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Home and Away star reveals Britney Spears almost appeared on the show


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Speaking on Hobart’s Hit 100.9 with Dan & Christie, Christie Hayes claimed that the Toxic hitmaker was “a fan of Home and Away” when she was in the UK.

“It was never on in America, but they said that she was a fan of watching Home And Away when she was in England, and she expressed interest to be on the show,” she said.

The actress, who played Kirsty Sutherland in the series between 2000 and 2009, went on to say that the show’s producer held a meeting with the cast to hear their thoughts on Britney making a cameo.

“Everyone said ‘yes’,” she recalled. “There was one person who was like, ‘Oh, probably not a great idea’ and that was Ray [Meagher], because he knew it would ruin the illusion of the show.”



Britney Spears was very close to appearing in ‘Home and Away’

Britney Spears in an episode of 'Home and Away'? It sounds completely far-fetched but one former cast member insists it very nearly happened.



OMG: Flamin’ Britney Spears Was Almost In An Ep Of Home & Away So Someone Get Irene On The Line



Have a listen to the segment on Dan & Christie here.


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