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Monday 25 April 2005 - "Lest We Forget"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Lest We Forget?

Beach - it?s dawn on ANZAC Day. A bugler plays and he does, summer bay?s war veterans incl. alf, and various townsfolk, incl. Robbie & Tash reflect on the past - Beth even sees her dad, standing near the surf club. When the bugler finishes, sally emotionally says the whole ?at the going down of the sun ? ? thing and when sally is finished the assembled crowd (esp. The war veterans) talk about days gone by. Alf then asks Robbie, Tilly & Tash to help out with the ANZAC Day lunch. Robbie & Tash are keen, but Beth was to volunteer Tilly.

Hunter house - tilly is complaining about having to listen to old men with the boring old stories, but Beth insists that IF tilly actually LISTENS, she will think differently about this sacred day. Robbie, Tash & Tilly exit, and as they do a grumpy Graham (Beth?s dad) enters. Beth is curious about Graham?s explanation that he was going for a walk that early in the morning. Beth tells Graham about the ANZAC Day lunch, but Graham insists that he?ll be gone from summer bay by then.

Van park house - sally enters, and Cassie asks her about the dawn service. Ric is sceptical about all of this (he thinks it?s all a celebration of war). The upbeat Cassie is bought back to earth when Uncle Ben arrives. He says that Cassie?s aunt Pauline will arrive in the bay today, as they?ve GOT to talk about Joy. Cassie insists that joy WILL awake from her coma, and she?s adamant that she doesn?t need Uncle Ben?s help to get to the hospital. Uncle Ben leaves the house (via the usual Entrance), and Cassie & Ric exit as well (via the back patio).

Near surf club - Ric wants Tilly to tell someone about what uncle Ben did to her - but Cassie insists that it?s her word against Uncle Ben?s. Ric & Cassie then encounter Tilly, Tash & Robbie - and Cassie is keen to help with setting up for the ANZAC lunch. When Tilly asks, Cassie says that there?s been no change to Joy?s condition.

Surf club - sally isn?t pleased with Ric?s glorification of war comments, but she is encouraged a little that Robbie & Tash seem to have grasped what ANZAC Day is all about.

Outside surf club - Uncle Ben approaches Ric, who tells Ben that he knows what Ben did to Cassie. Uncle Ben tries to tell Ric that Cassie is, and always has been, an attention seeker, but it?s clear that ric doesn?t believe what uncle Ben has said.

Surf club - sally tells alf what Ric, Tilly, Cassie, Robbie & Tash has been saying about ANZAC Day. Sally feels the school system hasn?t adequately told today?s youth about what ANZAC Day is all about. Alf the approaches the 5 teens - and tells them a moving, emotional story about something that happened when he was fighting in the Vietnam War. Alf?s words clearly reaffirm Robbie, Tash & Cassie?s ideals, and it?s also clear that Tilly & Ric NOW understand what ANZAC Day is about (BRILLIIANT, emotional scene - Alf at his best). Hunter house - Beth can?t believe that Tilly now actually WANTS to go to the ANZAC Day lunch (along with Robbie & Tash). As Tilly & Co exit, a rather grumpy Graham enters.

Hospital - Cassie is approached by Uncle Ben, who has aunt Pauline & her 2 kids, Carla (who constantly is looking at the ground) and Leo, with him. Uncle Ben says that they have a decision to make about Joy, and although sally (when asked) bails, Ric won?t leave Cassie?s side. A V emotional Cassie doesn?t want joy?s life support turned off, but Uncle Ben & Pauline think the opposite.

Hunter house - Graham is about to leave when Beth confronts him about his attitude. Beth wonders why Graham was NEVR there for her emotionally (never showed affection to her kids, didn?t walk Beth down the aisle). Beth?s awesome emotion caused Graham to ?break? - he admits that he is scared. Beth is V shocked at this revelation - and Graham takes to opportunity to exit.

Hospital - uncle Ben & Pauline tell Cassie that the decision is made - joy?s life support will be switched off tonight. The emotional Cassie moves walks away into another corridor, and Ric follows her. Cassie can?t believe theta this is happening. Uncle Ben approaches Cassie and says that Pauline is saying her goodbyes now, as she doesn?t want to be there when the machines are switches off. Uncle Ben then asks Carla & Leo if they?d like some ice cream - and Cassie is WAY alarmed when Uncle Ben calls Carla ?Angel? - indeed, this triggers a flashback for Cassie of herself as a 12-year-old, when Uncle Ben called her the same thing.

Near surf club - Beth is sitting bedside Graham and she?s wondering just what Graham meant by himself being scared. Graham tells her of a painful experience he had during the Vietnam War - which totally made him an emotional cripple, afraid to love anyone, or anything, again - in fear of loosing it. This revelation changes Beth?s relationship with her dad - and this is sealed with a BIG hug.

Hospital - Cassie & Carla are sitting side by side, about Cassie asks Carla some generalised questions about Uncle Ben. Carla?s responses, and demeanour, affirm Cassie?s suspicions that Uncle Ben is sexually abusing Carla. Btw, Ric hears Carla?s responses - and you can see that he too thinks that Uncle Ben is abusing Carla.

Van park - Cassie (with Ric by her side) approaches sally, and Cassie tells sally that she has something to tell her.

Near surf club - Graham sees the war veterans talking amongst themselves, and the likes of Tasha & Tilly, on the beach. Alf approaches Graham - who wonders if the kids of today will ever truly understand. Al insists that as long as they try to understand, it?s a good thing. Alf aslo hopes that today?s youth NEVER forget what?s happened. Alf & Graham then walk down onto the beach - and begin to the chat to the gathered war veterans, teens etc. The ep ends with the image of an Aussie flag waving in the breeze - with the sand & sea behind it (a V nice ending to a GREAT episode)


Hayley, Kimmy & Scott await the paternity news, whilst Zoe makes the whole pregnant debacle V public (with an outburst at the diner)

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