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Neighbours copy Home and Away Sarah Lewis storyline ,will it be impact as original? spoilers inside


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Neighbours is coming to the an end ,and the last few weeks going to be very dramatic ,David Tanaka is on (Dani Sutherland role ( as she gone back than to jail) and he go to jail for let gareth ( as felix role) die from injurys after he find out he try to murder his husbend aaron and lie and didnt save him .freya is gareth ex who run from him and told david not to save him .and here we come to crazy emma the last girl friend of gareth and she is try to get on the huge shoes of sarah lewis,she harassed few months ago and blame her for gareth death but than 'was out from town by freya boy friend cop levi.now she back crazy than ever , and squeezing freya and aaron that if they will not help her with Medical care for dubious peopleץ ,david life will be in danger and he already beatn up few times ,next week emma will erupt to freya home wit a gun and will take freya ,kiri and nicolatte hostage in every scar and horror sitution ,the rumor is that some one going to die ,no need to do a spoiler ,so what you think? can it top olympic cliffanger of 2004? can emma be more terrifed than sarah? i dont think so .luisa hastings edge played sarah in crazy way that only jack nikolson play roles .its change home and away forever and i dont think 'this try on copy it will work .all info is here https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1635086/Neighbours-spoilers-Nicolette-Stone-dead-exit-shooting


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