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  1. Were ever any rumors of problems with joel McIlroy in the years he was on home and away ? Any violance behiover or something?.he always look very good and nice person to me ,what he did to the feamle officer is unforgiving its crazy assult ,but he will not go to jail cause he is mently sick and as maybe 10 years to live cause he suffers from huntington disease like is fother,its all start in 2007 according to the article,i wonder if he left the show a year before because of that.any way his pics than and now very scary,he look very unstable and scary A renowned Australian actor who was
  2. There is no doubt that the big star of the show in 1988 and half of 1989 before he left was Frank ,his romance with Roo and Boby were in the headlines everywhere ,and the character and the actor who play him Alex Papps were on top of the popularity ,every thing changed 2 years later when Frank come back in surprise ,and in my opinion he just wasn't belong to the show and Summer Bay anymore,like the fashion of yesterday ,the 80 were gone ,it was an new era ,and no one care or wanted to see him anymore ,he was boring and intolerable and just try to push his nose in Bobby life again!! my questi
  3. i agree Luke Cunningham is not a very strong character ,but still he is memorable for the long time fans ,and he was on the show golden era 1993 and 1994 ,so to see john adam as luke still more interesting tpo me than see him as a new guy , What was wrong to see Locke come in surprise to Irene and Elf and play them with the sax, it could be a cult moment and maybe we could see a guest return of elizabeth lackkey with this,its look like the prodcut dont put a damm on long time fans 'and like lynd said. Socratis Otto who play detective robert robertson for 2 years ,back for two episodes to play
  4. what were the chances of Luke Cunningham popping by to visit the two people that knew him 25 years ago? maybe nothing ,but it could use as away to nostalgia to the old fans ,look how neighbours bring legend from the past back all the time ,with this year the return of the beckley sisters who no one imagine they will ever return ,if home and away were bring past actor to play other character one time in 10 years 'we could leave with that ,the problem they do it very often 'and like i said in us soaps ,when actor return 99% it always his orginal role ,for some reason home and away dont go on thi
  5. i uplod this point 'cause many people always anger that ,home and away dont bring back characters from the past,but dont talk about the missing point of bring back actors to play other role ,and even rohan nichol like you said play mystrey Stafford McRae danny friend in 2004 ,i wish he would back as this Character,cause in some way maybe it could open a reason to danny come visit? ( i know tamin sursuok will not back ) ,you know what i could leave with this stuff but they did this with hayden ross, michale son in 2013 and with many actors so many times 'and i wonder ? why the
  6. I dont watch home and away for long time ,but because many talked about the final episode ,i decide to chuck it ,and was suprise to see Macca MacKenzie the brother of martha 'who beat cassie back in 2006-2007 play scott now 'and i wonder why home and away keep doing that? in us soaps actor back only to play his character,here there is no respect to the past and the legecy of the show 'every second actor return as some one else ,how can it be stupid if this scott meet alf in the coffee? Wouldn't he recognize his granddaughter's brother? the same they did with Belinda Giblin who ba
  7. Thank you Gazza for the comment 'good to know some one think the same on him . I've read articles here for many years and never saw people mention Grant, like you said for some how he slipped under the radar , and he had one more storyline before he left with his sister that used drugs
  8. Craig McLachlan came to Home and Away as the biggest star of his time , but his time in Home and Away over the years aren't mentioned too much, and when people or him talk about his past its always Henry and Neighbours . Even with that for some people Grant is iconic character from the golden years ,and i love him very much and think he was great power force to the show and was sad that he left the show So did you like Grant? What you think on his 1 year run on the show it was success or failure? Is he iconic character for you? Do you think it was good if he was
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