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She's Spiralling

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Story Title:  She's Spiralling
Type of story:  One shot
Main Characters: Roman Harris, Nicole Franklin and Aden Jefferies
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: N/A 
Summary: What if after Roman is in Prison and Nicole is continuing to downward spiral Aden sees Roman and tells him about Nic. Will Roman be the one that can set her straight?


"Hey Roman". Aden says as he walks over and sees his mate sitting at a table waiting for him. 

"Hey Mate". Roman says standing up and giving him a handshake as they aren't allowed to hug. 

"It's good to see you". Aden tells him Mate. 

"You too. How's thing's with you and Belle?". Roman asks having heard from Nicole they got back together. 

"Things are going well. I'm more worried about you how are you?". Aden tells and asks his Mate out of concern. 

"I'm taking it one day at a time it's all you can do in here". Roman informs him. 

"Probably the best thing". Aden comments.

"Hey how's things with Nic I haven't seen her lately?" Roman asks after his Daughter concerned. 

"She's wanted to see you but Miles and I have had to stop her". Aden explains. 

"What why?" Roman asks confused.

"It's complicated". Aden tells him.

"Aren't things with Nic always complicated". Roman says as the pair chuckle.

"This is true let's just say when I left I think she was still recovering from last night". Aden agrees with the statement and goes on to explain. 

"What happened last night?" Roman asks confused. 

"It's not just last night it's every night but let's just say a drunk let alone hungover Nic isn't fun to deal with". Aden informs his mate. 

"Right". Roman comments. 

"Yep". Aden says. 

"So you said every night this has being happening?" Roman asks for confirmation. 

"Yes". Aden confirms. 

"Wow ok this is the last thing I expected to hear today". Roman informs him. 

"Let's just say if she had it her way you would off seen her drunk by now the amount of times when she has being at parties and wanted to come and see you". Aden explains. 

"I think I need to talk to her. I will call and ask if I can see her this afternoon". Roman tells him. 

"Thanks Mate". Aden replies. 


"Summer Bay Caravan Park this is Nicole". Nicole says answering the phone at the Caravan Park. 

"Hey Nic it's Dad". Roman says through the line. 

"Hey Dad". Nic greets him. 

"Can you come here today?" Roman asks her. 

"Yeah I will hit the road now and see you in a hour". Nicole tells him and ends the call as Aden walks in and Miles comes down the stairs. 

"That was Dad he's asked to see me I have to go". Nicole explains to the pair and grabs her keys. 

"Did you have something to do with that?" Miles asks Aden after Nicole leaves. 

"I did". Aden tells him. 


"Hey Dad". Nic says walking over with her Sunnies on. 

"Hey. Still recovering from last night?". Roman says greeting his Daughter. 

"Yes hold on how did you know?". Nicole asks him. 

"I had my sources". Roman tells her. 

"Aden or Miles". Nicole questions. 

"Aden". Roman answers. 

"Well it's none of his business". Nicole comments.

"He's worried about you and so am I". Roman tells his Daughter. 

"I am the last person you need to be worried about". Nicole replies. 

"You're the most important person in the world to me Nic of course I am going to worry about you I always will". Roman tells his Daughter leaning over and hugging her he didn't care that he broke the rules he knew it was what his Daughter needed and what he needed. 

"I love you Dad". Nicole says crying. 

"I love you too. Now promise me please don't party". Roman tells his Daughter. 

"I promise". Nicole replies. 

"Good". Roman comments.






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