he is a tad cramped with the current driving position, and there?s no way someone of Marc?s height (6 foot) could comfortably drive with this arrangement.

Beach house ? hayley exits her room, and Irene offers to bet there for her at the hospital (Flynn away that day). Hayley insists that she?ll already have Scott & Kimmy. Kimmy concurs with this, and does Scott, who?s just arrived.

Outside police station ? peter tells Clare that he always thought that Zoe was affected by Marc?s threat on the day that she was attacked. Peter suggests that they should use hypnosis on Zoe ? but Clare says that they can?t use that evidence in court, and tells peter NOT to continue with this suggestion.

Hospital ? Scott, hayley & Kimmy are wait in corridor for doctor to arrive. Zoe approaches ? and she apologises for the public airing of the situation. Hayley says that everything is fine ? but the tone in her voice suggests otherwise.

Noah?s ? Martha comes up behind Jesse and places her hands over his eyes. They pair PASH, but when they hear Alf?s voice, Martha instantly drops to the ground. As alf & Jesse are talking, alf notices that Martha is crawling on the floor ? she tells alf that she was looking for bottle tops ? and alf believes this. Meanwhile, Peter enters, and he speaks to Zoe about the possilibility of her being placed under hypnosis ? and when asked, Peter explains that it?s because of her previous statement and what he believes to be the height of the stalker. Zoe says that she will consider it. Martha then tells alf that she?s taking her break, and seconds later, Jesse says that same thing to alf.

Outside surf club ? Jesse & Martha are pleased that alf didn?t bust them, so they PASH once more. During which, they hear Morag?s voice (priceless look on Jesse & Martha?s face, Morag?s too)

Hospital ? Kimmy, hayley & scoot follow a female doctor into a room. Once inside, Scott assures hayley that he will be there for her no matter what.

Diner ? Morag chastises Martha & Jesse for their realtionship. Martha insists that it?s just some holiday fun, but Morag isn?t impressed. Morag alos think that Jesse & Martha should tell alf. Nearby, Hyde approaches Irene, who tells him that there?s been no news bout hayley.

Hospital ? female doctor explains procedures about how they discovered who the father is but hayley & Co say that they already know all that (flynn told them). The doctor looks at the test results, and pauses (because she is shocked, not because of emotional implications). Doctor tells them that Kimmy is the father. Scott clearly is down beat about the result.

Diner ? Zoe asks Dan if he?s used hypnosis with his counselling. Dan days no and wonders why. Zoe says that peter wants her to undergo hypnosis, because stalker is still on the loose. Colleen of course hears all this.

Hospital ? Scott assures hayley that he?ll be there for her. whilst Kimmy comments that this feels partic weird, because of the Charlie debacle last year

Diner ? colleen is V annoyed that the residents of summer bay weren?t told that the stalker is still out there, and Colleen causes such a commotion that Leah finds out as well. (Meanwhile, I was screaming at TV ?colleen SHUT UP!!!!!?)

Noah?s ? alf is not happy that Jesse is staling advantage of young Martha, but when alf walks away, marthat ells Jesse that she will talk to alf. Nearby, colleen approaches Peter & Clare ? and blasts them for keeping the news of the stalker form the residents of summer bay. Colleen of course makes things worse for peter by mentioning the whole Zoe/hypnosis thing.

Beach house ? when asked by Irene, hayley says that she?s too tired to have any reaction to the news about the father. Scott then takes hayley to her room. Hyde asks Kimmy how he feels. Kimmy isn?t sure what his role is to be, but he wants to be in the baby?s life (esp. after his time with Charlie) after a comment from hyde, hyde says that Charlie?s short time with Kimmy was probably the best time of Charlie?s life ? and hyde assures Kimmy that he?ll back any decision that Kimmy makes.

Police station ? Clare & peter argues about the hypnosis thing and how peter disobeyed an order from a superior officer.

Beach house ? hayley &Scott merger form Hayley?s bedroom. Hyde & Irene then bail (to go to SBH). Kimmy then really acts all supporting/fatherly towards hayley ? suggesting she should take things easy. Scott concurs, but he looks as though he feels he?s on the outer already.

Diner ? Leah is V annoyed that dan kept that news of the stalker from her (note ? in Dan?s defence, Leah does have a VERY BIG MOUTH). Nearby, alf & Morag are talking about just that nabbed the business premises she wanted. Morag phones ring, and when she walks away to answer it, Martha tells alf that the realtionship with Jesse was more her idea. Alf says that he doesn?t want Martha?s life to be ruined, but Martha insists that she?s NOT like Roo. Morag then gets off the phone ? and she?s as shocked as ever when she tells alf & Martha that it?s the Mackling corporation (headed by Martha?s biological father, Brett) are the company who trumped her with those premises (nice touch, considering the talk of Roo seconds earlier)

Police station ? pater is still pushing the hypnosis idea, but Clare insists that his head will be on the block if there?s any further stuff ups.

Intercut scenes ? Zoe (caravan) & Kimmy (beach hose) are talking on the phone. They talk about the hypnosis thing, and about Kimmy being the father. As they talk, we see the outline of someone passing Zoe?s van. Zoe tells Kimmy that someone is at her door (but I heard no sound to indicate this ? no knock on door etc). Zoe walks to door. We then see Kimmy as he listens to what is happening ? Zoe is pleased to see whoever it is, but then she SCREAMS in terror. (Note ? I could be wrong but, if we were hearing Zoe from Kimmy?s perspective, she sounded WAY too loud. I get the feeling that Zoe has staged the whole thing, and that she is the stalker. Could be wrong, but that?s my take on things) Kimmy calls out to Zoe but there?s no response (end of ep)


The search for Zoe begins,

whilst scott admits to Beth that he never thought that hearing Kimmy is the father would hurt him so much

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