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Summer Bay Stalker - 2005

Guest Andy

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Summer Bay stalker - 2005

The Advertiser

27 April 2005

A STALKER has terrorised the kiddies from Home and Away for months now. The dastardly fiend nearly killed Hayley (Bec Cartwright) in a fire, sabotaged a plane causing it to crash (everyone survived), attacked new Summer Bay nurse Zoe (Emily Perry), who carks it this week, murdered Marc (Chris Hobbs), which kind of eliminated him as the chief suspect, and clobbered into unconsciousness detective Peter (Nicholas Bishop) with a piece of wood.

Next week, the stalker holds Sally (Kate Ritchie, left) hostage and his/her identity is finally revealed on Tuesday.

Tonight on Home and Away, Hayley, Scott and Kim receive the paternity tests results. Who will be the father of her baby?

Home and Away

7pm, weekdays, Channel 7

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Wait a minute, Zoe is she the dreadful actress who was in Breakers ? She hasn't been in H&A long has she ?

Chris Hobbs is a legend he was in the brilliant Shortland Street (NZ soap), why kill him off ?

And Peter Baker clobbered into unconsciousness, it's getting to be a bit of a habbit isn't it ?

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