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  1. Were ever any rumors of problems with joel McIlroy in the years he was on home and away ? Any violance behiover or something?.he always look very good and nice person to me ,what he did to the feamle officer is unforgiving its crazy assult ,but he will not go to jail cause he is mently sick and as maybe 10 years to live cause he suffers from huntington disease like is fother,its all start in 2007 according to the article,i wonder if he left the show a year before because of that.any way his pics than and now very scary,he look very unstable and scary A renowned Australian actor who was
  2. Thank you Gazza for the comment 'good to know some one think the same on him . I've read articles here for many years and never saw people mention Grant, like you said for some how he slipped under the radar , and he had one more storyline before he left with his sister that used drugs
  3. Craig McLachlan came to Home and Away as the biggest star of his time , but his time in Home and Away over the years aren't mentioned too much, and when people or him talk about his past its always Henry and Neighbours . Even with that for some people Grant is iconic character from the golden years ,and i love him very much and think he was great power force to the show and was sad that he left the show So did you like Grant? What you think on his 1 year run on the show it was success or failure? Is he iconic character for you? Do you think it was good if he was
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